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February 7, 2015 - It is all about Love.

Yes, for the emotionally normal.  Rayelan is not emotionally normal.  This was sent to me by a Commenter.  My response is below the quoted material.  

UP DATES has changed.  I'm starting to post previous efforts to talk about the problems with RMN there.

(Thanks very much, D. :)
Reader DC writes:
Re: ...and that's why, without Rayelan, there ....
I think I get it. Love is what makes RMN run. Love is what led me to the site some years back and is what keeps me coming back. Whether it's a story of warning, a recipe, a history lesson, a joke, a health tip... well it sure can't be fitted with any label. RMN has played a major role in my and many of my friends' awakenings. I'm a little more informed and the world is a little brighter each day thanks to Raye's effort.
This seems like the right spot to recommend that those who share my opinion support her with a donation. Ya know, something of value for something of value. This is the genuine article and anything less would be a poorer imitation. My deepest gratitude goes out to all who have helped make RMN what it is. 


Thanks Anonymous. If people did not trust Rayelan, and so suspend their ability to look past the lies this con could not have continued for so many years. Normal people listen to our hearts. I cannot throw stones. In the face of enormous evidence Morgan was a psychopath I ignored it because I loved her. It still makes me cry to think about it.

But getting reality and seeing what is really there is essential for our survival.
One of the things which shocked me about Rayelan was the comment she made around March 2012 that we, meaning she and I and my son, plus our animals, were going to relocated off shore, this paid for by OITC. This was a scenario we discussed on conference calls with David Sale, so it was not something Rayelan had made up herself. 
The idea made me uneasy because this is my country and I have been working since I was sneaking out and passing out literature for Goldwater in the early 60s to save my country and the ideals of freedom. 
It was a passion for the ideas of individual rights and freedom which then moved me to join the Libertarian Party in 1973. I ran for office myself, managed 24 campaigns for others, started, funded, and ran an office on Westwood Blvd for four years. I served on National Committee.

I left in 1988 because it was clear they were firmly entrenched in the idea of accruing power to a small group and raising money for their own salaries, and not for ensuring freedom was retained by individuals at the most local level.

When I walked out I got hate mail. I had done a lot they had come to rely on and I just stopped and walked away. Many who stay in organizations do so not because it is accomplishing anything useful but because it has become their social club. My motive was never social. It was for a change in how we manage our lives and sense, and carry out, our obligations to others.

Christ said We are One. I live by that.

For years, even after I left, I tried to get people in the LP to listen to me. I talked, wrote, and tried to persuade. I produced papers and analysis. It did not work. Therefore, I suspended that work and started looking for a way to heal the divide between Right and Left, a divide, I had realized, was created by the corporations for exactly the purpose of ensuring perpetual control.
I wrote GREED – The NeoConning of America
While struggling to survive and care for my disabled son I started my first blog,
How the NeoCons Stole Freedom

I pursued every line of action looking for the lever point which would make change happen. While I was doing this I was constantly being hammered by the cabal around John Fund.

You can lead a horse to water. You cannot make him drink, or think.

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