Monday, February 2, 2015

As the Twig is Bent, So Grows the Tree

To say Darlene Rae Smith, AKA Raye A. Smith, Rayelan Allan, The Princess of Obergon, The Arch Duchess of Austria etc, is bent understates the case.

I got into the habit of checking my car at night because of the ugly little things Raye and her cohort of mostly illiterate minions do when I am not looking. In the past this has included hosing my car while it was below freezing, putting an inch of ice on the outside. It was, of course, impossible to open. I could go back and look at my notes, but in the interests of brevity let's say I had no reason to trust them. 

Finding out that Rayelan had been told by the landlord, Bob Brobst to “get rid of me before she left,' leaves me wondering whose idea it was to pile snow up into an icy mound blocking the drive way sometime after I arrived home from church yesterday.

I already knew Rayelan has no problem piling snow where other people will be inconvenienced. See That White Fluffy Stuff in the Driveway

Despite the acrimony I had been careful to move my car over as far as possible, keep my car cleared and move the snow to my side so as not to increase the burden on anyone else. In all ways possible I try to adhere to the tenets for civil behavior by which I was raised.

But what I found explained the raucous delight they were expressing earlier, filled with nose honking and cackles of delight over my inability to cope with 'it.'

I had not stayed for the service Sunday morning because Ms. Smith has been sneaking upstairs when I am absent and Arthur was not up to going. I can't risk leaving him when she could cause him harm. This has become a real issue. Arthur is a trusting person and has been extremely depressed by the way Rayelan and her cohort treat him. But he wants to trust people and herein is the danger.

My son came to me to tell me about an invitation Rayelan had made him Saturday. Ms. Smith asked my son to, “come and visit her in her new house on Washington Avenue.” She told him he would have no problem finding it but did not provide the house number. Since I know she is moving out of the city of Ashtabula in hopes of evading the several years of City Income Tax she failed to pay, and is moving to Austinburg, this is an outright lie.

To attempt this at any time could result in my son becoming lost due to his vision. He would be likely to keep looking and become disoriented. He is entirely blind in one eye and 70% blind in the other along with his very limited mobility. In this weather any such attempt could result in any number of outcomes which could cause him grave bodily injury or death.

I construe these as attempts to either harass me or to intimidate me into leaving for fear of my life and the life of my son. So this Sunday I did not feel I could stay to church, which takes place when Rayelan is generally awake, at 10am. But I put on the breakfast for people in the neighborhood who are in need and I could not skip that. I got all in order with serving going on and the grace delivered and came home to the same noisy ugliness I have endured for over a year now.

I heard the extremely loud conversation last night before going to bed. But I got up at 4am to look at the car.

I had pulled it over away from the drive way several feet so as to ensure there was plenty of space for Rayelan and her cohort to get out. Snow requires increased courtesy in this regard. The fall of snow had clearly necessitated removal. The drive way over which Rayelan would back out had been recently cleared, leaving only about four inches of snow. But it was clear where the snow removed had gone. It had been used to block my portion of the drive way.

Well. I started clearing keeping in mind the operating rules used by the two most likely persons responsible. You must know that Rayelan does not do physical labor and, when you read the article, That White Fluffy Stuff in the Driveway you will see how unlikely she would be as a candidate for any such chore. Jim Heath, her ever companion, is also not so inclined.
The handiman, from what I heard from downstairs did not seem to be involved. This left two individuals. One of these will be well known to you as Angel, AKA, Angela Kay Lee,
who is anything but an Angel. See 'Angel's' short bio, supplied by Rayelan for the criminal complaint she asked me to write for her against the entire Lee – Powers Family in 2012.

The second appears to be her brother, Thomas Scott Beckelheimer, AKA Thomas Scott Lee, about whom there is more on this site. This is the individual who Rayelan accused of stealing from her in 2012. Specifically, she accused him of stealing guns and a Jeep. The Jeep was eventually retrieved but no longer in a condition to be driven.

They clearly did not think I would be getting my car out. The gloating when on for some time.

But now the rules have changed. If they are down there I will monitor and be filming using my camera. If I am harassed while so doing I will contact the police, who will receive a complaint on this incident. 

By this time I had removed three feet of snow from the driveway and cleared behind the car.
 You can see Rayelan's car in the driveway further to the right.  The driveway had been cleared.  The snow had been deposited a ways away in the driveway blocking my car. 

Slightly different angle.  At this point I had been digging and shifting snow for over an hour.

You can see the snow was removed from around Rayelan's car and it not visible in front of the car.

You can see the level of snow is the same for the small trailer, which was in use most of the day in front of Rayelan's Jeep.  No extra show was piled behind the trailer. 
The window scraper marks the beginning of the berm I was forced to remove which entirely blocked my portion of the driveway.The Berm they created was nearly four feet high and compacted.
This shows you the other side of the area where snow could have been piled if the intention was not to use it to block my portion of the driveway.

My car, to the right, is now parked in exactly the place I used before winter began.  It is on the driveway and not pulled over into the lawn area, which I had done to make their move easier. 

Angel, Scott, Handiman, Rayelan and Jim Heath, whose hero is Martha Stewart, can now get busy clearing tomorrow.  It is a far easier task than the one they created for me. 


  1. Did you read this tale of grifting... starting on page 13?

    Her supporters really should read it, for some very familiar tactics

    1. A Posting is appropriate in this case. We wouldn't want anyone to miss it.

  2. Thanks Anon 11:23AM. I'm on page 36 and have had an awakening for sure. Some names coming up and such like the Philippine gold, Durham and Buckley. Also the unauthorized use of credit cards by the Russbachers to the tune of possibly hundreds of thousands. "Ed got hung for twelve---absolutely to the limit---and again, nobody pressed charges."
    I can't stop reading.