Friday, February 20, 2015

The Smallest of Souls in an Oversized Container

Raye has again turned off the drain in the tub, producing an intentional hazard for my disabled son.  This is off a piece with the rest of her behavior over the time I have been here, effectively kidnapped and held against my will.  

From the time my former husband, Craig Franklin, decided to play out his game with Dan O'Dowd of Throw Mama from the Train (This is how they described it themselves), it has been Craig's goal to see me, as quoted to me by several of his intimates, "homeless and pushing a shopping cart wearing fuzzy slippers."  

You may remember Dan was to take point in defrauding me of millions in exercised stock options which Craig took point in ensuring critical employees would refuse to work for Dan's partner, Glenn Hightower, when he tried to exercise the sudden death buy out option O'Dowd had activated.  This happened in early 1998.  The year previous I was coping with Craig's failure to keep our tax returns filed.  

The Ethics Of Drone Contractors

You're Not Paranoid – The IRS is out to get you.

Craig made lavish gifts to people who I knew, using their gratitude as an opportunity to inject lies about me which caused many to draw back, concerned and unwilling to become involved in what they saw as just another ugly divorce.  It is never just an ugly divorce if you were married to someone like Craig, who I discovered much too late had been exposing himself to my daughters for years.  

Raye uses a variation of this strategy when she pays her minions and then takes the opportunity of having them in the house to rant, in a loud voice she hopes I can hear, about me, injecting slanders by the barrel full, which incidentally accurately describes her figure.  

But he is just the kind of guy Raye likes, another more intelligent version of Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester, who was diagnosed as having psychopathic tendencies in 1984.  

Alex, Raye told me in August 2011 when the world was erupting with the scandal of his ugly bigamy, he was being maligned by the main stream media.  It was all, she said, a conspiracy against him for murky reasons she could not yet share.  

L - R - Raye's friend Lee, Angel's mother, Raye, Laura, the Duchess, and Alex, the Duke, Raye''s very best friend.

September 6, 1984   - Transcript of Proceedings

I have restored most of the documents on Just the Evidence.  The unified time line, showing the curious 'coincidences' in timing between Raye and Craig and their respective minions will be ready for viewing soon.  Stay tuned.  The best is yet to come - and keep coming.  


  1. Just The Evidence Please:
    ** What Rayelan said... **

    Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Saturday, 21-Feb-2015 16:45:26

    Hi, Folks -

    Just received from Rayelan:

    I'm off the internet even though I paid 75 on the cable bill. I still owe almost 200. Maybe more if last months bill is included. Even though I was feeling really good about the money yesterday it was only because I was working with the stack of bills from lAst month. I can't access anything to know how much I owe. I can't even log in to PayPal to find out what I have in there I paid at least 400 in partial payments and the rest to one of my workers. He is actually working for free now because he says "friends don't charge friends when they've in trouble".

    FOLKS, CAN WE PLEASE REACH FEBRUARY'S GOAL EARLY? There's just a week left in the month anyway. Many thanks to the 26 who have contributed already, so that the FundRazr widget is at $1885. ANOTHER $1615 IS NEEDED TO REACH FEBRUARY'S GOAL.

    No Internet, Eh?

    1. And so they are all supposed to hold their breathe and listen as Rayalan whines again? I see no sign her internet is out. But I do think she does not want to be challenged and Hobie - Jeff Gordon - Zapper definitely wants to be paid. The process server finally found time to bring me the papers yesterday - after I had them up on this site for five days. Now, why do you think Raye's landlord insisted he file and not himself? I think he and the attorneys want to dump her, leaving her to what she has created for herself and evade any accountability. Let her go down all alone except for her paid friends. No moving has been going on except for one visit by the Handyman earlier in the week. Angel seems to be here and, of course Jim. Jim lost his home and has no other option. Sad case. The Master Time Line is 35 pages, by the way.

    2. Melinda did you receive my 2 comments in this thread dealing with the origin of Alex attributes? Just wanted to know if I made a mistake with uploading because my browser blocked all the time so I had to clear all caches and cookies and restart the browser before I could click and send the messages


    3. He is actually working for free now because he says "friends don't charge friends when they've in trouble".

      So is Tom the deadly handyman working for free now? If he is working for free, how is it she still needs more money? (rhetorical question)

    4. Melinda, your thoughts on the lawyers: IMO they aren't busy to endorse justice, to back the laws for good social relations, they are out there to make money. Laws and clients are like tools and material for them (mildly spoken). What I want to express: when the 'law twisters' have a client who will certainly lose the case and/or has not enough money or willingness to pay their lawyer then these law-workers show little interest to succesfully fight for their client. Though it's forbidden by law they usually make hidden arrangements with the other side for the benefit of both lawyers. The clients are merely cattle to be milked, that's what I have learnt.


    5. G, I agree with you on all points. The only way to evade their predatory ways is to take a firm grasp on the conduit for the stream of income and twist until their attention is arrested and behavior corrected - at least for the one case.