Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Progress on the Hare Index Tests

The representative from Hare contacted me, sending this email.  I am not including the reps name as it is unnecessary.  The names of the actual certified professionals who give the test will be provided, naturally.  

Thank you for providing more information.  Since you are interested in having an assessment completed for general purposes and not within the context of a legal situation, it may be helpful to keep in mind that this would not be possible without agreement from the people who you want tested.  Testing requires an evaluation in person, and psychopathic individuals are typically not receptive to cooperating with these assessments.  If you are able to get them to consent to have an evaluation completed, we may be able to look for someone to perform the assessment.  However, you should be aware that the professionals completing these evaluations charge for their time.  Costs will vary depending on the evaluator, but I think a reasonable expectation would be a minimum of several hundred dollars that would need to be paid out of pocket since it would not be covered by insurance.
Here is my response, outlining how this will be carried out.  
I am well aware that such individuals do not want to be tested.  But I am very willing for myself and the idea was to do a crowdfunder, or three of them,  and publicize the opportunity to prove one is not psychopathic.   The money would be paid directly to the professional providing the testing.  The results would be published by the professional directly to a website so it is clear there has been no interference.  This is easily handled with a blogger site. 
I am sure they will be back to us soon!  Awaiting developments!


  1. Strange but no surprise, it's the second time that I write a long comment and when I click on Preview everything is gone.
    How come?
    Okay, I'll take this as a warning to be more cautious, prepare my comments offline and then I can repeat the process of posting when the message gets killed online.
    Will see! Maybe there are some trigger terms the DHS/CIA online inspection is looking for?
    Second attempt, now the preview option works: What I wanted to suggest:
    Please imagine keeping a fire extinguisher, a pepper spray, a sharp loud whistle and a one touch emergency phone close to you. Ebay sellers offer at surprisingly low-cost tiny live cameras hidden in a pencil or in a wrist watch with several gigabytes for audio and video clips. It works, I tested it.

    Better be rather overcautious than dangerously careless (needless to say, please do not comment on this suggestion as to not endanger your own preparations)
    You're a tuff lady, Melinda, you make the right moves, you hold them at bay. Metaphorically speaking, whenever the snakes start sizzling and creep out of the pit they expose themselves.
    Hopefully you'll soon see light at the end of the dark tunnel.

    1. Glad it started working!

      And thanks! It is much easier now that it was when she started acting like I was a squatter. Putting up this site was a big help emotionally. I have an alarm I put by the front door, that being the way Arthur and I get in and out. She put it off once. But she also seems to have handed out keys to that door to some of her minions. Another reason I am anxious to get out of there. She knows about the alarm. It was sort of funny when I ran downstairs to see who it was. She had that, "She me look on her face then acted like I had done something sneaky and outrageous. This, after her leaving the door unlocked over and over again after the home invasion in Ashtabula which resulted in two residents, a mother and son, being murdered. Creepy.

  2. LOL! Just checked the rumor bin cackles.
    Newest slander: Jezelan couldn't pay her bills because the 'unwanted squatter' presumably intercepted the letters.

    quote from one of her 'alter personas' logged in as Rayelan to do her a much needed favor. LOL!

    "This problem arose because Raye did not ever see the bills as they came in. She suspects her unwanted squatter had a hand in this."

    We oughta believe it! We oughta believe that the head mason of rumor dispensary does not know how to check accounts online, be it banking accounts or customer accounts. She's still not able to do monthly calculations of her regular expenses, not willing to handle money the way a decent, reasonable housewife would do it, with a pen and a sheet of paper. That's telling. Nothing has ever changed in her attitude and complacency.
    She's just too incompetent to care for an own basis of well being. Why would anybody take any kind of advice from such a failed person who had learnt nothing essential during at least 60 years?

    Let's keep watching the jezelan tricks. It's amusing, somehow.

    1. Rayelan will be 67 in May. She is incapable of planning farther than her next trip to Goodwill.