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Keep It Simple

 From:  Zion's Little Helpers Part II

Zion's Little Helpers Part 2
Did they destroy the Holocaust truth movement?

17 Sep 2007
Which of the charming people that we meet are Zionist agents who want to manipulate or kill us?

Rayelan Allan
One of the women who promotes Ingrid Rimland is Rayelan Allan, who runs Rumor Mill News. Her website promotes all sorts of propaganda. She married Gunther Russbacher in 1989, but during most of their marriage, he was in prison, and after seven years, he disappeared. He was also tortured. She wrote about it here, and has some photos of the torture.
She creates the impression that she is an honest woman who was dedicated to helping her husband, but we would be fools if we did not consider the possibility that Rayelan was a Zionist whore who set him up for torture and death.

This short bio follows and since Theresa has been mentioned previously I include it. 

Theresa Durbin
One of Rayelan Allan's friends, Theresa Durbin, runs the website Surfing The Apocalypse:

Her site promotes very similar propaganda as Rumor Mill News, and some of the same people post propaganda on both websites. Durbin is involved with Hollywood to some extent:

I'm not aware of any men or women that she has been romantically involved with, but when you consider she is a friend of Rayelan Allan, I would advise everybody to avoid her and her associates, and consider her website as Zionist propaganda.

My Take on the proliferation of ideation in relation to every thing you can imagine. 

Edward Bernays was able to entirely change our world because of his use of propaganda and the media.  

Ideas are weapons you can use on yourself as well as on others.  

Therefore, it is important to stay with what you know to be true.  Complexity in  ideas is dangerous because it causes people to freeze and look for someone else to do their thinking for them.  This is why the only effective model for organizing human society is local.  

What you see and test, you know.  Do not be seduced into the sink hole of ideas and scenarios which offer no proof.  

Psychopaths love complexity.  They feed on the fear they generate and the bogus authority they assume.  In normal people this creates Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which causes anxiety and an inability to feel secure in what we really know. 


  1. Sorry Melinda, have to stay anonymous to protect my web mobility and to prevent disk damages as had happened before.
    Today I found out that not all of the RMN archive has been hacked and/or withdrawn from public access.
    Will say, I don't believe the hacker thingy but rather think the archive might also have been saved for exploitation and possible blackmail if the rayeleans start to lose more of their mind.

    Search Results Articles Posted Between
    1 Oct 1999 and 1 Sep 2001 are still available.

    5,625 Articles Displayed of 8,799 Total Messages

    Search articles:
    Posted between and

    Oldest available article: 1 Oct 1999
    Newest available article: 1 Sep 2001
    Using a multi-search engine I found the remains of the RMN archive (it was 5,625 articles within 2 years that is roundabout 2,800 articles per year multiplied by - let's take 20 - sums up to 56,000 articles, makes me wonder how they can claim they lost 300,000+ articles. Or did they have such a tremendous increase after 9-11-2001?

    Here's an article by Rayelan herself that shows how she takes part for her handlers:

    Posted By: RAYELAN [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Saturday, 20-Nov-1999 18:15:29

    and here's the article I had searched for when I stumbled upon the remains of the RMN archive
    Barbara Hartwell -- CIA Mindcontrol Survivor

    Posted By: Rayelan
    Date: Thursday, 5-Apr-2001 02:02:06
    See how Barbara Hartwell was promoted to high heaven at the beginning and then tossed into the abyss a few years later.
    (reminds you of what you had to experience yourself after a while?)

    Barbara Hartwell -- CIA Mindcontrol Survivor

    Posted By: Rayelan
    Date: Thursday, 5-Apr-2001 02:02:06
    Rumor Mill News, Controlled Opposition & Selective Censorship


    Step by step we get her bath tube filled, do we? :)


  2. More nastiness... don't these people get it?

    Reader: "Sounds like a backstabber. A rule or ruin person. Actually, it was the accusations of a nutter."

    Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Monday, 9-Feb-2015 17:40:59

    In Response To: Reader: "Where did the e-mail come from? It has aroused my anger, how about you?" (hobie)

    (Thanks, W. :)

    Reader Wispy writes:


    Re: Reader: 'Where did the e-mail come from? I....

    Now that hypothesis just clicks. Raye's phone is down. So.... sounds like a backstabber. A rule or ruin person. Actually, it was the accusations of a nutter.

    Perhaps this benighted creature had best leave the site and go to Virginia to that bridge. Perhaps some hours of solitude and the 3 Billy Goats Gruff will give this individual a much needed attitude adjustment.

    If this is the "Melinda", please go away. Don't go away mad. Just go away.

    It is none of your business if any of us send money to keep the site up. The information is worth it. At least to me.

    So... Be Gone.


  3. WHOA, a force to use Smith? Or has it been there for a while? Raye Allan Smith

    1. Did it say that? The utility there has to be pretty limited.

  4. And no one is going to try to stop you, poor little Wispy. Go send Rayelan more now so you can feel happy and cared for.

  5. IT, The RMN site has Raye Allan Smith now rather than Rayelan Allan.

    1. Thanks for the IT! I wonder if the printer made another mistake. That is how she came across Rayelan. She sent something to be typeset and the printer ran Raye Allan, another pseudonym, together. She liked it. I guess Raelon occurred to her after that.