Thursday, February 12, 2015

April 2, 2014 - Judgement - Cypress Financial - $11,739.21 plus aqccrued interest

Raye did not bother to show up.  Are RMN Readers paying for this kind of judgement?  

Here is the  Complaint, dated August 30, 2013.  


  1. Would like (love) to see the complaint. I looked earlier (before Dr. appt.), but couldn't find anything.
    Good Luck tomorrow!

    1. Hi Melinda, here's Gunter (the non-russbaker). I read the flow of insights every day but restrict my activity, otherwise my mind would get drawn in too deep compared to the to-do list for petty chores.
      Well, are you aware, tomorrow is Friday the 13th!? Provided you're not superstitious or misled to the contrary belief for the gullibles, the number 13 might be a good omen, Fri-day (free-day or day of Freya, the Germanic goddess).
      Friday is the last day of the regular 5-day week (at least for the upper office crowd), so it stands well for finish or clean-up, thinking of Freya it might be thought of as getting rid of something nasty and then, the lucky number 13, the next number after 12, the full circle, might be the first step into a new beginning. So let's be hopeful.
      For me 13 has always been a lucky number, if you have a balanced, realistic yin-yang view.
      Meanwhile I learnt why I never can upload/preview my comments immediately but only in a second attempt. How?
      When I tried to open the links to the legal documents yesterday my call was blocked, a server message by SonicWall Geo IP control denied access without telling why. I found 2 possible, plausible explanations: 1) since I have a dynamic IP address (that's handed around from user to user) somebody who had the address before might have behaved nastily. 2 ) my non-dynamic router address might be marked by somebody who doesn't like me as being bad, spreading malware (phew, maybe I'm a terrorist?).
      Also, I've been back at Smithy's Californian fantasy estate in molly murdoch land, seen minor changes, at first glance, and then was surprised by a small detail ... in the end not really surprised because it fits well into overall rayelity of Smithy, the actress. Will better open a second comment window to describe my findings.

      13th, on Friday! Good omen. Cheer up!

  2. having read dmh's last comments now I'm not quite sure if you're going to court on Friday the 13th. Don't matter, anyway, wherever you go, let's hope and wish this Friday the 13th will be a very good day for you (and Arthur).

  3. Probably a maxed out credit card, I guess she forgot to include that in the bankruptcy she claimed she filed.

  4. Do the stinkers get nervous about their californican past? Or did Hozie read my last comment right here even before Melinda puts it up? (online interception/hijacking) Who switched SonicWall to block my posts allegedly being infective? Given RMN is located on a CIA server nothing can be excluded. "Well netted, guys, you are, traceable and not almighty, by no means."
    "Try harder, be smarter!" (if you can, desktop fuzzy-heads)


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    1. Thanks! Now, how do I get into the Lounge? I never went there, being busy with other things.

  6. I believe the lounge is pass worded and for *members only*.