Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Wayback Machining with Rumor Mill News

More data may result in explanations not obvious with limited information.

Thanks to the former RMN Reader who sent this information. 

Comment which accompanied email.  "yep, it explains why google and the other two sources of advertising dropped RMN.      Guess people have been catching on in droves.   Nowhere near 150 "agents" post there, more like 25 or so.    The CGI room is about dead too, maybe one dozen posters."

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Saved 881 times between January 25, 1999 and February 2, 2015

RMN was heavily archived in 2005.  David Kooker, Rayelan's husband, died on October 5th.  The kind of fundraising being done at the time was understated.  At some point after Kooker's death this changed.  Bu the time Rayelan moved to Ohio in July of 2010, the new panhandling form for fundraising was well established. 

While it is impossible to know if the kind of fundraising and posting Rayelan did impacted RMN popularity it is an issue which could be considered.  

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