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We Have Answers

It is nice that Jasmine considers herself one of Rayelan's good friends and although eventually, if they stay in contact, Jasmine will likely realize she has been had that point in the trajectory has not yet been reached. 
Trusting people are endlessly useful to the disordered. 
Those who are watching this ongoing conflict fall generally into two categories. There are those who put their uncritical faith in Rayelan and those who examine the facts, presented with documentation. Let's call the Faith-based folks, such as Jasmine, Rayelanites, and the folks who read the facts and experience the Epiphany Moment when they fall off the Rayelan Wagon, Light Bulbers, or LBers for short. 
No one following this conflict really knows either myself or Rayelan, despite how they perceive their 'relationship' with either of us. To really know someone you have to actually see how they live their day to day lives. If any of those watching were here observing, like a fly on the wall, their understanding would be rapidly clarified. 
To introduce the P word, psychopath, into the dialog, such individuals were not as much of a problem when those around them could observe their behavior over time. It is likely such individuals were not tolerated on a long term basis. The failure to return from a hunting trip “Ferd just fell right off that cliff, darn,” is cited as the ad hoc means by which these people were eliminated as problems. 
Our culture has made being a psychopath a very different matter. In the world as it is today psychopaths can evade detection and cooperate to achieve their goals. This was one of the factors cited by the Economist, the premier British Journal on Economics, when they cited psychopathy as the major cause of the economic meltdown. This analysis is now widely accepted by those in finance. 
So, the problem faced by those who are reading this is to determine for themselves who is telling the truth. 
Depositions and the Hare Index.
Depositions are used as a tool in litigation because liars always trip themselves up by presenting conflicting statements as they try to fit their lies into a continuing array of refuting facts for which they failed to account.
It might seem like it is just a handy way for attorneys to burn hours and make money – and sometimes it is doubtless used that way. But its use persists because the gaping holes eventually appear and the jury 'gets it.'
When more than one person, maybe even several, are jointly working to deceive this becomes even more obvious.
Rayelan has been running on for a good long time now. The LBers have each cited the same reason for eventually deciding I was telling the truth. My story lacks holes and cites evidence.
I started using websites to provide an online archive for evidence years ago. Just The Evidence was the first of these. I had been scanning in documents from my divorce (1998 – 1999) and found it unwieldy to put them up for citing with articles to to be sent to contacts when I was queried. Instead, I put all of them up using a list of Exhibits I had prepared. It was so handy I kept doing it. There has been reorganizing to make individual exhibits easier to find. 
Also, I did not  worry  about being hacked until just now when I noticed this had happened and documents, mostly about GHS, had been removed.  Nothing on the site is now earlier than 2012, when I know I started putting it up by 2009 when I completed the original Exhibits document.

Well, I guess Danny Boy had a reason for not wanting his deposition on line.  I reported this to blogger and google, who owns blogger.  

  The article below is from 2011.

I started putting some documents related to Rayelan on Just the Evidence a short while ago when it became obvious she was aligned with the small group of individuals cooperating to destroy my credibility. The assumption generally is, when you claim this, that you are crazy and paranoid. But if you demonstrate the connections all is well. 
Some links have changed and I try to go through the articles posted on How the NeoCons Stole Freedom occasionally to either fix these or provide a back up to the original information, with explanation. How the NeoCons Stole Freedom dates from 2005 and was originally focused on the George W. administration.

Now, on to the answers, though many have already been provided elsewhere.

Ownership and Control of RMN – I have no desire to own or control RMN. It is a reposting site with little or no original content. But making this claim makes is seem as if I am attacking the 'home' of those who view it as their online community. 
MORE – Comment appearing on Poisoning Melinda
Rayelan is frustrated. The whole structure of RMN has put her at the center, controlling everything, even comments. Her dogs matter, her phone bill matters, her sniffles matter, her opinion matters. She rewrites reality and has the means of enforcing it even when it has no basis in fact.

A website can become a social nexus, a home. You get to know people reading their posts and comments and emotionally normal people begin to feel connected and they want those feelings to continue. So when someone like Rayelan can disconnect you, strip away those relationships in a blink you suffer from a sense of insecurity and try to fit yourself into the expectations of the one who has the power to cut you off. Sort of a form of Stockholm's Syndrome. RMN is not a network. It is an octopus with one puss in the middle deciding who gets to stay and who is expelled. Rayelan loves this, loves it, because it feeds her sense of power.

A real network is open. There are simple rules which are mostly being nice and courteous to each other. Decisions take place by consensus. A real network empowers the people in the network. And open IDs, so you can always get in touch with each other, is part of that. Relationship which do not allow you to really know each other are not authentic. If you look at the dynamics RMN focuses everything on Rayelan. Readers and agents are bit players in her ongoing drama, all eyes on her. I'm sure she has found it very satisfying.

Rayelan's 'Mission' 
Exactly what do you think Rayelan has actually accomplished except to generate income for herself? She talks about freedom and justice and such high-sounding goals but nothing has ever materialized, including the Family Camp Ground. It is good Rayelanites do not expect glory, at least that is realistic.

Letter by Morgan Pillsbury (Barteaux) Gell See Affidavit on Morgan by Melinda
I was living at my cabin in California when I came to Ohio. I was not homeless and never have been. This is, however, a condition Craig has paid enormous amounts of money to achieve. 
Morgan's biological father, Richard Lee Barteaux was a psychopath. So is she. 
Morgan's bankruptcy took place around May 2001. Included were some credit card debt and the large ticket item, supposed 'loans' made to her by Craig, her adopted father. 
The recitation I will repeat from Morgan did not change over the time she and I were talking and was validated by events of which I had personal knowledge. 
Craig told Morgan to come to Santa Barbara, met her at the office Jacqueline Misho. Misho forced her to sign a 'loan agreement' for money previously received from Craig. This was an attempted cover up on his part to recharacterize the money given to Morgan for slandering me and attempting to have her brother's life support turned off in early April 1998. The payment for $10,000 cited was made in April, according to the subpoenaed records from the divorce not as Craig asserts, in June of that year. 
Misho also tried to force her to sign a statement saying she had never had sex with Craig. Morgan refused. This was likely cover for his attempt to climb into bed with her just before Christmas, a few weeks earlier.

January 19, 1999 - Loan Document: Signed by Morgan at Misho's office in Santa Barbara.
May 2001 – Morgan declares bankruptcy
May 23, 2001 - Franklin Complaint - Morgan Bankruptcy
August 27, 2001 - Response to filing by Craig.
January 15, 2003 - Franklin Complaint Dismissal - Morgan Bankruptcy
For the record, Morgan has no contact with anyone in my family, having burned those bridges long ago.  I again quote Ayn regarding the proper course of action while Morgan was being battered by John Fund in 2001.  "Why don't we just let John solve the problem for us?"

 She and Jay Gell live in King's Mountain, North Carolina, have two children. I have written very little about my other children and it is all family stories, genealogy, and recollections. 

For the Manchester silliness see the Manchester TIME LINE

And in case you missed the progress on the Hare Index:

Progress on the Hare Index Tests


  1. I think of them as Rayelians, living in the parallel world of Rayeland where evil is good lies are truth and send money now! They live in a very dense atmosphere!

    Speaking of money:

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    Raye currently cannot post this herself because her internet has been shut off and her cell phone bill is so overdue that they cut the data usage off and are disconnecting the phone tomorrow at which point she will have no contact with the outside world at all.

    Raye is in need of $1000 to be able to stop this from happening and to be able to regain connection with the outside world.

    This problem arose because Raye did not ever see the bills as they came in. She suspects her unwanted squatter had a hand in this.

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    1. Is that really a friend of Rayelan's of yet another Jeff Gordon clone?

      Gee. I pay my phone bill online and nothing comes here for Rayelan because it goes either to her PO Box 95, Ashtabula, Ohio, or to her new house in Austinburg. Why is she still here, by the way?

      How could we get the emails for Readers? Do a mailing to them? That would be fun.

      How many people could get here to do a Rayelan Tour? Bring videocams.

      I saw Scott yesterday taking a box of artificial flowers away. That is the only moving I have seen since Monday? I think it was Monday, but not much then. But Angel and the Handyman were there diligently clearing Rayelan's driveway when I went out to take Sonja, a friend from Church, to the Emergency Room. Sonja is home now but in a lot of pain. We still do not know what is causing it. The streets were not fun yesterday. But Rayelan did not even try to get her Jeep into her regular stop after it was cleared. She has become cautious after the exciting adventure of That White Fluffy Stuff in the Driveway

    2. What do you want to bet the 'friend' is the inappropriately named person "Angel"?

    3. No bet. I saw her yesterday clearing the driveway for Rayelan with The Handyman. I am told they are an item but who knows?

  2. I had the so called Rayelan Allan pegged as a liar and thief at least from a decade ago. I was puzzled that nobody else seemed to get it. Googling Rayelan Allan led mostly to reposts of glowing references about her "courage", her intelligence, her knowledge and her fascinating life. Disparaging but accurate material was difficult to find. Then I found the Phoenix papers!

    This site has been a real eye opener. Even I would not have pegged her as such an evil, vicious, vindictive person.

    Jim really should get himself tested for heavy metals know like arsenic.

  3. Here is a post by the typical Rayelian, or it is fake and that liar Hobie just made it up, he is the one who posted it.

    Reader: "I think I get it. Love is what makes RMN run. Love is what led me to the site some years back and is ..."

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    In Response To: ...and that's why, without Rayelan, there is no Rumor Mill News. (hobie)

    (Thanks very much, D. :)

    Reader DC writes:


    Re: ...and that's why, without Rayelan, there ....

    I think I get it. Love is what makes RMN run. Love is what led me to the site some years back and is what keeps me coming back. Whether it's a story of warning, a recipe, a history lesson, a joke, a health tip... well it sure can't be fitted with any label. RMN has played a major role in my and many of my friends' awakenings. I'm a little more informed and the world is a little brighter each day thanks to Raye's effort.

    This seems like the right spot to recommend that those who share my opinion support her with a donation. Ya know, something of value for something of value. This is the genuine article and anything less would be a poorer imitation. My deepest gratitude goes out to all who have helped make RMN what it is.


  4. Too funny, that light in the darkness, Rayelan, paid them twice, once to block you in and again to unblock herself. She must have had "brights" off when she thought up that petty act of vindictiveness, hope the Rayelians don't mind paying for the extra thousand this month. That's $5000.00 this month please give money now, folks.

    1. She was asking for a hit man to kill me and my son for a while. She talked to Alex, 13th Duke of Manchester about this and he left a message to that effect on his ex-wife's (Wendy Buford Montagu's) answering machine at work. Really creepy.

    2. That loud raucous laughing you heard right before they moved the snow, was probably Rayelan hoping to inflict a heart
      attack from your exertion removing the snow. I know how she thinks.

    3. Let me know if you can't hear it. I have it on my computer, just downloaded it from Wendy again because there did not seem to be any audio.

    4. I'm sure you are right. Malicious is her middle name. Rayelan Malicious Smith.

  5. A couple of questions...when exactly did you get to Ohio? When did things go bad between you two and under what circumstances? Do you know Gary Larrabee? He has a couple of videos on youtube. At least one is when y'all were on good terms when the duke was threatening you both. She was getting money for you both to sue him. At least that is one post that is no longer on site.
    I wanna come on tour, but can't afford it. I need glasses and 2 teeth, a vehicle and some long johns, a new box of tissues.