Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What if? It always starts with an idea. Sharing Moment

A Comment Received from an Insighter, which is what we are calling the folks who found and support this site and the Mission of getting Baddies out of our lives. 

Insighter 10 - "Thank you for your response. I just am so disgusted by her and her entitlement issue in regards to people sending her money. I just read her recent post from 'Hobie" where she needs money for living expenses and utilities. Well, who doesn't. The constant putting forth by her of one dilemma after another in an excuse to beg for money from people is sickening. I pray Creator puts an end to her deception and lies soon. I just don't understand why readers can't see her and her constant begging for money for what it is; a scam.

I do not see one original article on this site - they are all links from other websites. It is ridiculous." 
Which made me ruminate on what could be done to solve the problem.  What if.....we had a Mission beyond outing Rayelan and RMN?  What about this as a.....

Disinformation Sites, Scams, Cons, and Bad Players. These include 'agents,' 'assets,' and 'operatives,' those shady personas whose livelihood is made by injecting what Greedville wants us to know and think instead of the bald facts, which are naturally dangerous to their continued prosperity. 

(Greedville is my own term for the small group of Baddies who think being the best at lying, stealing, and other various ugly behavior qualifies them to rule the world.)

Psychopaths abound in this murky world because they can lie persuasively and show no shred of conscience and care nothing about what happens to those they impact. They profit directly from their lies and so are highly motivated to keep the cons going as long as is humanly, or inhumanly, possible.

Rumor Mill News (RMN) is a disinformation site, one which just reposts what can be found elsewhere on the web. Added to this, you get the carefully created impression it is a place where people care about each other through the faux-maternal presence of Raye Allan Smith, AKA Rayelan Allan and so forth. The RA uses too many names to count at this point.

And the normal people do care. Their normal empathy and compassion are being used to lock them in and control them.

If you are reading this you know Insights, AKA the Rayelan Report, was started to get the truth out about Rayelan and Rumor Mill News. (Also Hobie (Jeff Gordon) Zapper, let's not forget him.)

If we were to add outing other disinformation sites, scams, and cons to this site we would need to cooperation of someone who could keep us from being hacked, and trace these attempts back to their sources as a second level of investigation. I know some people – but it is very likely you know folks, perhaps from Anonymous, who would be willing to help with this.

What if Insights not only exposed Baddies and Greedville Ploys but also posted interesting Stuff from the Internet, which everyone was encouraged to investigate and discuss on the Comments? There would be lots of details to work out, but it could probably be done.

And this could be both useful and interesting. Send Feedback via comments. Best, Melinda


  1. "What if Insights not only exposed Baddies and Greedville Ploys but also posted interesting Stuff from the Internet, which everyone was encouraged to investigate and discuss on the Comments? There would be lots of details to work out, but it could probably be done."

    Similar thoughts popped up with me.
    (not that I would seek to engage myself, just trying to put myself in your place)

    We could start a "brainstorming" for the new project, a new start, a new future, bury the past like old remains into a composter to fermentize new soil for good growth. What do you think?
    Melinda, the skills and efforts you wasted for RMN, now use it for yourself, your own project, your own news mill to grind worthy wheat, barley, rye, millet, buckwheat, figuratively.
    A mill or let's better say a greenhouse not for baddies but for goodies, not for rumors but for facts, not for fantasies and scams but for useful, helpful honest things, improvements that Jill & Joe can implement in daily life, be it advices, hints, know-how, evaluations, similar but much better as the business principles of Reader's Digest (I know this publisher VERY well, got insights from inside, guess how). Of course it should give you a 'return on investment'.
    Compared to the technology of 30 years ago we now have a tremendous increase in possibilities. You know this, I'm just letting my thoughts flow. You can create a book at your desk, offer it online for download as a PDF and ask 10 Dollars per unit, for example. You have the writing skills, you can do your own marketing and advertising as a professional. You leave the past behind in the backyard, you plant and grow something new, you start your own online publishing business focussing on "small, sincere and beautiful things" as you put it recently.
    Enough said? Not that I would want to teach you, just expressing my thoughts. Open a new window, care for your health and your heart, avoid bad thoughts and bad memories, don't look back in anger, look at the bright side of life, take it all with a sense of humour, real good humor is when you start laughing though you might as well cry.

    Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

    Remember your entry at BBS Radio, your dream about crucifixion?


    1. You made me laugh. I am never likely to forget the experience. It was not a dream. You don't have to wash the blood out of the sheets after you wake from a dream.

  2. Allright, I'd better said, flanked by quotation marks: "nightmare". The reason is, what you tell about this painful, bonebreaking experience is so extreme, one could say un-believable that I did not want to set a link and evoke doubtful spirits or play into the hand of your adversaries. I have heard about strong followers of Christ who produced over night the wounds of crucifixion on their hands and feet, no common sense explanation given. How come? Who or what did it, why? Ghosts, demons, invisible super-powers, own body energy? It defies logic and natural science, it's para-normal, the physical manifestation (manus = hand) of a psychic phenomena. I think this experience might be the key to the ways you had to walk on earth.
    Are you meant to be, to become sorts of a reborn female Jesus? Mother Mary Linda? (no kidding)
    (Linde = basswod, linden tree, the holy tree at the center of a rural community)

    From my view, you have the body and the soul that gave birth to human beings BUT your spirit appears to be the strongest part of your essence (Jesus was also named 'the essene').

    By the bye, your voice sounds good, the way you talk expresses what I said. The sound of a voice is like a dynamic foot print. When I feel touched, or uneasy or upset with somebody's expressions, I close my eyes and focus on the melody of the voice.

    The dance of life: Sounds like a Melody">

    Have a nice day.


    1. Well, G - That made me laugh. I was an atheist when it happened. I certainly was not looking for the experience and there was nothing horrible or scary about it. I felt Him holding me and was filled with the sense of being totally understood, loved, valued. He knew me from my most shameful acts and thoughts and accepted me with no reservations. It was not dream-like. I could taste the dust, small the sweat of those who crucified us, hear them laughing. I was emptied of fear and hate. I loved those who killed us. And I remember after I left my body and I was not alone there, either.

      If you think this sounds strange what do you think I thought? I watched the holes in my wrists heal - and no, I was not on drugs. I have never used drugs except aspirin occasionally. But I did not tell anyone. I washed the sheets and tried to convince myself it did not happen. Then three days later it happened again. I could hear Him laughing at me, sort of. It took about six months for me to accept it and I did not tell anyone until years later when I wrote the book. I didn't want to write it but I had to. I wrote for 16 hours a day for six weeks. And then it sat in my computer for more years. Eventually I did publish it and two former priests, one a former Jesuit who worked in the Vatican Archives, read it. He did an index. He told me there was nothing in the book which they could disprove.

      I had never read the Bible before that first time. I did do research because I thought they crucified through the hands and found out my memory was accurate. It was also accurate about breaking my ankles so I would die faster. It was an act of mercy. Yes, we were Essene, members of the Essene Mystery School. Jesus was...he reoriented our thinking, you might say. Oh. Is that what Linda means? I did not know that. I have no ambition to be any of those things. I just want to get the job done.


    I really NEED Your Help for my Best Friend, My 14 Year Old Golden Retriever

    Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Thursday, 26-Feb-2015 10:14:03

    I have a call in to the mobile vet in my area. Buck has been my best friend and companion since January of 2001. He was born on November 10, 2000. When I saw the day that he was born and the place where he was born I knew that he was the Golden that my husband and I had been looking for.

    November 10 is the anniversary of the Marine Corps and my late husband, David was a retired Marine.

    Buck was born in Mt Shasta, California which is one of the most spiritual places on earth... and if you knew Buck like I have known Buck, you would know that he is a spiritual master in a dog suit.

    I don't know how I would have survived the death of my husband followed two years later by the death of my mother (also my best friend) if it hadn't been for Buck.

    I don't really know what is wrong with him. I don't know if it is arthritis or something else. Last time he got this bad, the mobile vet gave him a shot and some tramadol pills, plus some prednisone....

    The vet will be here anytime now. Here is the Fundrazr widget. I'm not asking for extra. I'm just asking that the widget be filled to the amount I requested at the beginning of the month. There are only two more days left in the month, and I have used all of my social security on the move to the new house.

    I thank you so very much.


    1. Anything is extra. What is with this woman? She has no entitlement to money for reposting articles written by real people who actually do the research and writing. Her research is limited to reading tabloids while sitting on the toilet. You should see the collection she had the last time I walked by there, granted, it was some time ago but there is no reason to think her habits have changed.

      Hobie was fourteen, RA said, when I arrived. So either she is lying or....what am I saying. RA is always lying, it is her single skills set fit for a mixed audience.

    2. Her Royal Highness, the Princess of Rackets, and the Douche of Austria, has requested it. It is a command, now pay up, rubes. How quickly, she became entitled to the extra $1000.00 per month, not too many months ago it was $3000.00 per month.

  4. You mean Buck was 14, he was probably 8, Rayelan likes sixes especially 666.

  5. I guess we can conclude that the readers are a little fatigued with the bullshit "perils of Pauline" stories Rayelan is shoveling out.
    Deadly handyman and killer squatters are not having the impact she was anticipating.

  6. The Queen B is at it again! Look, today, she says she's BROKE and can't keep the server going unless readers give more! And she is soooooo tired of having to keep sacrificing to keep up the SCAM (RMN). Do us all a big fave and give yourself a big gift, Raye, so you'll quit your B ing ... don't pay the server and let this crap of a website GO! We are sooooooo tired of Hobie's songs and the Poofness crap. We hates it, my precious!

    1. She is a lot like Craig in this way. She spends every cent so there is nothing left for bills. And then it is always someone else at fault. If RMN was gone no content would have disappeared from the web because none of it is original anyway. I think she was paid to drag me out here and Dan did not have in mind being outed for his money.