Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Another Post by the Queen of Ugliness

Read the disgusting libels in the creed below and my responses.  You should be warned, therefore, about the ease with which a psychopath lies and emotes outrage when they feel nothing.  Most psychopaths continue their predatory ways because people are told to run away, change their names, do anything to evade the continued harassment meted out.  I refused to run away.  Instead, I use the truth and documentation to prove the facts  to expose psychopaths. 

Rayelan is right.  I will never stop until she is entirely stymied because her behavior is so thoroughly documented she can no longer find credulous victims. 

Rayelan is most likely being paid and was being paid when she conned me into coming to Ohio.  The small group of individuals who have tried to utterly destroy me include those she did not name.  But I will and urge you to visit the sites I put up to inform the public about them. 

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The Widget Still Needs $1500
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 24-Feb-2015 01:40:18
I know we have 5 more days to raise the $1500, but I could sure use it earlier than later.
Because the freeloader upstairs is refusing to leave, I am going to have to continue to pay rent on the old house. This means instead of $700.00 a month for rent I will have to pay $1400 until the court throws her out.
On Monday the response to Rayelan's asinine lies will be posted here, with all exhibits, all 32 of them.  Some you have seen.  Some you have not.  If you still believe this woman you deserve what you get.  Don't look here for sympathy. 
The added $700.00 on top of utility bills that have been inflated by the freeloader as her way of punishing me for throwing her out.
Normal people would thank me for letting them live in my house for almost three years... rent and utility free... but my freeloader is a narcissistic psychopath.
I was employed by Rayelan as Director of Advertising for RMN and RMN Radio before coming to Ohio.  Rayelan expected me to do work never agreed to and also ignored the promises she made to persuade me to come.   For a woman whose career was as an 'asset' the most frequently used asset her ass she has a lot of gall writing these outrageous libels. 

This is the woman who shut up when I offered to raise money so SHE and I could be tested.  Did you notice that?  I am still willing to be tested and a fundrazr will be up soon so you can contribute, if you like. 
Narcissistic Personality Disorder is characterized by grandiosity, the constant need for admiration and a lack of empathy for others. They regularly brag about themselves and their achievements. They want power and try to make others believe that they are brilliant and perfect.
Antisocial or Sociopathic Personality Disorder
At one time this was referred to as psychopathic pd, then, sociopathic and now, Antisocial PD because it is a lot more accurate than the other terms.
According to the DSM IV, this disorder is characterized by a of disregard for, and violation, of the rights of others.
People who are antisocial often violate the law resulting in being arrested. They lie to and manipulate others to their own gain. However, they are very self destructive, seem to have no awareness of consequences and repeat the same destructive patterns of behavior. They lack any remorse for the harm they have caused others.
None of the following spewing of lies is true.  Wait until Monday at NOON.  It will be up before I go into court.  You have seen her statements.  Read mine, with documentation, something this filthy liar never offers.  
My personal sociopath has been in my home for over three years. When I rescued her and allowed her to stay in my home for the winter of 2011 to 2012, I thought she would be leaving in the spring of 2012. She didn't leave in 2012 or in 2013 or in 2014.
She refused to pay rent or her share of the utilities. And in addition to this, her personality disorder made living with her a complete nightmare. Many people have wondered why I have not posted very much in the last few years. The reason is because I have not been able to concentrate long enough to write anything. I never know what kind of problem she is going to cause this time.
I have not touched a gun, and gave my own away, when my son shot himself in the brain on March 22, 1998.  It was not my gun - but I refused to risk any remote change he might try again.  From the previous September when he had his accident I put my own life on hold to be his caretaker.  It was eleven years before he received the tiny SSI he has today.  I paid every penny and felt blessed to knew he was alive and still with me. 
Today I was going to put my ONE remaining gun in the suitcase I am taking to the new house. But my gun was no where to be found. The only person who could have taken it is the freeloader upstairs. Five of my guns were stolen two years ago. It took me a long time to replace them. I traded my rifles to one of the men who is helping me move. The only weapon I had left to protect me from a hedonistic psychopath who has killed before, was the revolver. I need to buy another gun asap. But I also need enough money to pay the rest of the utilities and continue to pay the movers.
I will soon have to rent a truck to move the furniture.
I am trying to do this as inexpensively as possible. The pods were paid for by a friend and all that I am paying for is for help packing and transporting things to the new house. But even then, the hourly costs add up even though I am doing most of the packing by myself.
What a crock of shit (excuse the expression)  I would bet it is Angel and the Handyman doing the work.  Rayelan does not work.  She emotes and dramatizes a life which would have been better unlived.  
Hopefully the move will be finished by the end of the month. But even if it is, I am going to have to continue paying the rent here until the freeloader moves out.
Once a person crosses the freeloader, she make destroying that person her life long quest. She has done this with her third ex-husband and her oldest daughter. She created an attack page for her first husband and his family. She created an attack page for her third husband's employers.
Craig is a Sexual Pervert.  He married me to gain sexual access to my daughters.  Please, read the site.  Women contact me regularly to thank me for keeping it up there.  If it saved one woman what I have been through it was worth every minute I spent writing it.  

Dan O'Dowd and Craig cut a deal which they, themselves, called the Throw Mama From The Train Strategy.  Craig manipulated essential personnel so Dan's partner, who funded the company, could not exercise the sudden death buyout offer Dan made.  Glenn Hightower, the partner, tried to sue but did not have proof of what had happened  because I did not know he was suing and I did not know about his law suit.  The world would be a different place today if we had known. 

7. Annexed hereto and marked as Exhibit 7, Nos a, b., c, d, and e, are true and exact copies of the originals in my possession of the following court documents:

[a.] Glenn Hightowervs. Daniel O'Dowd, Case No. BS 053127, Superior Court of the State of California for the County of Los Angeles, September 17, 1998, DECLARATION OF WAYNE B. WEISMAN FILED BY APPLICANT GLENN HIGHTOWER IN SUPPORT OF APPLICATION FOR PRELIMINARY INJUNCTION”

[b.] “Glenn Hightowervs. Daniel O'Dowd, Case No. BS 053127, Superior Court of the State of California for the County of Los Angeles, HIGHTOWER'S OPPOSITION TO O'DOWD'S MOTION FOR ORDER DISSOLVING PRELIMINARY INJUNCTION, December 15, 1999, Filing Date September 2, 1998; [c.] Glenn Hightower vs. Daniel O'Dowd, Case No. BS 053127, Superior Court of the State of California for the County of Los Angeles, RESPONSE TO OBJECTION TO (PROPOSED FIRST MODIFIED INJUNCTION, December 15, 1999; September 17, 1998

[d.] “Glenn Hightowervs. Daniel O'Dowd, Case No. BS 053127, In the Court of Appeal of the State of California, Second Appellate District, REMITITUR,” Copy of original order, opinion or decision entered in the above-entitled cause of July 1, 1999 and that this order, opinion or decision has now become final, signed by Joseph A. Lane, Clerk, September 3, 1999. Opinion Hightower is likely to prevail if there is proof of unlawful action by O'Dowd.

[e.]AMERICAN ARBITRATION ASSOCIATION No. 72Y 180 0960 98,” a true and exact copy of the originals that are in my possession, which is a series of documents generated by the law suit filed by Hightower against Dan O'Dowd over O'Dowd's exercise of their sudden death partnership agreement on January, 1998. Decision that unlawful action is not proved.
Add to these "attack and destroy" pages the huge website she created for Duke and Duchess of Manchester. And now she has created one for me.

The Duke was diagnosed as having psychopathic tendencies in 1984.  She knew he was a bigamist.  But the twat persuaded me to trust him to pay me for the website he so desperately wanted to evade the truth.  And I suspect there has hardly been a day when they were not chatting. 
Moving is difficult enough, but having to worry if she is going to sneak down the stairs and kill me with one of my own guns keeps me awake til 1 or 2 am almost every night since we began moving. I automatically wake up at 5 or 6 which just isn't enough sleep for anyone let alone someone who is dealing with a crazy woman who is probably armed to the teeth.
This woman projects everything.  If you want to know what she is doing just read the accusations she makes.  
I really need the rest of the money that I asked for for the month of February. I asked for $3500 and I thank our readers who have contributed the $2,000 that has already come in. With that I've been able to keep the cable/internet on. the lights and gas on and have also been able to get the utilities turned on in the new home. One of our readers paid my cell phone bill. Message to this reader: Thank you so very much for doing this.

Don't give her a centavo.  Let her starve.  That is what she so richly deserves.  
I pray that some of our readers are having an easier go of it than most are having right now. Without help, RMN and I are going to have trouble keeping on.

Losing RMN would raise the truth level around the world.  It is your money and you are morally responsible for how you spend it.  
Thanking you in advance for your help, I remain steadfastly your friend and Publisher of Rumor Mill News... the ONLY News you can trust!!

- To steal your trust and empty your life into the Coffers of Rayelan the Vile.  


  1. Rayelan needs to dream up some new lies, the ones above are a bit stale. Three months ago, she was begging for money for boxes and tape. Where does she get the idea the readers are supposed to pay her rent? She lies that she is now back on line, after a long treacherous absence due to a good friend paying her bill.

    Ugly is as ugly does, Rayelan.

    1. It is because they all loooove her so much for all she has done for them. By the way. What has she ever done to move the ball toward freedom? Yes, I think she was online - just busy with other fun stuff, like milking her other scamsites.

  2. Oh my God, there is still a killer handyman on the loose, and Rayeliar is down to her last handgun which she has misplaced!

    Give money NOW! She needs ammo too.


    1. What a pathetic creature she is. She loves fondling her guns. It is always fantasy time for Raye.

      And I wrote these. Both ran in the local paper.

      No. 4 - July 20, 2012 – Murder in the Night

      by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

      The Demonstration for Biofeedback Group met Wednesday night at the Wellness Center to be interviewed, on camera. The three individuals included the owner and operator for an online website which serves 1,500,000 users every month, with 50,000,000 hits, monthly. The events which caused Raye Smith's Post Traumatic Stress Disorder began in 1989. From then until 1996 she survived seven attempts to kill her. Raye especially recounted listening, late one night, to the sound of glass being cut. Raye chambered her 9 millimeter, the sound ringing in the darkness, as the would-be assassins retreated.

      Today, Raye still cannot sleep, she is still listening for sounds of murder in the night.

      The second participant is Arthur Foster. Arthur recounted being thrown 300 feet, 20 feet into the air and skidding along the highway. After months in the hospital he went home to discover his Traumatic Brain Injury made his previous life impossible. His depression deepened when his father, then estranged from his mother, told him he could never be happy. Arthur took a 25 caliber Baretta and shot himself through the palate, into the brain.

      Not expected to live, he returned to a life far worse than the one which already depressed him. Today he has found God but still struggles with extreme depression.

      Then the cameraman sat down for his interview. Carl Feather is a journalist at the Star Beacon, but struggles with depression every day. As with many of us, he has found himself working harder, getting less, wondering what the future holds as the ground continues to sink out from under him. Optimizing his abilities and alleviating the ever-present depression, is a way out because it holds promise of a way forward with his life.

      Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is endemic in America today. It is hitting those losing their jobs, losing their homes, losing the lives they thought were guaranteed to them. PTSD constricts our ability to act, hampers judgment, freezes us into inactivity when we need to be most vigilant and active.

      Participants begin being treated on Monday. They will again be interviewed half way through their sessions and after they are finished.

      Biofeedback helps fighter pilots, successful athletes and wealthy financiers to optimize performance.

      PTSD, and the related symptoms, is a problem not limited to returning vets, it is a problem for many, many of us. Solutions begin by recognizing the problem.

  3. So far that nasty libelous screed of hers has netted her a whopping $10.00. She went too far with the killer handyman, nobody seems to be buying her latest load of shit.

  4. Wow, 279 readers of Hobie"s afternoon reminder of Rayelan's morning beg (116 readers) and they got $10. February not looking good.

    1. Hurray! A happy moment to be relished. Good going Readers!

    2. A report has come in from an Insighter saying they have been excluded from RMN, where they went to copy text for use here. This is doubtless the work of Hobie Hacker or one of his associates. If you can't email me try texting. May the Force of Facts be With You!

  5. hozie left out the best parts, I wonder why?

    Hi, Folks -

    Rayelan's in a pickle. The inclement weather isn't helping.

    Some hours ago, she wrote:

    I really need the rest of the money that I asked for for the month of February. I asked for $3500 and I thank our readers who have contributed the $2,000 that has already come in. With that I've been able to keep the cable/internet on. the lights and gas on and have also been able to get the utilities turned on in the new home. One of our readers paid my cell phone bill. Message to this reader: Thank you so very much for doing this.

    I pray that some of our readers are having an easier go of it than most are having right now. Without help, RMN and I are going to have trouble keeping on.

    Thanking you in advance for your help, I remain steadfastly your friend and Publisher of Rumor Mill News... the ONLY News you can trust!!

    One person has responded, with a contribution of $10. (Thank you, Reader. :)

    Please help out if you're able and would find it fitting:


  6. Doesn't the CIA have a call in number RMN Readers can use instead? It would be cheaper.

  7. ** ...what Rayelan lied... ** (views: 494)
    hobie -- Tuesday, 24-Feb-2015 17:51:38
    Thanks for that $5, Reader. :) If everyone would do that, the swindle would be easily met. (no msg in this post) *NM* (views: 22)
    hobie -- Tuesday, 24-Feb-2015 19:33:08
    Thanks, Reader, for that $10. :) PLEASE KEEP IT COMING, FOLKS. Rayelan needs a new gun and ammo (no msg in this post) *NM* (views: 12)
    hobie -- Wednesday, 25-Feb-2015 00:19:30
    Thanks for the $15, you 2. :) Folks dig deeper, I have a $500,000 home to pay for (no msg in this post) *NM* (views: 10)
    hobie -- Wednesday, 25-Feb-2015 02:01:40
    Thanks for that $10, Reader. :) $1440 reaches the grifting goal, so please, suckers keep it coming. :) (no msg in this post) *NM* (views: 14)
    hobie -- Wednesday, 25-Feb-2015 04:17:43

    1. So clear and too the point No one can say RA cannot communicate with her loyal followers Thanks for sending!

    2. Wonder what the readers think (no msg in this post) means. They still click the link looking for a message.

  8. Rayeliar's fractured fairy tales

    Rayelan Where is my February money Hozie? I have been paying you an overly generous commission for every dollar you raise!!!

    Hozie We are in tough times and folks might not be finding it fitting.

    Rayelan I ASKED for the money, it is MY money, and those ingrate readers BETTER pay up and soon!!!!!!! I gave everything to RMN, I work on it all the time and I WANT MY MONEY NOW!!! What do you mean my posts aren't HELPFUL? How DARE you!!! After ALL I have done for you!!!

    Hozie But Raye.....

    Rayelan I have been SCAMMING people for over 25 years!!!! I WANT my money now!!!

    Hozie You can fool some of the readers all the time, but you are running out of fools. Dodging bullets, missing guns, killer squatters and deadly handymen...really? You don't think some of the folks are catching on? Donations have really dropped, page views are down....

    Rayelan They are all stupid morons, they will NEVER catch on. Now GET my money, or your commission will be cut severely, for I am the Queen of Obegone and the Royal Douche of Austria!!!!

    1. I am a strong proponent of freedom of Expression and the First Amendment.

    2. I am a strong proponent of freedom of satire!

    3. Amen to that Brother! Laughter is wonderful medicine for every bump and sadness life brings.

  9. NEW: Thanks, you 2, for the $35 and the extensive comment. :) PLEASE KEEP IT COMING, FOLKS - $1405 STILL NEEDED, WE HAVE LAVISH LIFE STYLES TO MAINTAIN. (no msg) *NM* (views: 25)
    hobie -- Wednesday, 25-Feb-2015 17:02:06

    Anonymous gave $50
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    Reader D gave $30
    Under no circumstances would I ever pay anyone else's rent. If you were the renter, and she was just a sublessee, now you have moved out and it is now the landlord's problem. Hopefully you're not breaking your lease but even if you are, your landlord probably would not sue you for breach. And even if he or she did, that would be much better than being forced to pay the wackos rent. Just don't do it and let the landlord start to evict her. After you get your furniture out and are gone forever of course...Good luck!!!
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    Somebody should break it to D that she just paid somebody else's rent

    Steve Dzama gave $5
    I hope this helps
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    1. Why don't they send it directly to Lucifer? Or does Rayelan have to give him a cut, too?