Tuesday, February 17, 2015

And Melinda Picks Up the Court Papers Tuesday, February 17

Case No. 15CVF00096 - To be heard Monday, March 2, 2015 at 3:00PM at the Ashtabula Municipal Court 1100 West 44th St. Unit 4, Ashtabula, Ohio

Naturally, there is no mention of the fact I occupy housing provided as a benefit of employment from which I have never  been fired. But it is now clear, having found the judgment, why Rayelan was so anxious to evade the cost of paying unemployment benefits or any of the benefits promised to persuade me to relocated, at her expense, I might add, to Ohio to do a job I was doing perfectly well from home in California. 

Now, I get to work on my response, which will be very much to the point(s).

Read Fantasy Court Papers below. 


  1. MPF- Where are you getting March 3 from? You have 28 days to answer. Plus the other one is March 5, this one shouldn't be first. ~~~~~

    1. They supplied the date on next to the last day, toward the bottom. It does seem to violate the rule, and I will call the Clerk of the Court about what to do to change it.

    2. It looks like the first hearing is on March 3rd. I can send a response, and will do so. But I don't want to post it until after the hearing. But it is almost finished. Busy little fingers!

    3. It looks like the date is March 2nd, not the 3rd. Wouldn't want to miss the court date.


  2. Hi Melinda.
    Some questions arise for me caused by the above papers, no public answer expected, just to clarify the situation.

    Apart from your complaint against her:

    Did you sign a contract where you committed yourself to pay 500$ per month for rent to Raye as hirer?
    Did she sign a contract where she committed herself to pay you a monthly or annual sum for employment?
    Do you have a written document that certifies tit-for-tat?
    If there are no written contracts that legally bind she or you to exchange or counterbalance services, goods or money, do you have reliable witness(es) to support your case, do you have attestor(s) who would swear an oath to support you?
    Do you have chances for legal 'protection of tenants' (thinking of Arthur also) because it would be an unbearable hardship to get evicted?

    What would probably the owner of the property testify, if called to court as a witness?

    From my view, as you got to know her, and the way Raye herself bragged publicly that "truth does not matter" with her,
    she will pull all strings to achieve her goal, evil tricks, false testimony, perjury and subornation of perjury included.

    Just wanted to wrap up and underline one more time, thou assuming you got to learn her well enough till now to deal with her.

    I've seen it's very cold these days at your place.
    So I do wish you enough warmth and energy to prepare for early March.


  3. $500 a month is probably what Rayelan Scammer Smith's rent is minus the lease option amount.

    1. She told me once it was $600 - but she spends so much more than that on the stream of stuff she keeps buying and replacing she probably hardly notices.

  4. in case dusty paperwork causes a need for some oxygen to refresh the brain and lighten up the spirits, here it is

    Oxygene - The Ocean

    G :-)



    Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Wednesday, 18-Feb-2015 04:44:36

    Hi, Folks -

    We thought Rayelan might have had her Internet connection shut down, as e-mails had begun bouncing back from her primary address - so I wrote to her multiple addresses to ask if she's still online. She replied:

    I'm online as of today. Money is a problem. I'm At the point where I am going to have to sell the one gold ring that hasn't been stolen.

    It's so hard to have to ask our readers for help. The same ones are always the ones who keep RMN and me a afloat.

    I've been moving today. Not actually moving but packing and organizing getting ready to rent a truck and move everything I can move by myself with one strong gentleman who can lift anything.

    I fell over Buck and hurt my right arm. I haven't gone to a doctor because he will put me in a sling and I can't work in a sling. ...

    There was more, but that's enough for you to have the picture.

    Thanks mightily to the 18 who have already contributed $1180 toward RMN's February expenses. Our goal is $3500, and as you can tell, it would be wonderfully helpful if we can speed our way toward that goal in this short month.

    Please POUR IT ON, folks, and CONTRIBUTE TODAY if you're able and would find it fitting.


    Blessings, all.


    1. Is this woman for real? The libels continue. At this moment she has cut off the drain in the bathtub and caused Arthur, who has problems navigating when there is water in the tub from his stool, to nearly fall. She lies, and lies and lies - and you have to wonder who else she had treated in this ugly and vicious manner. So, she is 'organizing?' After eight months of raising money for a move she is still 'organizing?' Who does she think she is? Oh. We know that, don't we?

      This deserves a post, and it is getting one.

  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdUfLIgnXnE

    1. Laughed so hard I nearly fell off the chair! Thanks!

    2. No! Not ! Please! Don't do it! Arthur needs you and we would miss you dearly.
      So please pay attention, don't hurt your busy fingers, hear me?
      I might send you some cushions to lay on the floor?

      Chuckling G

    3. And I would miss you guys, too. My kids used to call it the tapping of the keys when I retreated to the office to write something pointed. I promise I'll be careful, honest. Need to be considering the height of the piles of snow out there. Now, I need to think about what next. Hummm......fingers are beginning to twitch!