Friday, February 6, 2015

Don't you ever trust, but check? It is time you did.

When someone is lying to you people will not tell you what is being said. They are embarrassed, they don't want to become involved. There are many reasons.

Only a few weeks ago did I find out just a few of the lies Rayelan had been telling about me to our fellow church members at St. Peter Episcopal Church, Ashtabula. Today, people are secure in knowing I can be trusted because I have consistently carried out projects and been entirely worthy of trust.

My behavior never changed. But Rayelan managed to taint their perception of me and it takes time for these to be rejected.

She told them I had come out to Ashtabula without being invited. 
She neglected to tell them I was working for her.

She told them I owed her money. The figure of $80,000 was mentioned to me. 
She told them I was crazy and she was afraid of me. 
She told them I could not cook, I was slovenly, and had never worked. 
She even intimated to one individual I had a sexual relationship with my son.

Perhaps you will notice patterns in the lies she tells, having read the above.

Look over the section below of the Time Line provided on this site.

      July                    The Lee Family Express their Gratitude to their beloved Rayelan
                                 The Lee family moved Rayelan from the house she was losing in California
                                 to Ohio.  They packed up her things for her and drove her back to Ohio.  
                                 Rayelan told me they were already stealing from her but later 
                                 commented over and over that items she had reported stolen had been  

      August        26 - Email from Laura to Melinda regarding building website
                          26 – Email from Laura to Melinda regarding website.

                           19 -      Employment Letter, Director of Advertising, RMN 
                           28 -     11:36:50 PDT -  Email - Rayelan to Angel  Advertising
                                       11:50:48 PDT - Letter from RayelanAllen to Angel
                                       12:39 PM - From (Angel) to
                                        advertising client
12:39 PM - From (Angel) to advertising client
                                        2:27:25PM - Letter from Angel to Raye
                                        3:13:29 - Letter from Angel to Raye

Hearing the lie about my son, from someone who, now knowing me through many hours of work together, and knowing my son, knew it to be a lie beyond all doubt, was stomach wrenching.

Among other opportunities to defame us Rayelan used her beading sessions with members to rant about me. I had no idea this was happening but was bewildered when some of these people stopped talking to me.

When every promise Rayelan made me for increasing my income fell through after my arrival I began working around the clock to earn the money to put money away so my son, when I am gone, will have some security. One of the things Rayelan had used to persuade me to come was my concern my son not be left without resources. She said she wanted to be his Godmother and help me care for him.

After our arrival she seemed warm and caring. She offered Arthur small amounts of money every time he walked over to the Circle K, five houses away. This also changed. Abruptly, she demanded I tell him not to ask him for money, which he had never done. I was bewildered.

To my face Rayelen was still friendly. We were still eating together and I was still driving her to appointments. We spent holidays together. I did the cooking and most of the clean up. Our communications for the advertising had always tended to be over the internet as the easiest way to share issues regarding advertisers. These still exist.  

How would you feel if you suddenly discovered someone you had trusted was doing this to you with calloused disregard of the truth? I know.

You hear about Shock and Awe campaigns but psychopaths, like Rayelan, also use them. The abrupt change in behavior is emotionally destabilizing to the targets, in this case myself and my son. I experienced trembling, constant anxiety, and bouts of tears.

I could not believe it when she suddenly seemed to have forgotten the many months of experiences we had shared. It was as if these had been stripped out, had never happened. She forgot every kindness done for her and every one of the many compliments she had made me for my hard work and the hours I had poured into helping her.

These Shock and Awe dramas were always played out when she had an audience, carefully assembled to watch the contempt with which she treated me and my son.

Then, I could see what she was doing.

This began happening in August of 2013. I had commented to her on the sudden drop in interested advertisers. Those coming through were from my own outreach efforts. She shrugged and said she was sure it would change.

If you were working for someone how would you like to be fired like this? No warning whatsoever. The preceding weeks had drained me of my small reserve of funds. I was optimally vulnerable, and she knew it.

I was 3,000 miles from home without enough money to make it even half way.

These are the facts, provable through the Time Line and, when necessary, by examining my bank balance.

I am very willing to take the Hare Index Test. Is Rayelan? Ask her, and demand this happen.

Melinda's good character - More Coming  

W. Leon Smith - The Lone Star Iconoclast 

Gail Lightfoot - Libertarian Party 

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