Saturday, February 7, 2015

Rayelan Can't file Charges Because She is Lying

It is a crime to file false charges.  Also, then the whole situation would be called to official notice. 

I filed a law suit against Rayelan in Small Claims court January 23, 2015.  I'm going to put this up, with links to exhibits, and on the time line as well.  I should have done this before since it aids in finding the documentation. 

"I was wondering where this list came from, and finally looked at the CGI link, as I had never looked there before. I found a couple of responses to GO's list... and, I don't understand the last sentence -- are they saying someone is thinking of hacking you? Also, Hobie seems to be concerned about a hacking attempt.

ANSWER - Hobie is not worried about RMN being hacked.  Rayelan knows I am very straight arrow and would not do that.  The only reason they bring this up is to cover for the fact they have been removing evidence of their various frauds for some time now.

Another Reader, HotCoffee,  asks a question  about Nos. 5 and 11, on the list posted at CGI.  Why would they choose to hack me instead of finding a"White Knight"  attorney to defend Rayelan?  

(The List of libels against me was provided to me by someone who has read this entire site and realized Rayelan is a liar.) 

Re: How About A "White Knight" Attorney

Posted By: HotCoffee
Date: Thursday, 5-February-2015 16:00:16
In Response To: How About A "White Knight" Attorney (GreyOtter)

: #5 and 11 on your list are both worthy of filing criminal charges without an atty.

QUESTION - Why don't Rayelan and Jeff Gordon file criminal charges against me?
ANSWER - Since I did not hack the site and this is a libel against me, they would be reporting on themselves, in effect.  The matter would be brought to the attention of the courts and investigators. 

QUESTION - Why doesn't Rayelan take the  matter, with documentation, to small claims court?

ANSWER - She would lose because she has no documentation, having made up every charge she has made against me.  This was carried out to cover up the fact she hired me, got me to come to Ohio, defrauded me and then recharacterized every aspect of my employment.   She also made a profit from Readers using the lies to elicit sympathy from her Readers.  More fraud.    
Re: Rayelan vs House Guest From Hell

Posted By: HotCoffee
Date: Thursday, 5-February-2015 15:52:41
In Response To: Rayelan vs House Guest From Hell (GreyOtter)

I'm wondering why Raye can't get a restraining order?"

QUESTION - Why doesn't Rayelan get a restraining order against Melinda? 

ANSWER -  Rayelan would have to provide proof.  Melinda would be in court to provide her own evidence. 

"Also she might do better getting a trac phone at her local gas station for $20.00 and a card that gives her 100 minutes phone time for another $20.00 for a while until this is resolved."

ANSWER - That would be cheap and lack the drama and profit of asking for more money to be spent on her indulgences. 

"What about taking her utility bills from creepy room mate to small claims atty needed!

And file a criminal complaint mail theft is a federal it to post office and get P O Box!

Seems better to me than getting in trouble for hacking! "

QUESTION - (S) Posed by HotCoffee - Go to Small Claims Court with utility bills.  File a criminal complaint for mail fraud.  Report to the Post Office.  Get PO Box.

ANSWERS - Small Claims Court looks at the evidence.  The utility bills would prove Rayelan lied.  Melinda did not steal Rayelan's mail, though she did photograph mail left to molder on the porch when Rayelan left it there for days at a time.  An example of this was the ominous letter from PayPal which, we were informed by an RMN Reader who found this site sometime ago, that the IRS would get information on the money Rayelan was receiving.  Fundrazr is usefully located in Canada and apparently does not report to the IRS.  

Filing a false claim for mail fraud is a Federal offense.  Again, Rayelan and Jeff Gordon could be busted.  

Rayelan has a PO Box.  This is PO Box 95.  All of her mail is already going there.
Message From Hobie.!!

"Posted By: Susoni
Date: Thursday, 5-February-2015 01:43:23

This is a message from our illustrious Hobie.. :-)"

Hi, All -

I'm thinking to change the members area from http to https, specifically to protect Agent passwords from being spied on by any hacker who might decide to do it.

If/when I do that, you'll likely encounter a 'challenge' of some sort, as your browsers will think there's something not quite right about the SSL Certificate we'll be using.

The "not quite right" aspect of it is that the Cert will be self-signed - that is, we won't have paid Verisign or someone else to sign the Cert. I might even use the existing Cert that applies to the SquirrelMail area. That Cert is already out of date, another thing your browser may object to. :) We'll see.

QUESTION And I ask this as someone who can PROVE I have spent my own time and money working for freedom from the Goldwater campaign on.  What did any of these people, including Susoni, ever do to defend the freedom and rights of Americans?  The answer is NOTHING!  Rumor Mill News is a disinformation site.  It provides services to the NWO and an income stream to a quasi retired operative, Rayelan Allan. 

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