Wednesday, February 18, 2015

And the Carney Collections Continue......


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Date: Wednesday, 18-Feb-2015 04:44:36

Hi, Folks -

We thought Rayelan might have had her Internet connection shut down, as e-mails had begun bouncing back from her primary address - so I wrote to her multiple addresses to ask if she's still online. She replied:

Is there any limit to the woman's incompetence in dealing with Normal Life? 
I'm online as of today. Money is a problem. I'm At the point where I am going to have to sell the one gold ring that hasn't been stolen.

And where is the verified police report, Rayelan?

It's so hard to have to ask our readers for help.

Since when is it hard for you to ask, now DEMAND money for all of your indulgences while you know people are hurting when they help you? Not likely.

The same ones are always the ones who keep RMN and me a afloat.

Let's pray they, too, wise up. I'm sure they have ways to spend their money which would produce more results for the world - In fact, any results from The Rayelan & Hobie Show would be a miracle.  


I've been moving today.

If you are moving, after EIGHT MONTHS of collecting money for the 'cause' why have you not yet gotten your tush out of there?

Not actually moving but packing and organizing getting ready to rent a truck and move everything I can move by myself with one strong gentleman who can lift anything.

Since when did anyone but hired help do the work? I never saw it.

I fell over Buck and hurt my right arm. I haven't gone to a doctor because he will put me in a sling and I can't work in a sling. …

It is a good thing dogs love you even if you are a rotten person.

And where did Thomas Scott Lee, born Beckelheimer go?  Is he with his sister, Angel at 'Angel's Farm, which one might suspect was purchased with the money donated by Readers for the Family Camp Ground? 

There was more, but that's enough for you to have the picture.

Thanks mightily to the 18 who have already contributed $1180 toward RMN's February expenses. Our goal is $3500, and as you can tell, it would be wonderfully helpful if we can speed our way toward that goal in this short month.

And may the 18 experience their own awakening soon.  

Please POUR IT ON, folks, and CONTRIBUTE TODAY if you're able and would find it fitting. 

After all, Rayelan NEEDS your personal support - so defer going to the store, and paying for your Mom's medical needs.  Hasn't Rayelan always been there for you?  

Blessings, all.



  1. Why just yesterday, Rayelan Scammer Smith needed:

    I ONLY Need $3500.00 NOT $350,000.00 - But I Need $160.00 TODAY! (views: 255)
    Rayelan -- Monday, 16-Feb-2015 16:33:51

    You have to click on the Chip-in to see what my last comment was about (views: 176)
    Rayelan -- Monday, 16-Feb-2015 16:47:44
    Thanks, you 3, for the $105 and the comment. :) (no msg n this post) *NM* (views: 41)
    hobie -- Monday, 16-Feb-2015 18:16:00
    Thanks for the comment and the $110, you 4. :) (no msg in this post) *NM* (views: 21)
    hobie -- Monday, 16-Feb-2015 23:25:35

    So what's up with the cash flow?
    Enquiring readers would like to know just how much cash has been donated to the worlds slowest move.
    Will we be treated to stories about slack jawed lazy incompetent help who stole Rayelan's 19 warehouses of Salvation Army junk?

    1. Maybe Rayelan should provide incentives, for instance getting to clean up after Buck and Tobie and Max when they chew up the mail and make deposits of their fecal material on the floor of the diningroom. Or, wait. I get to go with Rayelan on one of her trips to Salvation Arny and pay for her purchases! Now, that is a real treat.

    2. Isn't it miraculous the way these sterling folks who come out to assist Rayelan become just what you said, Slack-Jawed, Lazy Incompetent Help who steal her blind, accounting for the loss of Gold Rings and other valuables. Perhaps Rayelan just has this effect on decent, ordinary people and eventually they resent being treated like chattel servants always at her whim.

  2. She doesn't even bother lying to us about why she needs the money, so disappointingly lazy and slack jawed of her.

    1. She probably needs it to pay her attorney. I wonder if I can find his photo?

  3. Increasing insights!

    How the rumorists finally do
    let their true colors shine thru.

    A decent admin who respects visitors, readers and donators with due language awareness would have avoided it, not?

    Hozie admin addresses visitors of raye reading room with "holy crackers"`? Say whaaat?
    Let's see what the slang dictionary tells us about the term "cracker(s)"

    urbandictionary: cracker

    1) Originally the white slave driver because he would "crack" the whip, hence the noun cracker.

    2) Slang word used to refer to those of European ancestry. The word is thought to have either derived from the sound of a whip being cracked by slave owners, or because crackers are generally white in color.

    3) opposite of nigger, an insult to whites... except white people aren't dumb enough to walk around calling each other that word because it's intended to be demeaning

    7) 1:A firecracker
    2:A thin, crisp wafer
    3:One whom cracks illegally into another's computer or network
    4:A racist term used against Caucasians/Whites

    Hozie could as well have said:

    "Come along, stupid assholes, pull out the bucks from your bag, it is ours, hurry up else .. "

    By the way, Raye's posting rules

    RMN Agency's Prime Directive WOW, only for others, of course?

    RMN List of Banned Agents discontinued since 2005 because it became too long?

    below full article (before it gets stolen from RMN or hacked by yet another "shellshock" server vulnerability)


    August 14, 2005

    Banned Agents - Do NOT post information from these people, unless cleared by Rayelan

    When an agent is banned from Rumor Mill News, they can no longer post; therefore, no current RMN Agent can post their work. The same rules apply to the posters in the RMN Reading Room

    TheMelinda - Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

    Revel (Andrew S, email 'kutclean') - ad hominem attack, language

    VK Durham a/k/a watcher51445

    Michael St. Clair - Abusive behavior toward other agents and other publishers and friends of RMN.

    Fintan Dunne

    Joe Vialls

    Barbara Hartwell - You will not find posts by Barbara, she demanded that they all be pulled down.


    rosalinda - He published a false story about a man in Belgium. The man threatened to sue me.


    Cliff Mickleson

    The Mule



    Brenda Negri aka Ranger Rick


    FreeThinker or FreeMan


    TruthPassion - aka Daphne


    -- MKZombie - John Galt's other personality


    snip end

    had to shorten it because code limited to 4096 signs

    Imagine my shock!

    Shellshock Vulnerability

    G :-)