Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Rubicon Aegis, LLC presence online.


Rayelan recently renewed the URL for Rubicon Aegis, LLC.  The URL leads to a coming soon page. 

Registry Domain ID: 1698204808_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
Registrar WHOIS Server:
Registrar URL:
Updated Date: 2015-01-29T01:22:37Z
Creation Date: 2012-01-22T20:04:51Z
Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2016-01-22T05:00:00Z
Registrar IANA ID: 2
Registrar Abuse Contact Email:
Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +1.8003337680
Domain Status:
Registry Registrant ID:
Registrant Name: Allan, Rayelan
Registrant Organization: RMNews
Registrant Street: P.O. Box 95
Registrant City: Ashtabula
Registrant State/Province: OH
Registrant Postal Code: 44004
Registrant Country: US
Registrant Phone: +1.8315660687
Registrant Phone Ext:
Registrant Fax:
Registrant Fax Ext:
Registrant Email:
Registry Admin ID:
Admin Name: Allan, Rayelan
Admin Organization: RMNews
Admin Street: P.O. Box 95
Admin City: Ashtabula
Admin State/Province: OH
Admin Postal Code: 44004
Admin Country: US
Admin Phone: +1.8315660687
Admin Phone Ext:
Admin Fax:
Admin Fax Ext:
Admin Email:
Registry Tech ID:
Tech Name: Allan, Rayelan
Tech Organization: RMNews
Tech Street: P.O. Box 95
Tech City: Ashtabula
Tech State/Province: OH
Tech Postal Code: 44004
Tech Country: US
Tech Phone: +1.8315660687
Tech Phone Ext:
Tech Fax:
Tech Fax Ext:
Tech Email:
Name Server: NS85.WORLDNIC.COM
Name Server: NS86.WORLDNIC.COM
DNSSEC: Unsigned

 Well, I guess she didn't get around to changing this one. I did not write it. - Rubicon Aegis, LLC

Rubicon Aegis LLC

Company Description

Rubicon Aegis is an educational forum which explores and reports on all aspects of the human condition. We have devoted most of our energy in the last 20 years to educating through the written word. Our mission is now changing due to the world situation. We will be starting hands on workshops which will teach people how to form communities and how to feed the people! You can find out more about us at Rayelan Allan and at Melinda Pillsbury-Foster For President.
$1 mil. - $5 Revenue
P.O. Box 5007RomeOhio44085United States
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(702) 966-0900


  1. Wel, well, well, that is interesting. Ten to twenty employees she says? I would like to see the payroll tax reports.

    1. She is the only person named as agent or officer. Small corporate structure. Almost like Green Hills Software, Inc.

  2. Probably the 10 to 20 employees are those hard core agents who post daily in the RRR Rumor Reading Room, many of them using several nicknames and therefore, for this royal privilege they have to pay royalties to drama queen. Got it?

    Chuckling G

  3. Rube-be-con Aegis is a disinformation forum which exploits and harvests financial rewards based on the naive and gullible aspects of the human condition. We have devoted most of our energy in the last 20 years to defrauding through the written word. Our mission is now changing due to the world situation. We will be starting hands on workshops which will teach people how to swindle from communities and how to loot the people! You can find out more about us at Rayelan Scammer Smith-Dyer-Russbacher-Kooker-Allan and at Hozie Gordon, Barker in Chief and Webmaster for online Rackets.

    1. Very insightful rewrite! They probably do teach their skills - for money.

    2. Raye Smith, her - at time being - only(!) legal name, as we have learnt and seen in recent papers, presents herself as registrant/owner, as administrator and as technician, all at the same time, all with the same legally NON-existent persona, namely Rayelan Allan, first name Rayelan, family name Allan. That's fraud! What's written in her passport? Her ID card? Her driver's license? There can only be 1 clear, unique, unmistakable identification.
      Her behaviour IS deliberate deceit in terms of common consent and legal practice. That's like using a wrong signature, a wrong car plate, a wrong photo or artificial finger caps for identification. She does it intentionally, repeatedly and moreover for industrial purposes. Therefore she needs to get filed a complaint to stop it, she must get a written warning by court and if she does not follow the call to order she must be punished, sentenced to pay a deterrent penalty or go to jail. As simple as this!

      She's a criminal!
      And that's only the start of her prosecution, to nail her with her naming.

      Judging G

  4. Right now Readers are passing through stages of grief. Anger can get nasty.





  5. Raye's misleading faction fantasies in 2004 still to be seen in a forgotten leftover google blogspot:


    (She's in the know 'cause Gunther told her so!)


    A lot of the companies that Faction Two owns have lions or some kind of large cat as their symbols. The one that first comes to mind is the Red Lion chain of hotels. Then there is Food Lion, a chain of grocery stores on the East Coast.
    I see that Pepsi is one of their biggest sponsors, and Pepsi is almost the flagship of Faction 2's businesses. I also see Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge and Lowes Home Improvement Stores. All of which are associated with Faction 2. On the sponsors page are some that I have never heard of... and then there is Bank Of America. At one time it was a Faction Two bank... I think it still is... but am NOT sure on this. So many mergers have come and gone that I have lost track of who owns what.
    (she lost track ... only track, or maybe her mind?)
    Regardless of what some people say about Disney, it was started as a Faction Two company from the very beginning. I should know, my family gave Walt Disney the money he needed to start his company. I often wonder what my father would have done with that money. If it hadn't been given to Disney, my father would have gotten it. I frankly think they made a better choice. My father would have given it all away.

    Anyway, my father's great aunt was Walt's benefactress. What she wanted in return was for him to make a film about members of our family. He did that in an early film called, The Great Train Robbery. I saw it when I was a child, but I don't remember it.
    (she lost memory ... only memory or maybe her mind?)

    continued under given link on top

    Gist by G

    1. To lose something you have to have it in the first place. Any sign she did?

      What a fascinating family history! You should write it up and share.

      I thought the factions story sounded like a fairy tale - or Scientology, an invented set of pseudo facts which make the originator an instant guru. As far as I could see corporations did not fall in those categories at all. It was the Railroads in the US who depended on government for their largess. Big Oil pushed for the choice of gas as a fuel. Energy industries are all uniformly bad engaging in rent seeking and an externalization of costs.

      I loved going to Disneyland - or Dizzyland as the kids called it.

  6. "$1 mil. - $5 Revenue"

    So why is that credit bandit Rayelan begging for nickels and dimes on her lame website?

    Oh, and with that kind of revenue how come she is always overdrawn in her checking account?

    It wouldn't be because she is a lying thief would it?

    1. For some strange reason Rumor Mill News is not as popular as it once was. I cannot imagine why. What do you think?

    2. methinks:

      1) 1 - 5 million annual revenue is exaggerated to give the impression it's an efficient online enterprise (to attract investors be it for their money, their ideas or their work, same trick as with the high number of employees
      suggesting what a grandiose company it is - these playcards are shown to impress economic competitors.

      of course this is a contradiction to the rumor gang's behaviour towards outsiders, non-commercial average people

      2) Smithy and Hozie were begging for money all the time, month after month, year after year pretending all kinds of urgent needs. Why? What's so important to send these singles to her proletariat?
      For one main reason: To give the impression they are really independent and driven by idealistic motives.
      It's a trick to dupe the gullibles, to divert from enablers and sponsors in the upper hierarchy who use them as honeytrap to attract non-konformist people, self-thinkers, opponents of the system and to collect their data, it`s a well know insider behaviour for camouflage of fake alternative web sites..
      "please donate, we wanna save the world for all of us".
      Meanwhile these tactics have become more or less obsolete because of the cellphone hype, the so called social networks, the astounding readiness of people to spread own personal data and the technical improvements to collect data everywhere.

      3) RMN's popularity was declining because of the evident inconsistences, because of the bad behaviour of Madame Raye and her stooges, the lack of improvements, the diminishing quality of her staff of agents, too many intelligent people were obviously attracted, sucked empty and then kicked off or left alone to be attacked by Smithy's pack of wolves.

      Her blatant imitation of the CIA logo says it all. Intention and mission hidden in plain sight, underlined by the double-headed eagle, the Janus face, looking and talking to opposite sides.
      Why would CIA allow this plagiarism of their agency logo by an odd rumor mill agency?
      Would US authorities or big corporations allow the scarcely hidden imitation of seals and symbols?

      Raye's comrade Angel aka NeverSurrender who had convinced her to move from California to Ohio once ran a forum of her own, the (site and archive gone!), supported by Raye. In one of the threads (in 2007) Angel was bragging about her good contacts to secret service agents (who would pass by now and then and say hello and come in for a small talk). Angel told her BEMO audience she's not afraid of secret service people, she has good relations with them. It sounded like a joke, like an expression of dark humor but then I concluded she may be telling the truth.

      Back to the main topic: RMN is an old-fashioned phase-out model.
      No cash-for-clunckers by IRS or other 3 letter agencies.

      The more we dare to connect the dots the clearer we can see the games they play.

      G (4guts2know)

    3. Nice analysis. They may be getting ready to relocate and lose their old identities, perhaps hop North of the Border with a train of storage units (Raye's bank account) It is really on a CIA server she probably could not afford to go through with the redesign. I really incline to the theory my ex, and or Dan, Karl and Dick, put a bounty out on me.

  7. So, who or what is Shadow Soul?

    ShadowSoul gave $500

    Never stop believing...

    Like Comment Contribute Share 8 hours ago
    ShadowSoul gave $50

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    ShadowSoul gave $500

    Like Comment Contribute Share 1 week ago

    Extremely generous for such a lame copy and paste website.

    1. It is probably one of her co-conspirators. The thing about entering into a conspiracy is that all the conspiring parties are equally responsible for the acts carried out. The statute of limitations is long and death threats or grievous damage to the victim mean there is no statute of limitations. And since the acts continue today her co-conspirators are all on the hook with her for her stupidities. Awkward for them. Killing me would probably raise too many questions now. Also, the evidence is up online and dispersed to people holding for me to insure against this scenario. They would probably look at the possibility of disappearing Rayelan as a possibility. But keeping her from considering the possibility of turning State's Evidence would be a definite motive for keeping her happy in the short term.

    2. Great find, sskids! Shadow Soul LOL! -> Shadow Rulers (as with shadow government, those who pull the strings in the background)). How telling!
      Conspiracy? Or let's try to be more accurate, are we dismantling a sub-org of "good fellas", a branch of "honorable society" as it's called in Italy, or "Cosa Nostra" (will say "our case"), an online money mob?
      What's necessary to become a member of a mafia clan? You have to commit a well-prepared crime, preferrable murder, to proof your allegiance (same as with satanic initiation rituals). This way all the other fellas see that the apprentice means business and the newcomer knows it's a group of likewise people. Maybe this is the main reason why she loves to speak of her RMN family? (btw an anagram of mafily LOL) If truth doesn`t matter for Raye, consequently criminal activity is no problem for her. We can assume she left some hitherto unknown turds in her past. So she can be blackmailed to hold on for her handlers as long as she appears to be useful and be it only to bring Melinda down to her knees. Of course they watch these blogspot threads, we've seen Raye`s feedback on RMN several times (remarkable how little response came from her 'family' there). Melinda went public so they are aware that there are many many eyes who watch their moves. Open doors and windows to rumor realm, the best thing Melinda could do in these tricky circumstances, where it's not yet clear, how deep the rabbit (hobbit) holes really go.

      Noticeable that RMN-CGI admin Susoni aka Lynda Brasier recently made several attempts to hire CGI/RMN agents to join other posting groups and nobody pulled her back. Is Raye's ship stranded at the shores of Lake Eerie, evacuation and takeover prepared, the figurehead Raye cornered?

      I won't be surprised of anything with these 'family' members.

      Slang definitions & phrases for maffia

      Mu Afyiah = Swagger - Where the Word Mafia Comes From


      ... the mafia is still alive. Simply it has replaced methods of work. Today it specializes on drug-dealing, illegal trade in cigarettes, weapon business and illegal immigration. Gradually takes a place in legal business. While about full disposal of a mafia to speak it is not necessary.

      Online Gambling and Reading Room Siphoning the new business branches of Al Capones? LOL!


    3. Thanks for the insights on Insights! It makes perfect sense that Raye knew the ship was going down and reached out for ways to finance her into another scam. One which is based on smuggling would make it unnecessary for her to produce a new persona, which given her oddities, would be tough.

      Without using Morgan's name it is clear Raye is in close contact with her. Morgan will also kill and destroy for money, so they may even be working together on the escape scheme. These people tend to keep working together because it cuts their potential transaction costs.

      Note that the attorney Raye is using now is different and has offices out of the area. There are many reasons he could have been picked - and who actually suggested him is also in question. Research continues!