Friday, February 13, 2015

Now what is Raye AKA Rayelan, up to?

Raye Goes To Court - Film at 11

Hobie avers that Raye will be in court on Friday and may want to tell her 'Readers' about what is transpiring. 

Since I duly checked all possible venues in Ashtabula County this seems unlikely.  Unless she is talking about the Food Court at the Mall. That is possible. 

Or Hobie (Jeff Gordon) Zapper could have confused this Friday with some other court date, which she failed to mention for some reason. 

I picked up the Complaint this morning and will put it up on Just The Evidence under Rayelan's Menu Item.  

I am eagerly awaiting to have access to the other exciting court action Raye has, herself, set in motion.  I have been waiting for this since she sprung her psychopathic Drama Queen act on me over a year ago now.  I had almost given up and decided to move.  But not now!  

Now, I have to get someone to film the event.  

You might ask why she would file a case now when she is supposedly moving.  Indeed.  Everyone asked the same question, among others.  

Raye Allan Smith files a Civil Case Against Melinda - Filing created February 11, 2015 - See more at:


  1. Why she would file a case now, when she's supposedly moving?
    I guess, there's an easy answer. Since her focus all her life-time is on influence, power and money at others' expense, she's now in deep doo-doo. She knows Cypress Financial won't let her off, there's 11,739 dollars to be paid plus interest rates and procedural fees, might be up to 14,000 or even 15,000 dollars. She knows she's not current enough to pay it back and her con-tributers won't raise so much money to save her ass. If she gets sentenced to pay within a limit then all of her property beyond basic needs will be seized. She then might risk to get fully disclosed with everything, possible hidden purchase of real estate as well.
    Assumed it is like this, she makes - in her view - a counter claim, telling the court that she would have paid back at least half of her debt to Cypress Financial if she herself would have gotten those 7,500 bucks she thinks she can claim from Melinda.
    Always apt and ready to blame others. Projection. Projectionitis, a typical character trait of self-consumed, evil minded.

    Now what do you think, Melinda?
    Would it make sense?


    1. She could have filed because the landlord told her she has to get rid of me before she leaves. Or else.

      She can't win in a civil action because of the monumental number of lies she has told and published. An Eviction plus civil action is a hearing and follows the local rules, I'm not going to get into all the mistakes they have made already. No point in warning them.

  2. Well-understood, no point in warning them.
    If filing you is because of the landlord, this would make her situation worse, this would add to the demands of Cypress Financial. She then is in deep-deep doo-doo. Could you imagine - what goes around comes around - that members of her rumor family would be very ecited if she had to drop out so that somebody else could lead the business? Selling RMN (let's see how it's rated) might be the only chance left to her to save her neck .... one of my farfetched speculations, though.


    1. I suspect she is lying about having filed her taxes, both IRS and City of Ashtabula. Ohio also has an income tax. Remember, she refused to open that letter from PayPal which evidently contained notification her donations and whatever were being reported to the IRS. That is when they moved to Fundrazr, which is a Canadian corporation.

      There are sites where people buy and sell websites. I have not looked and have no idea what RMN would be worth. I would not want to have anything to do with it. Bad Karma. She talked about selling it when I first arrived here - which shocked me because I came to 'take it to the next level.' I think she has known this was coming for a long time and lived in D'Nile. She did not seem to care what could happen to the loyal readers who look at it as home. That shocked me, too.

  3. Thanks for your frank reply. Looking back I think you and I should have started to share 'impressions of rae' in early 2009, when I had decided to leave the raelon sphere forever.
    Melinda, would you have been ready, back then. to accept my doubts based on intense web search and analysis of this shizo person, this extremely ambitious daughter of a simple 'trucker', as she said?
    I think you know my answer and I think I know yours also.

    Lessons to be learnt. I had asked myself, what is it that had attracted me to RMN and Raye's mindset. Two years ago it dawned upon, when a close relative died who had similar attributes. She had died and the blockade in my mind slowly went away. Finally facing the truth was very sad for me but also uplifting. Again, our path in life is lessons to be learnt, is it?


    1. I certainly wish we had chatted before I agreed to do that radio show or do a website plus other work for the Manchesters, Rae's 'best friends.' I had already had to cope with CIA operatives beginning around 1977 when I became aware of one placed to direct action away from what was effective in the Libertarian Party. That was about the same time

      This has been a real learning experience for me in relation to the behavior of psychopaths, too.

      In 2009 I really had no idea what Rae was like. I had talked to her a few times because I had been asked to post on RMN (be an agent). Until I was asked to post I have never seen RMN. I was not attracted to it when I saw it because it was so old in format and there were so many reposts. I did not know about Rae's books, Obergon or Diana, until after I arrived. If I had known about them I would not have considered coming.

      In 2005 I had noticed disinformation sites online - but mostly the redirect sites used to keep people from finding real alternatives. Because I did not spend time on RMN I did not realize it was a top-down organization. I had long since rejected the organizational form of centralized control because it always leads to what we are seeing so clearly illustrated today in the corporate infrastructure. My 1979 - 1983 experience with the Kochs made me very aware of the problems with a concentration of power.

      I was vaguely aware of Rae's site because it had gained traction with a segment of what we were then calling the Patriot Movement, as opposed to the Freedom Movement, which was a term I originated around 1994.

      Was your relative also an energy vampire?

    2. Difficult to decide if this relative was an 'energy vampire', rather not, she was more of a 'self-centered attention vampire' who loved to hide behind lies when there was no reason to lie at all, no danger to lie for rescue, she also often was superstitious beyond minimal logic but then she unwittingly outed herself talking astonishing wisdom when in fact she was speaking about her own character if you knew her well.
      Sorts of 'hiding in plain sight'.
      Always praising tolerance for others, she herself was most intolerant and easily became outraged, even when given well-meant advice. As I said, very similar to Raye Smith. On top, and I'm not joking here, her maiden name was identical to the meaning of smith, blacksmith, forger.

      Life is funny.
      You've got to laugh, otherwise you'd cry.

    3. Life always offers us opportunities for humor. A good thing.

      Raye is definitely an energy vampire - but she also is entirely about herself. Seeing it this close up, after knowing what to look for, has been invaluable for the book. It is possible all psychopaths 'out' themselves if you know what to look for.

      By the way, it is possible Raye is not really moving into house - just a series of storage units, as strange as that seems. I got a call today from a local friend who asked about the storage units Raye has. I was so surprised I did not even ask how she knew. This is a pretty small town. More coming!

    4. Having Raye's financial background in mind, thinking about the games she played, her masquerades, let's ask: Why did she move to Ashtabula? What's so special, so advantageous about this city at the southern shore of Lake Eerie?
      Then let's take into account that she moved her online money collecting bag from the States to Canada (FundRazr base). Now it turns out she's filling storage units ... possibly to move forward? To cross the border to Canada? Waiting for the papers to get there legally? She'd be by far among tens of thousands of US citizens (draft dodgers and other strugglers for survival) who sought refuge in Canuckistan, especially in Ontario, Toronto, where she might encounter many like-minded people of similar background?

      Imagine, eerie US Army Gold Star hussy preparing to flee across Lake Eerie to go for greener grass up north.

      I'd say:
      All options on the table.
      Raye debunked in Bunker Hill?



    5. Now that is a real possibility. She and her minions were nattering last night, excited and getting ready for more action. It is possible she is putting things in storage. Also possible the source was not reliable. That happens and I have no second confirmation as of yet. But the time she has spent on the 'Move' certainly indicates she has A Plan, which includes milking the last drop out of Readers before she makes her move - which could also be to a new persona and new site as RMN continues to tank.

      Thanks for your comment! Lots to think about. - Melinda

  4. Hey, you got more snow coming, so make sure you got supplies!

  5. Do you know what the basis is for the $7500? Is it the lease option money that she is forfeiting by moving?

  6. Stay strong Melinda, More people are reading this then I think you realize, and we are all behind you.

    Let the truth prevail.

    1. Thanks for being there. It means a lot to me - and to Arthur. None of you know much about him so I am going to put up some photos and tell a little more of his story. Also, know that I am being constantly hacked. I am keeping records and sending those on to some software friends of mine so a complaint can be filed - if they don't decide on other action.

      Be well! Melinda

    2. Being constantly hacked? That`s what I assumed. As I said before, I'm fine with comments of mine not being posted at all, in full or being altered for good reason. Since I missed comments where I asked myself "what's wrong with it for Melinda" now I guess, as I did occasionally before, they've been hijacked online and sorted out. That`s why I decided to archive all of my shares for later verification.

      G (short for Gunter