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Fun insights into Rayelan and her Amazing Life.

Who is Rayelan Allan (AKA) Darlene Rae Smith, Allan Kooker, Raye Smith, and so forth.  To date, research has turned up nearly 20 names associated with addresses associated with Rayelan.

Introducing the original - Darlene Rae Smith

Born May 12, 1948 to a humble working family in Salinas, California. In the early 50s the family, Arthur and Bessie Smith and their four children, Darlene the youngest, moved to Crows Landing, near Modesto. The town has a population of 355.

Very, very small town, Crow's Landing

Mrs. Smith remained there for 30 years working in the local Dry Goods Store and then running a small children's clothing store. She moved in with Rayelan and dying in 2007. Mrs. Smith's husband, Arthur Vernon Smith, was born in San Diego, California. He was a long-range trucker, according to Raye Smith, and died in 1982.

He and his wife are buried in the Hills Ferry Cemetery in Newman, about ten minutes from Crows Landing. 

Rayelan's first husband and her mother and father are buried here.
Darlene went to High School in Crow's Landing. West Side Valley High is located in Newman, 5.9 miles away. Her sister, Donna Crow, married a local boy and is still there.

Darlene has two brothers, Arthur Vernon Smith Jr. of Sacramento and William Smith of Olympia, Washington.

Rayelan claims the following events took place while she was still a young child. 

A little Rayelan (Darlene) as a child.
  Her father, who was associated with the CIA or other covert government organization, took her to Austria when she was around nine years of age to arrange for her to marry the son of a highly placed member of the aristocracy, Gunther Russbacher, her third husband.
Rayelan provides no proof her ancestry makes any such arranged marriage even remotely likely, if such marriages actually were then being arranged by families covertly engaged in a centuries long breeding program, as Rayelan claims.  

How Darlene looked at age 11.
She says she was subjected to mind control by the CIA, as was her oldest brother.  
While it is very true children were used in programs by the CIA, only one example being the infamous MK-Ultra experiments, Rayelan provides no proof by any family member this was the case or that she was not a student in local schools in Crow's Landing for the entire time of her childhood. But her claims are persistent and the place where she says this happened is named as one used for these purposes. 

Bypassing college, Darlene moved to San Francisco and became a shoe saleswoman.

Rayelan Claims:

She was trained for, and took part in, a special operation during the Vietnam Conflict to extract Russbacher from Laos.  She claims she was told the subject for the removal was her fiance, who she believed had died there in combat.   She reports falling out of a helicopter and being rescued herself. 
No explanation as to why she would have served any potentially useful function in such an operation is forthcoming. 

Darlene married Roger Kenneth Lafler when she was 19. Her husband was 22. The two were married Oct 8, 1967 in Stanislaus County, California. Roger was in college when they met and went on to become a real estate broker, License No. 00420144, State of California. He died on June 27, 1997, having remarried and lived an unexceptional life.

Rayelan claims:

She was paid to snitch on fellow employees who were small time users of pot while she was working as a shoe saleswoman in her early 20s.
Many people engaged in this kind of activity for profit, and Rayelan did not deny she was paid to do so.  She showed no shame for violating the trust of people who, presumably, viewed her as a trusted friend.   Rayelan's expressed pride in this supposed activity raises other questions about her values.  At no time can you discern any position which is counter to that assumed by the government.

She was paid by the same covert government operation to begin a sexual relationship with a Mexican drug lord and report on his activities.  She then claims she was going to marry him and was shocked when he was murdered. 
Again, Rayelan showed no grief or regret for having been paid to engage in this activity, which, presumably, an emotionally normal person would experience if they were considering marriage.

On May 21, 1975 Darlene Rae Lafler married John Norvell Dyer was Chairman of the Department of Physics from 1979 – 1987, at the Navy Post Graduate School in Monterey, in Clark, County, Nevada. Dyer had divorced his first wife, Barbara A. Dyer, on March 17th of the same year.

The couple were supposedly divorced at some point though no record is available. Dyer died Dec 31, 1988 in Monterey.

Rayelan Claims:

She met multiple highly placed individuals while married to Dyer and also met Gunther Russbacher, then using a different name.

She was separated from her husband and had a torrid affair with an artist.

She became active in local Democratic politics through the suggestion and influence of US Rep. Gary Condit. She then claims to have become a prominent researcher on the October Surprise.

She says she was recommended for a position in Washington DC with Senator Claiborne Pell, then a leading spokesman for the environmental movement, during the summer of 1989. She variously claims the interview did not take place, or took place and she had female problems and had to return to California for treatment.

She claims to have had a serious flirtation / friendship with Pell. Because of her lack of credentials for political work it is more likely she was being positioned to involve Pell in a sexual scandal, which did not work.

third marriage was to Gunther K. Russbacher. This took place in Washoe, Nevada on Aug 30, 1989. She used the name Raye Allan on the marriage license.

Rayelan Claims:

Russbacher was third in the line of power at the C.I.A., along with ferrying then-Vice President George Bush to Paris during the caper of the October Surprise on October 19, 1980. She appears to believe power is accrued through casual introductions or by seeing people at a distance, not by being effective at your job.  

On the Internet this view of Russbacher clashes with accusations he was actually a conman using someone else's identity in the article, titled, "A Pro Con," published by the Chicago Tribune on  March 17, 1992, written by Michael Tackett.

The Golden Austrian Interlude

Rayelan claims to have been married to Gunther from August 30, 1989 until he left her for another woman sometime in 1996. Here begins the period when reports from parties who know Rayelan and Gunther become available.

The Phoenix Source is the most graphic of these. On the website you can search for articles about Rayelan and Gunther as they claim Gunther is about to have his coronation as Arch Duke of Austria and extract thousands of dollars for this from supporters through the Journal. The articles begin with strong support of the two in 1992 and then, after copious reports of the misuse of credit cards borrowed from readers and astounding lies the publication denounces them as frauds and con-artists.

This Journal is dated March 14, 1995, at the end of the coverage and nearing the end of the Russbacher marriage.

So Gunther Russbacher disappears into the the mist. But he remains with Rayelan as an exciting feature which draws support to her new enterprise.

Rumor Mill News - Early Days

Rayelan's fourth and last marriage, to Retired Marine Major David Lee Kooker, took place, in 1997. No record of marriage was found. However, a DBA was registered in Santa Cruz County on June 1, 1996. The listing is for both David Lee Kooker and Rayelan Allan Kooker and includes Rumor Mill News, RMNEWS AGENCY, PIGEON POINT PUBLISHING, RAYELAN ALLAN and R AND D ENTERPRISES.

On June 9, 1998 the URL is registered through Network Solutions. Previous to this RMN had been a print publication. On January 25, 1999, RMN is found online using the Way Back Machine. Here is how RMN looked on February 25, 1999.

Rayelan, using the name Raye Kooker, which appears in multiple locations on the web, while living at 563 Bridge St, Watsonville, CA 95076 before relocating to Ohio. A search for the location of David Kooker brings up an address for him in Rome, OH of PO Box 5007 Rome, OH 44085-0207. This was, for some years, the address for Rumor Mill News.

Rayelan moved to Ohio in 2010. David Kooker died in Watsonville on October 5, 2005.

As one of the earliest online 'news' sites RMN used its connections with elements in the CIA who were in opposition to that was going forward to build readership.

But the pleas for money are not published as they are today. There is a link to donations with a plea to give and the information Rayelan alone is supporting the enterprise on February 16, 2004.

The first three paragraphs from the donation page reads, “Rumor Mill News is a free web magazine! Our writers bring you information from all parts of the planet! We are an independent, loosely networked group of individual thinkers who all believe in one thing! Freedom!
While many people contribute their time and efforts in gathering and posting news, the responsibility of paying the bills falls on one person... ME! Rayelan Allan, the Publisher, Editor, and all around gopher for Rumor Mill News! Needless to say, Rumor Mill News does not make enough money for me to quit my "paying job" and devote full time to running this incredible website! Hopefully someday it will! But for the moment I need to rely on the kindness of readers to keep this page up and running! Without the monthly support that our readers give me, I could not afford to keep Rumor Mill News on the web!
There are about 50 dedicated readers who make sure that Rumor Mill News is not forgotten each month. Some send $5.00 a month, about 4 send $20.00 each month! These are the ANGELS you need to thank if you enjoy Rumor Mill News!Their generosity and dedication is truly appreciated because it keeps Rumor Mill News going each month! Thank GOD for each of them! “

At this point Rayelan is married to David Kooker, who is retired and receiving a pension from the military. He also paid to start the publication. 
The Obergon Chronicles made their appearance on December 30, 2004.
A nifty, but little used link on the menu called Rayelan's Reading Room with her posts appears on and off in 2005. The one appearing on October 13th 2005 does not mention her husband's death. 
David died October 5, 2005. In the two glimpses we see between September 30, 2005 and October 13th , one day over a week after Kooker's death, there is no mention of his loss.
But Gunther is prominently featured as are links to the websites of 'agents.' The Kitty donation page has not yet morphed into a constant harangue for money. 
A Ron Paul statement is often prominently featured. The Ron Paul Revolution is still over a year in the future, fired not by Paul but by Ernie Hancock of Arizona, who took time off work and put up billboards across America after Paul declared in New Hampshire at an autumn conference the next year. 
I delivered pizzas with Ernie in 2001 while I was doing research on Michael Emerling Cloud and the corruption in the LP in Arizona. I passed the info on to George Phillies, who used it to good purpose, though Emerling Cloud remains a problem.

Now, what did Rayelan say when her mother died? December 16, 2007.
We will never know. The section is missing. Must have been embarrassing – or maybe it was when the Family Campground con was going on. 
So, questions to be answered. Who contributed to the Family Campground? Send you records!
When did Hobie (Jeff Gordon) Zapper take up work as a carny front man.
And you will NEVER guess what we have in store for the Koch Brothers! 
Visit Kochtruths.com and read the Truths!

Really, I don't pick on Rayelan. I just pick on mean people who don't do the right thing. 

And here is one more picture of Rayelan, as she looks today - or did two years ago.

Rayelan Allan - The Magnificent!


  1. Amazing that she has never been incarcerated for theft and fraud and she can STILL find people dumb enough to donate thousands per month to her scam. Ashtabula's very own Sante Kimes Jr.

    1. Well. Not yet. I had never heard of Sante Kimes Jr. It looks like she did some careful thinking about what happened in the early 90s and designed RMN with its own internal protections against having the con discovered. And she really does not seem to grasp that credibility can be worn out. I suspect RMN, with some exceptions, say a core of about 250 who refuse to see anything no matter what, are not long term Readers. We did some interesting polls and studies on the dynamics of organizational population shift in the late 70s early 80s for the LP and we were losing 50% of our membership every year for the same reasons. They did not like being lied to. Ours was about how money was spent mostly and promises related to funding. The LP leadership was totally untrustworthy on that. But RMN follows the same pattern.

      Our core did not care what we did as long as we were on the ballot. When that started to falter they were no longer doing studies. Today, their numbers have plummeted. RMN is in that process now.

    2. As the story goes....

      As the story goes, Sante had a long history of "short cons," including shoplifting, petty theft and forgery, starting basically from birth. By high school, she was busted for shoplifting and stole her adoptive father's credit card. Upon graduation, she married and divorced twice in quick succession and had one son, Kent, whom she apparently abandoned to his father.

      After her second divorce, she continued on a steady diet of shoplifting and stealing. She later turned to prostitution and upped the ante on her thievery career to grand theft auto.

      Sante then met a kindred spirit in Kenneth Kimes, a fellow con artist who already amassed a substantial fortune when they met. The pair later had a son Kenny although it is questionable whether they ever married. According to one version, Sante simply forged a marriage certificate.

      In any case, the fact that the couple was already rich didn't seem to matter. They pulled scam after scam together, swindling their way across America and amassing more wealth.

      Eventually, the couple was finally charged - with slavery. It seems Sante had acquired a taste for luring young girls from the streets of Mexico under the auspices of needing housework and forcing them into servitude where she would torture them.

      Kenneth Kimes pled out of this one, receiving a suspended sentence and a brief stint in an alcohol rehab program. Sante did five years prison time.

      Growing Up Kimes

      The younger Kenny Kimes grew up in this environment, encouraged by example to lie about even the most basic things. From the beginning, Sante tool control of Kenny, even going so far as to hire playmates for him.

      By all accounts, when Kenny entered college at the University of California at Santa Barbara, Sante began sleeping with her son, leaving her husband to his own devices.

      Although the pair have never admitted it, those who witnessed their relationship think it is likely that Sante and Kenny Kimes had sexual intercourse and that Sante victimized her son sexually while he was growing up.

      When Sante's husband died suddenly of a heart attack, she didn't tell anyone and instead covered up his death. Apparently, he hadn't updated his will. And, she wasn't included. On top of that, there was the question of whether Sante had forged the marriage certificate in the first place.

      Rather than risk losing the money, Sante simply got into the habit of forging her husband's name on checks and legal documents, spending his $12 million dollar fortune.

      It also seems that her prison time on slavery charges left quite an impression on Sante. So rather than risk prison, Sante apparently began killing witnesses.

      In fact, Sante and her son Kenny killed several people who got in her way after the elder Kenneth's death, including David Kazdin, a former business associate of Kenneth Kimes. Kazdin apparently got understandably angry when he learned that Sante had forged his name on a $280,000 mortgage.

      Sante instructed Kenny to kill Kazdin and to dispose of his body, which Kenny willingly did. A witness says that Kenny bought Sante a huge bouquet of flowers after murdering Kazdin.

      Eventually, Sante enlisted her son to pick up where she and the elder Kenneth had left off, pulling cons together, swindling people and using bad checks to purchase cars and other things. They began working their way across the country and ended up in Florida, where they heard about a rich heiress in New York that ran a bed and breakfast for the wealthy.

    3. Totally bizarre. OK Now I have to look them up. EEK! That is just too horrible. And he went to UC Santa Barbara while my niece was going there, looks like. Thank goodness they are off the street now.

  2. It really sounds like scamming and conning and, um, the other activities mentioned were carried out for pleasure as much as profit. I hope to have the information on the Hare Index tests soon. We are corresponding.