Friday, February 27, 2015

Guns, Guns GUNS

Yes, this 'freeloader' about whom Rayelan so bitterly complains took notes and dictation from Rayelan-the-always-lazy-has-something-more-important-to-do such as fixing herself a SNACK and the rendered these into reports, complaints and such while waiting for Rayelan to GET THE MONEY to pay for the UPGRADE which desperately needed to be carried out.  

There will be many more details on these matters in the COURT PAPERS I filed yesterday.  

This was close to being a full time job, for which Rayelan, naturally, did not pay me one cent.  During this period I was also lining up speakers for the conference the Sponsor backed out on and performed other jobs which were definitely things for which I should have been paid.  I need to add those to the total.  

Rayelan does not hire professionals as they cost too much but she had kidnapped me by enticing me to Ohio and then keeping me too broke to leave.  How clever of her - the the short term.  And I do not doubt Craig and Company were paying her for her assistance in ruining me financially, to boot! 

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