Monday, February 9, 2015

Hobie doing his Barking Job

Reader: "I too question this continuous plea for money. Several years ago, Raye needed funds to move to Ohio. ..."
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Date: Sunday, 8-Feb-2015 23:52:15
(Thanks, B. :)
Your memory is at least partly correct - Raye did make a move from the California house her husband had (without her knowing it) double-mortgaged, leaving her with unmanageable expense when he died and the housing market had shifted dramatically.
David Kooker's kids are still around.  I'll call and ask what they think of this libel of their father.  
She did make the drive to Ohio (during which time a less destructive hacker got onto the RMN server), and yes, RMN Readers provided helpful support for her to do that.
"Helpful support"  What an understatement!  Readers underwrote the entire thing and the Lee - Powers Family went to California from Ohio to pack her up (Rayelan has a tough time with things which too closely resemble work) and then drove her to Ohio.  They did have their limitations.  And Rayelan accused them of making off with the money donated for the Family Camp Ground.  Let's not forget that!

Revisit the Saga of the Move from California to Ohio....

When she arrived in Ohio, things were not as she'd been told they would be, in a number of different ways. She had expected to be able at least to reduce the monthly FundRazr (at that time, ChipIn) amount or even do away with it. But then having landed in Ohio, she found she simply couldn't, yet.
Yet?  Is she leaving this, too, for another life?
It's not that she's "misplaced" her bills. Rather, she did not receive those bills, for months - but then received the shutoff notices, stating very large bill amounts. Further, utility expenses have been extraordinarily high. She has a suspicion, but cannot prove, that her unwanted houseguest has had something to do with the size of those bills and with her not receiving them in a timely manner.
That, Hobie Jeff Gordon, is a libel.  Apologize.  her office, downstairs was two steps from the mailbox.  I could not even hear it when somebody knocked. 
Should she somehow have realized the need to pay those bills anyway? Perhaps - but you're giving short shrift to a key factor: She really has been "under the weather" for a solid year, off and on, including more than one bout of pneumonia, making clarity of thought a bit rarer than you might expect.

Except she was not sick, or only when people she had lied to about it came to the door.  Hack, hack, cough cough.  
Your thought about "law of attraction" is understandable, and one that's crossed my mind, too, while all this has been going on. But how one perceives what's happening has to do with one's particular perspective. One might perceive that what Rayelan has attracted is "loving friends and kind acquaintances, willing to help out in these moments of extraordinary need."
Rayelan does not have any friends or kind acquaintances, just victims.  
Reader B. writes:
Re: To the Reader who wants to report RMN for ....
Dear Hobie,
I too question this continuous plea for money. Several years ago, Raye needed funds to move to Ohio. If I recall it right, she was going out there in a Winnebago, towing her collector's jeep behind. Then her house wasn't ready, she was ill, dogs were ill, all requiring more money. I did donate at that time though it seemed an awful lot of ?hard luck? for just one person.
This time around, its a bad lady who is out to get her. And now the handyman wants to kill her. She's ill, the dogs are ill, and she needs a lot of money to pay her bills, her server, and whatever else she has going in her life.
Raye has an article on her site that she has been a businesswoman for many years. And yet, she is unable to keep track of her money, her accounts and says another person has taken advantage of her and spent all her money. She forgot about this bill, and misplaced that bill......
Don't be so hard on those others that question what is going on because frankly, if this was any other person in your circle every person here would be saying ?what????? inside themselves. Even more, I am constantly thinking that RMN is a site that promotes law of attraction and law of prosperity............ but what has been attracted here, into this person's life?
I wish Raye well, and hope she can get her life on track. But if people question all this, perhaps there is more to this story. Perhaps others' intuition is ringing bells, just like mine is.
Just a thought.


  1. Dear Melinda,
    here's another source to put the drama queen of self-proclaimed English-German-Irish descent into perspective:


    Rayelan Allan associates with suspicious people

    Everybody Rayelan Allan associates with or promotes is extremely suspicious.
    Each of those people lead us to somebody else who is suspicious.


    Fewer people are fooled by the propaganda

    A few years ago, most of us believed that the "truth seekers" were honest people. Today a lot of us realize that most of the truth seekers, whistleblowers, ex-secret agents, and investigators are liars. If you help to spread this information, eventually only the hopelessly stupid people will believe their propaganda.

    more at

    take care
    she's a tool
    be very cautious
    they hate people like you

    1. Thanks! Well do I know. Rayelan is only the latest in a long line of people in similar lines of work I have annoyed. Some of those are upstream from her. I'll put it up. I chatted with Gary about her.

  2. one of Smithelan's harshest critics seems to be a tool himself
    so let's try to take the bait and avoid the hook

    apropos, hobbit, hobby and hobie
    the sound of the word hobie is like hoe-be or hoe-bee to me
    if you think of the fitting term zapper derived from to zap resp. to execute or to round up
    smells of military or special task force to me, might be revealing
    how abundant of love they are, in words and in deeds, LOL!

    1. It would be lovely to have a photo of Jeff Gordon. Who lives in the Atlanta area?