Friday, February 27, 2015

Thanks to Insighter 66 for the material!

Thanks to Insighter 66 for this arrival in my email  box, for posting and comment.  

Most of the money came from one source, Shadow Soul, who is likely another asset keeping the Rumor Mill Con afloat in hopes they will be able to stretch it out just a little longer.  

For the record, I did not see anyone arrive at the house today and did not hear anyone whose voice is not known to me talking.  I also did not smell Rayelan's ghastly perfume, which she usually pours on when someone not entirely in her control arrives.  

Let's hope she is nearly finished with the Interminable Move From Hell.   This woman could turn changing the toilet paper roll into a drama, honestly.  Ask yourself, do you do this to your friends and family when you move?  When your dog is sick?  

And the continuing lies about everyone, including me, who she has victimized and then libels are stomach wrenching.  

If you look at when Rayelan hiked up the scamming on RMN is began after Husband No. 4 died.  One wonders if they did an autopsy.  There is NOTHING I would put past her.  And she should take a photo of Buck so we know he is still living.  In fact, Readers should demand proof before then put anything in the pot ever. 

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room

An Update on Buck - Thank You to All Who Answered My Call

Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 26-Feb-2015 22:12:34

        Thanks to everyone who helped me pay for Buck's pills.

        As I have written, I am in the middle of a move which has taken every extra dime and all my guns.

        I traded my guns for painting and other expenses related to my move.

        My last gun was stolen three days ago from from a gun purse that hung from my bed post. I am certain I know who did it, but proving it would be impossible.

        Without your help today, I don't know what I would have done.

        Buck was given tramadol. Once I got home and gave him his pain pill, he stopped crying.

        He can't get up to go potty. I put a puppy pee pad under him. He lay there from about noon until a little while ago without moving. What made him move?

        His vet is a block from the food bank. I took a friend with me so he could go to the food bank. One of the things that was in the bag he was given was a box of donut holes.

        Donut holes are Buck's favorite thing in the whole world. His Daddy used to take him for a midnight ride to the local donut shop, where Daddy bought him donut holes.

        I brought the donut holes from the kitchen to the dining room where Buck has been lying all day. He hadn't moved in 12 hours. The moment he smelled the donut holes he sat up on his back legs and waited for me to give him his donut hole. He looked totally back to normal.

        He would have eaten the entire box if I had given them to him.

        Thank you again to all who rescued me and Buck today.

        Many Blessings to All



  1. The fund raising was still fairly low after Kooker died, like the $1000.00 per month range, the histrionic begging did not start until after her mother died. Then it was $3000.00 per month, and those readers better pay up. Now after moving to low cost Ohio, where Rayelan promised the begging would stop, the demand is for $4000.00 per month. Wonder how much the advertising is?
    Another $3500.00 per month?

    1. They can't be making as much as when I was doing it because they didn't even maintain a list of advertisers and stay in touch with them. And ads were dirt cheap, even when they had huge readership.

  2. No mobile vet visit? No in office vet visit? She just picked up a prescription for less than $50? Well, that scam worked like a charm. Once again, the rubes of rumor swill got scammed. A blind man could have seen that coming, $1007 scammed from the marks for one lousy rx. Hey, why not have all three dogs deathly ill? Maybe she could scam 3k.

  3. Would those be the same guns that were previously stolen by the lazy, slacked jawed Lee family, as Rayelan characterized them?

    1. Yes, 86 I'll republish the police report. See post.