Friday, February 6, 2015

The rest of Rayelan's asinine accusations

Gregory pointed out I missed half the list. Sorry about that. But the responses are below after each asinine accusation.

And may I point out to all reading this Rayelan has, again, provided proof of libel because none of these has a shred of truth to it.

  1. Civil/Criminal Defamation using her Blogs.
    For a statement to be defamation it has to be untrue. Not to belabor anyone unaccustomed  checking out the law before making serious accusations I will provide the definition from the online Cornell law dictionary so you can easily, and almost without effort, read it.
    Now that you have read the definition you understand the statement, written or verbal, would have to be untrue. I have never said anything about Rayelan which is untrue. All statements include either my first hand observations, those of others, photos, or documents, including published articles, for instance those made available through the digging provided by Commenters to this site. Thanks again for your help. It is sincerely appreciated. 

    Not liking the truth pointed out is not defamation.  It is journalism, something Rayelan proudly points out she knows nothing about.   

    : (7) Possible installation of "key stroke logger" on Rayelan's pc.
    I have never hacked any computer at any time, either now or earlier. Keyloggers, I understand, leave traceable paths. I do not know this for sure because I do not do sneaky, underhanded, and illegal things, but that is what I have been told.
    In fact, the only person I know who did put a keylogger on someone's computer was my alienated daughter, Morgan. Morgan put one on Sidney Blumenthal's computer over my strong admonition she not do so because, even though he had had one, she said, put on hers, it was still wrong. So I am on record for refusing to participate in such an act and advising against it in the strongest possible terms.
    GREED – The NeoConning of America (Revised Version, Kindle) also available in a print version
    There was a keylogger on my computer a couple of months ago but I found it and deleted. I did not mention the matter because I do not have the expertise to figure out who put it there and lacking evidence bringing it up seemed inappropriate.

    : (8) Possible cloning of Rayelan's cell phone.
    How do you clone a cell phone? I never heard of such a thing. This is not one of Rayelan's weird alien breeding programs, is it?

    : (9) Big promises to Rayelan's Handyman to spy.
    I barely talk to the Handyman and never asked him to spy or offered him anything for doing so. Never happened. I saw him at church last week when I was doing breakfast but I did not even say hello to him. I also do not have his phone number. However, Rayelan can be heard talking to him in a very loud voice when his pick-up is downstairs and he is moving her stuff. It sounds as if she is following him around talking to him but naturally I do not know that for sure. I just hear their voices when they are talking very loud.

    : (10) Possibly behind original hacking of RumorMillNew.
    When was Rumor Mill News first hacked? Was this when Hobie (Jeff Gordon) Zapper said the archive had been deleted? I looked and it seemed it was still there, though since I have wondered if Rayelan ordered the period of late 2007 deleted because of the Family Camp Ground Issue. I am sadly lacking in the skills needed to hack things because I won't do it so it seems a waste to think about it.

    : (11) Possible theft of funds from Rayelan's Accounts.
    No. I do not break into people's accounts and steal their money or anything else. Morgan does, however. She cleaned me out in 2004.

    : (12) Possible posting of messages using Rayelan's name.
Where? What messages. I did no such thing so this is just idle curiosity. I have researched Rayelan but I have never posted as her, pretended to be her, or any other such fraudulent thing.

But let me know what else she is accusing me of doing. It will go on the list for possible litigation.


  1. I was wondering where this list came from, and finally looked at the CGI link, as I had never looked there before. I found a couple of responses to GO's list... and, I don't understand the last sentence -- are they saying someone is thinking of hacking you? Also, Hobie seems to be concerned about a hacking attempt.
    Re: How About A "White Knight" Attorney

    Posted By: HotCoffee
    Date: Thursday, 5-February-2015 16:00:16
    In Response To: How About A "White Knight" Attorney (GreyOtter)

    : #5 and 11 on your list are both worthy of filing criminal charges without an atty.
    Re: Rayelan vs House Guest From Hell

    Posted By: HotCoffee
    Date: Thursday, 5-February-2015 15:52:41
    In Response To: Rayelan vs House Guest From Hell (GreyOtter)

    I'm wondering why Raye can't get a restraining order?

    Also she might do better getting a trac phone at her local gas station for $20.00 and a card that gives her 100 minutes phone time for another $20.00 for a while until this is resolved.

    What about taking her utility bills from creepy room mate to small claims atty needed!

    And file a criminal complaint mail theft is a federal it to post office and get P O Box!

    Seems better to me than getting in trouble for hacking!
    Message From Hobie.!!

    Posted By: Susoni
    Date: Thursday, 5-February-2015 01:43:23

    This is a message from our illustrious Hobie.. :-)

    Hi, All -

    I'm thinking to change the members area from http to https, specifically to protect Agent passwords from being spied on by any hacker who might decide to do it.

    If/when I do that, you'll likely encounter a 'challenge' of some sort, as your browsers will think there's something not quite right about the SSL Certificate we'll be using.

    The "not quite right" aspect of it is that the Cert will be self-signed - that is, we won't have paid Verisign or someone else to sign the Cert. I might even use the existing Cert that applies to the SquirrelMail area. That Cert is already out of date, another thing your browser may object to. :) We'll see.


    1. Thanks for sending. This is a demonstration of what I talked about with deposing liars. They find themselves mired in their past lies. Hoisted on their own petards is also an expression used to describe what is playing out here.

      Hobie (Jeff Gordon) knows Rayelan is lying. He has been seeing these lies exposed for years. See New Post