Sunday, February 15, 2015

Anon G asked for a Comment Detanglement - Hope this works!

Arthur, Ayn, Justin and Dawn ... wow, nice children, sympathetic complexions, a mother can be proud of having these!

And I am proud of them - though they have been terribly traumatized. Ayn Declaration 

Craig married me so he could try for sexual access to my daughters. He asked me once if I thought sex with children could be healthy. I told him if anyone touched my kids I would cut off his balls and shove them down his throat. He sort of squeaked. But he was always talking about me in denigrating terms behind my back to them, I later learned. Oh I knew I forgot one  Craig Franklin

Anon G - Sorry to hear that their procreator mistreated them. Makes me ask why (not demanding or expecting answers if it`s too private or sensitive to tell).

Melinda - Romald Edward Foster (Born Kellett) was the offspring of an abusive father and passive mother. He had problems. His father, I found out after marrying him, used to take him on father - son stealing expeditions. This was not good for the development of an ethical outlook on life. He stole from his employer, the Veterans Administration all the time I was married to him, despite my objections, which were loud, when I found it out.

Anon G - Could it be Ronald took the wrong pills? Other possible causes for instability or self-hate? Did he unload personal frustration upon his children? (a typical weakness with parents who lack necessary self-esteem, enough income or suffer from the delusion of the perfect soulmate waiting to be joined if there were not these expensive brats from a present less lucky liaison)

Melinda – No....I don't think so. He was cheerfully glad to dump all responsibility and so make more time for the Dungeons and Dragons and Buried Bucks, which consumed his life.

Anon G - Another idea, as to Koch Brothers. If you look back, Melinda, could it be you unintentionally stepped hard on Koch Brothers toes?

Maybe that much that they wanted to destroy your career, your life in the end?

Melinda – Well, they certainly have the money, if they had the inclination.  But I did not write much about them until after I got to know Hart Williams in 2006.  Hart was digging up the bodies the Kochs buried and he contacted me because I had written about them some and about the connections to Howie Rich and Ed Crane. 

You know, it was David who stepped on my toes while we were dancing at the 1979 Libertarian National Convention. He also stuttered.

Ah! If it had only been the Kochs pink toes I stepped on. I did step on their toes, granted.

I also stepped on Ed Crane's and their generally unnamed and anonymous operatives within the LP. I was milder back then. See Libertarian History

Then I stepped on John Fund's toes, which meant I also stepped on Dick Cheney's pinkies and also on Karl Rove's. John Fund 
And then I went back and took a mallet to the instep of Green Hills Software, Inc., whose president, Dan O'Dowd, was a co-conspirator from 1997 on to today.

The first site I put up on them was early in 2011, though it says in the WayBack Machine it was not searched until later in the year. Here is how it looked about the time Raye first contacted me (Curious Coincidence?) (Probably not.) 2011 Greedville

This appears to be the only capture before they took down 49 of my sites, including all the paying sites I had up then, in December 2011. Manchester, Craig, and Laura, Mrs, Manchester, did it by lying and telling Yola I had multiple accounts. I didn't. I had only one account with 49 sites, having started building websites when there was no limit to the number of sites you could build. I might have been the reason for the limit they eventually established but I never violated any stated limitation, being a lawful sort of anarchist. 

I know this because Laura published their correspondence with Yola.

This happened only days after I arrived in Ohio. Looking back I realize Raye was not at all sympathetic. was a later site, which began as Craig Franklin and Green Hills Software.

In 2013 I discovered a lot of O'Dowd's billions, swelled up from only about 350 million, had flowed in from the government contracts sent his way because he cooperated pantingly, to get in in 2003. That is covered on the John Fund TimeLine 

And I was not less a target because of the long term campaign to eliminate my grandfather from history because he was inconvenient to the corporate powers that was in the 1920s. I did not realize this when Dad asked me to ensure Grandfather's legacy was renewed and understood Knowledge Commons is what Grandfather called it. We call it Open Source. Grandfather refused to patent his inventions preferring to leave then in the hands of the people.

Arthur C. Pillsbury Home  The question is who haven't I tromped on?

Anon G - Fiscal Cliff: What is Illuminati Endgame?

Melinda – I do Koch Truths with Dave Lincoln, a certified expert witness on the oil companies who walked away from his career with Big Oil, which had started when he was 14. At the time he was pulling down a six figure salary and working directly with Ken Lay in Malaysia. His bio is onthe site.

Right now we are working on something to make them very unhappy. Happy thought.

Does this detangle enough?

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