Sunday, April 26, 2015

Rayelan and the Big Lies she feeds you routinely

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And Raye can't stop herself from telling lies which contradict her previous lies, she can't. We will now go through her post and provide a commentary.

Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 26-Apr-2015 13:40:27
We are starting the move today. We have the vehicle to move in, but we don't have gas money. We can make maybe two trips with it... it's a small truck, but then I will have to fill it to make more trips.
Do you ever get tired of her endless yammering about her own life and self-made problems? I quietly began packing when I realized there was a conspiracy, originating from Raye but including credulous people who for their own reasons were willing to ignore the law and canons of legal ethics, each for their own purposes. The credulous comment does not apply to Rayelan's own attorney, but the way. More on him will appear in other posts. I ruthlessly got rid of things I could not move, deciding what I needed.
My Jeep, in which we are transporting all the delicate and/or sentimental pieces is on empty.
Rayelan is a moving museum of love end objects she thinks will be worth something someday. Two houses. And none of her rationales about me are true. Her constant reinteration of these is another example of the Big Lie. Why can't this woman fire the crew living at her 'new house?' Why, does she have to keep kittens instead of turning them over to the Animal Protective League, who will work to find them suitable homes? And why does she have to tell you how big the tank of her car is, how much she loves her Jeep and how much gas is? Do you remember the short shrift she gave the recent Reader who asked for help with her pet if anything was left over from helping Rayelan? It was ugly. Pause to consider how you would feel if that had been you.
Only Rayelan and Jeff Gordon really matter on RMN. Now, why does Jeff want to remain anonymous? More on that in another post.
The Jeep is 17 gallon, I suspect the truck has a 20+ tank. I think we only need to put 10 gallons in the truck, I will worry about filling it to what it was when we began after the move. Even if I have to siphon out of the Jeep. The price of gas at our local Circle K is $2.46. They are usually the cheapest in town. For both vehicles 27 X $2.46 = $66.42.
If you can help today with the gas money, we can actually start moving my things to the new house.
The other crisis in my financial life is I have $3.76 USD in Paypal and I am minus -$1,094.54 in my bank account.
I won't even be able to pay my rent at my new house if I don't clear up the thousand plus overage. The bank will take the money that will be deposited on the first. I don't know if I will be able to take out $750.00 as an overdraft. If I can't then I won't be able to pay my rent.
Hopefully this month will be the last time I have to fall on my knees and beg strangers who read RMN to help its publisher move.
Why am I moving?
I have lived for two years like a prisoner in my own house. I couldn't leave the house without hiring dogsitters which meant that I didn't go out often. When I didn't hire dogsitters, she let my dogs out. I barely had arrived home one day when I saw that Max was on the opposite side of the street. When I got out of the Jeep, which I had parked in the middle of the road, he darted across traffic. I ran to get him. The car had to screech to a stop to keep from hitting us.
Lies, lies, lies. It was not Rayelan who lived like a prisoner. That would be my son and I. I have never harmed an animal or a person in my life. I worked for animal rescue groups, nurtured baby kittens which were newly born and baby rabbits and puppies. People who have known me over a life time vouch for my good character. I have no secrets. Everything about Rayelan is a secret. How could she position herself as a decent human being if she lived transparently?
Here are a few of my character references.
 Fellow Church Member 

W. Leon Smith - A Hero for Truth, Editor of the Lone Star Iconoclast

David Lincoln - A Whistle Blower on Big Oil

Gail Lightfoot - A friend of decades from my work in the Libertarian Party

Marian Replogle - a friend from the time I was in college
Rayelan lied about me to people at church as well. It was a campaign carried out behind my back while I was working for her and helping her with multiple projects. In 2013 when I hid a little Easter Basket for her with tiny candies as a gift she was telling ugly lies about me and then smiling to my face.
What kind of person does that to another person? I don't know if you can imagine the shock and terror it evoked in me when she turned from smiling friend to demonic, screaming beast in one moment. Thinking about it still sends shivers down my spine.
From that moment on we lived in terror.
Imagine a group of people downstairs who bang on the ceiling and shriek foul language at you. Imagine death threats and insults and damage to your car. Imagine piles of junk intentionally placed in the hope your son, or you, will fall and injure yourselves.
Imagine someone doing ugly things, intended to shock are terrify and then claiming I, not she, had committed these acts of terrorism.
The manipulations began when Rayelan persuaded me, with lies, to work for the Manchesters in August 2011. She vouched for their good character and persuaded me to help her best friends. One year later, when I confronted her with the truth I had learned from researching them and from Alex's former wife, who provided documentation and court papers, I confronted Rayelan. That is when she said, “I am not a journalist and the truth does not matter.” I was stunned into silence, staring at her. Does the truth matter to you? Take note of this.
I wasted time I desperately needed to make enough money to pay my property taxes and for other necessities working for the Manchesters. I had relied on Rayelan's word and honesty. Her word is worthless and she is dishonest as a continuous strategy for getting what she wants.
Looking back at the wasted time I should have paused to consider the role Rayelan had played in this. But I have always been too trusting. I thought she was mistaken, not callously manipulating me. I was wrong.
My son is precious to me. But for years I have not had the money to even take him to a dentist. It has been even longer for me, naturally. He comes first. The money earned, I was assured, would pay for all of these needs.
The goal was to destroy my working relationships with others and Rayelan succeeded using the Manchesters as tools.
One other time, on a blistering hot day, she left both dogs on the porch with no water. Max had heat stroke and we had to keep replacing cold towels on him and he lay on those blue ice bags that you freeze and put in your coolers.
Notice that she is painting me as mindlessly evil. The event above never happened. I lived upstairs with a cat and my son and worked constantly, first trying to make the plans for RMN work and then trying to rebuild my client base, which she had done her best to destroy. I liked the dogs, even though they were unmannerly and undisciplined. Arthur liked them, too. As I said before, when there was a thunder storm it was me who Buck rushed to. He did not want to go back downs stairs, which puzzled me.
I never knew what she was capable of. Knowing that a psychopath was squatting in my upstairs rooms and she was probably armed with all the guns that were stolen from me, preoccupied my mind making it difficult for me to concentrate on RMN.
Let me again point out I have offered to be tested for psychopathy with the Hare Index, the only reliable way for this to be ascertained. I have challenged Rayelan to do this. When I do she shuts up until she thinks you have forgotten the issue. She knows what she is, rest assured.
Again, I don't touch guns and haven not since my son shot himself in the 1998 suicide attempt brought on when his father rejected him in the ugliest way imaginable. Rayelan is applying the Big Lie Principle, tell them often enough and loudly enough and they will believe it.
I thank Hobie and Lynda for keeping RMN up and running during these very difficult years.
Hobie – Zapper is really Jeff Gordon, a fellow with a long history in Multi-Level Marketing scams. I know little about Lynda.

Read this recollection from one of my friends in California, just before I left to come out here. Notice how she calls me a squatter when I was working for her and thought, despite the problems which made it impossible for her to keep her promises to me, she was my friend. Melody Gillespie.
To get my squatter to leave I had to hire a lawyer and have her evicted by the court. Needless to say, that cost a lot of money. Fortunately he isn't demanding it until I get back on my feet.
More Big Lies. She could hire an attorney. I was destitute and could not. And her attorney engaged in illegal actions in conspiracy with others. On the evidence provided the judge who heard the eviction action said to me at the close of the hearing that it looked like I had a case for employment fraud. He suggested I get an attorney. But in Ohio there is, effectively, no legal aid for people without money.
I believe she also stole my wedding ring from Gunther and his family watch dating from the late 1800s.
She has accused Corey, who worked for her, of stealing the ring. She accused Karen and others. Now she accuses me. When you see this kind of pattern you know it is a convenient lie being recycled, which she does over and over again. She is used to people forgetting her lies. That will not happen anymore.
It was a watch that belonged to his grandmother's family... the Esterhaszys of Hungary. If Gunther were alive and knew that she had done this, there wouldn't be any pieces left of her to identify. And thousands of people that she has screwed would rejoice at her disappearance.
Remember, Gunther left her after having lived with her a total of eight months because, as Rayelan reports, he said she was too fat. Why would he leave his stuff with her as he walked off with another woman?
Thousands of people I have screwed over? Absurd. I have never harmed anyone who did not first come after me. And my tool in each case was the documented truth, something you will NEVER get from Rayelan. Read this site. Many have and have been convinced.
And now the itemization of what Rayelan needs and what you have to do beings.
There is $3800 in the widget. All of that has been transferred and used to pay bills and/or buy paint for the interiors of both houses. I have a $750.00 deposit here at the old house. If I leave it in the condition he rented it to me, I will get that money back. For the cost of two gallons of paint for the downstairs, and a 5 gallon bucket I bought several years ago to paint the basement for the upstairs, I believe we will have the entire house painted.
The only other expense besides gas and paint and salaries for my movers and painters, will be the cost of cleaning the carpet. The painter actually worked cleaning carpets so all I have to do is come up with the money to rent the machines and but the cleaning soaps.
If you can please help, I would appreciate it so much. I have sold everything I had of value, and the two gold pieces I had left, a gold chain and the Esterhasy watch were stolen. The only person in the house at the time was the upstairs house guest. I reported it to the police, but they won't do anything about it. I would have to sue her in small claims court and she has no money except her son's disability and her social security. It would be futile to try to get the watch or money out of her.
Do you remember recently Rayelan said she had to sell her last gold? She thrashed and whined about it. So, where did this gold come from? Ask yourself. Answer. It never existed. She is making it up out of whole cloth.
Rayelan accuses everyone and happily reports it to the police. See this complaint she asked me to write for her in 2012 accusing the Lee – Powers Family of criminal acts.
If you can help me fill my gas tanks so I can actually start moving, I would truly appreciate it.
Many blessings, (And she doesn't mean this, either)
Raye, the barbarian


  1. Good Morning ... shake my head, hold my front ... one can't take Smithy for serious!
    She`s such a laughable NoGoodnik!

    Read on and see
    the instant ideas of G
    on her dinero rayesing extra plea

    Raye's Urgent Issue of The Missing Tissue

    Foreseeing the next dramatic event,
    being prepared for the moment
    when lazy Smithy will
    in her rotten rumor mill
    ask her cash cow rubes
    the generous trotting stupes
    for some urgent extra bucks
    pretending how it really sucks
    when running out of bathroom tissue
    whining "you don't have a clue
    how it feels sitting on the toilet seat
    having left no paper in case of need..
    Evicted freeloader took off the last sheet".

    Cutting things short:
    In her ways to extort
    starting her usual money poll
    Smithy counts what's been on the roll
    then tells her club of devout rumor sheeple
    "quick quick, transfer for tissue, my butt so feeble"

    Well, my dear friends,
    Ladies and Gents
    now we're in the know,
    cause I foretold you so.

    G~ (grinning)

    Have a nice day, let's take it easy.

    1. Thanks G~! I really should do a schematic of the house so you can see how impossible it would have been for me to get access to anything on the first floor or basement. And I would not have tried. It would not have been at all safe. Rayelan lies about her guns. She has them. She took a class for a carry permit at one point and in the throes of delight afterward told me more about what she had. And she never would have given guns worth what these were to the Deadly Handyman in exchange for a few chores. Never happen.

      If I had as much as poked my nose in to her turf I would have been accidentally shot to death, I have no doubt. That is why she left someone down there. So they could kill me. She has been trying to kill me and my son since they, she, Craig, Morgan, the Manchesters and Dan O'Dowd first decided they needed a final solution. I do hope she was out of toilet paper while on the pot though. Serves her right. But I am sure Jim Heath would have managed to pry himself out of his chair to bring her some if she screeched loud enough.

  2. In earnest, Melinda, this weird DRS persona should not be allowed to have any gun.
    She should be forced to take the Hare test for official proof that she's a dangerous psychopath.
    If she doesn't comply, doesn't hand over her guns voluntarily then her driver's license should be confiscated.

    I think she might expect something this way, this might be the reason why she pretends her guns were stolen.
    Hopefully, Melinda, I think you're less endangered now, you've been her scapegoat for much too long

    what comes to mind for comfort:

    "What goes around comes around!"

    and, in contrast to satanic rumor mills

    "God's mills grind slowly but admirably powdered."


    1. G~, I second that motion! It was actually more likely she would tell one of her crew to shoot me than do it herself. She prefers to outsource risk whenever possible. But I had nightmares about it, especially what would happen to Arthur if I was gone. Rayelan had probably cut a deal with Morgan to grab him. Arthur has always said Morgan only wanted to lock him up in the garage and collect his disability. I believe that of her. Morgan's husband, Jay, had a daughter by his first marriage and managed to get custody. He destroyed his former wife and the little girl was emotionally abused. Jay kept her only as long as he was getting support and welfare for her, from what Morgan said. Then, on her 18th birthday, they put her on a bus to her grandmother, her mom's mother and that was that. I urged them to try to get her help but Morgan could not have cared less. It shocked me.

      Psychopaths never change. I never came downstairs except to leave the house and get in my car unless it was late at night. Then I might walk close enough to that basement window to get a photo of the horrific mess down there. That was it. I do not doubt Rayelan is going to suffer consequences. And she deserves every ugly thing that happens to her.

      I do not know why the police believe her lies. Maybe they are just tired of the whole thing. I certainly was.

  3. Just an observation, but curious one at that. A few days ago, the Fundrazr widget was at 96 donors and 4K, now it's at 95 donors and 3.9K. Why would that be? Does the owner of the account have the ability to delete donations? Would they be so brazen to remove a donation so the grand douchess and her willing sycophant can spin up another yarn and continue the pillaging, claiming the rubes haven't met her demands? There are still two days left in April. What drama will come next? Stay tuned, it's just a matter of time....

    1. With Rayelan and Jeff Gordon the limit isn't even imagination. It is all greed.