Sunday, April 12, 2015

Money, Control, Deceit

So Free Planet exists on a Blogger and pays nothing for essential service, for RMN this is located on a server farm owned my the CIA in North Carolina.  Some of us learned this from the security specialist for OITC.  They were still talking to APG at the time, not having actually dealt with her, evidently.  It took some time for them to evidently affirm the fact and then drop any contact with her.

Security Guy announced this to those listening to him on the conference call in 2012 with shock melting over his tones.  I was also stunned.  But it gave me to begin to think, and question what APG had been telling me about many things. 

There were multiple causes which made  APG to decide me dead or otherwise silenced was a good idea.

The facade you see as Rayelan the Magnificent is a construct.  The real Rayelan is a psychopath, judging from her behavior.  She lives without any seeming discomfort and until she asked me to Ohio lived two separate lives.  The bumbling, spend-a-holic hoarder who cannot balance her check book and whose reading tastes run only to tabloids and uncatalogued from which she orders the next wardrobe or decorating whim for herself.  None of them work because she has not a whit of taste.  The items through the house into piles to be disposed of and then off to the Goodwill, Salvation Army, or into the cars of her 'employees,' whose most arduous task is to listen to her hold forth on the many tribulations she has faced in life and overcome.  This is pretty funny when you really know her. 

So, look below at these examples of the slimy con-game on the Dinar and the commentary on what RMN actually costs to maintain.  Ask yourself, and this is the only real question, "How valuable is this operation to the CIA TODAY?"

I suspect it is becoming an embarrassment. 

: How much do you pay per month for your Free Planet website?
I pay exactly £00.00 every month for the blogger-hosted Free Planet.
I realise that there's the radio show, too, for RMN to fund but it's so much money every month. If only there was 'another way'. A 4-reel Free Planet, say.
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Date: Saturday, 11-Apr-2015 04:39:38
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Hi, FreePlanet -
I'm leaving your post...for the moment, anyway...because I realize it is in part your announcement of having completed a particular creative effort, with a link back to your site (which is allowed).
However, here's one part of what you agreed to on becoming an Agent:
Posting something in the Reading Room solely for the purpose of self promotion is not allowed. In other words, you can post parts of an article from your webpage, with a link to the rest of that article, but you can't just post a link to your webpage because you want to appropriate Rumor Mill News readers. This is nothing more than advertizing without paying for it... or stealing! Rumor Mill News is a two way street. You are NOT allowed to ONLY use us to advertize yourself without giving something back to Rumor Mill News. Posts with NO content.... only an AD, will be removed.
Please keep that in mind.

Date: Friday, 10-Apr-2015 23:19:21
(Thanks, j. :)
Reader jc writes:

Re: *** Iraqi dinar, recently being said *** /....
I'm glad to hear Tony and DC acknowledge the Historical bonds. Because this is important in several ways.
One, it allows people to understand that the Iraq Dinar is not, nor was it ever meant to be alone in this financial shift.
Two, there is a definite link and connection of both programs that are trying to accomplish a similar service for us. Namely to reinvigorate the financial coffers of many countries and secondly reboot individual accounts and help pay things forward in our quest to make a better difference.
The historical bonds are a repayment from the Federal Reserve to constituent countries who shipped tons of gold bullion to them many decades ago.
The redemption and period for these bonds were due years ago and it's finally gotten to the point where the Federal Reserve could not longer stall the payments they owed to the rest of the world. (does that surprise anyone?)
After many claims by the Federal Reserve that these bonds where somehow bogus, (due to sabotaging the spelling and other attributes of said bonds), and then trying to claim bankruptcy in a secret court case against them, (which they lost), they finally came to some reason.
Originally the Federal Reserve owed a lot of gold to many nations but because they likely sold off all that gold onto the bullion markets in past decades in order to keep the price of gold down in some kind of reasonable value without it going through the roof; they are now faced with how to compensate all those countries without any gold.
Please understand that they not only owed all that gold back to each nation as per their contractual bond agreements but they also owed back 4% accrued interest for all those accumulated years that the bonds were issued for.
And all that gold and accrued interest adds up to a lot of cash, we are talking trillions of dollars in most cases people, for each country owed.
So when people ask, "where is Iraq going to find all of that money to support their Dinar currency?" The answer is far more wide ranging then most realize.
The UST doesn't need to redeem all their Iraq Dinars all at once and neither does any other central bank of any other country. What will likely be the more prudent thing to do is, HANG ON TO THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE VERY VALUABLE!!
The Dinar's will be used by central banks to support and shore up their asset based new economies. It's the prudent thing to do and it keeps Iraq from having to redeem them in real time back to their own country.
And as time goes by, countries who do have them will use them as either leverage to submit their own bonds or redeem them as oil credits.
Problem solved.
Now if we can only get the "Collateral Accounts" mess cleaned up along with the "Treasure cashes" the Chinese elders have in their possession. Because that where NESARA and other types of Prosperity Programs are also going to come from.
Dinarland now waits to see what transpires over the next 5 days. I feel positive about the RV this time around.


  1. By their fruits you shall know them
    Seek and you will find
    The truth sets you free

    What does Rayelan the liar and the swindler give her readers on Hobie's so called 'two way street'? Looks like a one way street straight into the Rube's of RumorSwill wallets.

    Of course, some people like being deceived.

    1. Do they, sskids? I'm not sure about that. Look what happens when the other shoe drops. When most people finally accept they have been deceived they go through the process of shock grief, rage - and then there is often retribution which, well, changes things in definite ways.

  2. Of course they like it, what kind of dummy invests their money on the word of "Poof"? Or invests their money based on TNT Tony, when a web search would reveal he is a thief. They want wealth, they WANT to believe, therefore they like it. Similarly, anyone with a few brain cells can see that Rayelan tells many contradictory stories, they cannot all be true, therefore, she is a liar. Or the battered wife, the batterer promises to never do it again after the first time and you know what happens. That is why I say they LIKE being deceived, it is easier than dealing with reality.

    1. Most people believe first. It takes them any number of shocks to start doubting. Should they be different, given the number of con-artists we encounter today? Yes. But believing is programmed into our neurobiology, if we are empathic. Also, most people forget the details to stories, these blur for them. This is a function of the intelligence which made success possible in small groups. I remember contradictory stories and so do you. It is astonishing how many people do not. But the LCD is an effective narrative which is short and could be used in one of the tabloids APG so enjoys.