Saturday, April 4, 2015

So now you Readers know the truth. Rayelan needed an attorney to help her evade accountability. Stay tuned.

Raye just lied and lied and lied.  She had showed up early for the coaching session to - get this - teach her how to miss shooting her self in the foot.    The next round opens up what I can ask and I will be there asking questions which fill focus her aim in regions less comfortable that her foot.

Date: Friday, 3-Apr-2015 23:14:05
I don't know if money is so tight throughout the country that there are few readers who have enough left over to share, or if you're all so tired of hearing that I desperately need money for some crisis and you just tune me out.
I don't blame you for tuning me out. I have posted so many pleas for money in the last few months that even I am sick of seeing and writing them.
There is a reason that money is so tight. Google Adsense cut us off. It was a major chunk to lose and I haven't found another advertiser to replace them.
And of course I also had the added expense of lawyer's fees. Even though I won the case, I know I will never see any of the money I sued for. but that's a whole other story. What I need right now is to see the widget filled with a $1,000.
Thank you so much for understanding.
how can RMN cost that much???
Posted By: FreePlanet
Date: Saturday, 4-Apr-2015 04:44:30
I mean...
there are cheaper ways to do what "Rumor Mill News" is doing. It can't cost that much each month to run a message board.


  1. In DRS's post she states:

    "Even though I won the case, I know I will never see any of the money I sued for. but that's a whole other story."

    I haven't seen anything here about this, did she "win" the case? What was this case about? Isn't there another case still to come? Inquiring minds want to know. Thanks.

    1. She won on lies. She had to be rehearsed to evade the lies she told during the Small Claims Hearing, which was heard, to my horror by one of the co-conspirators who was assisting her in the last Abuse of Process attempt to evade accountability for lying me to Ohio. She is right she will get no money - when I finish with her she will need less because she will be in jail, which is the only fit place for her, the whining liar.

  2. Bonnie's warning to ALL RMN "agents"
    they MUST abide by this RULE.

  3. Has FreePlanet been 'decommissioned" yet? No dissension allowed under Rayeliars 'rules of engagement', especially about money and scamming for donations at the RumorSwill.