Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Aging Party Girl can learn better

Rayelan, also known as Aging Party Girl, is annoying because the accent she touts, the product of attempts on the part of her family to relieve her of her speech disability, still deceives people into believing there is something behind the face besides the culture into which she was born.

Other children can be cruel, we all know this.

Did she once tell me that her classmates referred to her as 'ChickenCoopGirl,” because her family lived in a chicken coop for a time when she was small?

And certainly she has many unique memories of your young girlhood. For instance, living with her grandparents and at age four being sent out to make sure the cows were able to break through the water in the trough and drink. Little hands can get cold and shivery. But families expect their children to work. Mine expected that. And my father was carrying camera equipment up the back of Half Dome for his father when he was eight. That is quite a climb for even a healthy adult, but Father thought nothing of it.

Grandfather in 1926 with his microscopic motion picture camera
When he first spent the summer in Yosemite, that would be 1913, he was afraid of heights. But his father taught him something magical which had sustained him at the dizzy height of 10,000 feet when his aerial balloon broke loose at the end of a day of filming the rebuilding of San Francisco on October 31, 1909. You can read the stories here.

As Grandfather looked down, shivering with fear and cold, he later told Father he felt all of his dread drain out of him as he heard the silence behind the wind. It filled him, calmed him, brought him to see himself differently and it was then he felt in himself the desire to take the new technology of photography and ensure it was, for all time, securely in the hands of the people as a tool for truth and understanding of the world around us. Take a look at the film, Extending Human Vision and learn more about Arthur C. Pillsbury, someone I honor and love.

What we are left by those who come before is different for each of us. But this story was one Father shared with me when I was very young and it has sustained me over and over again throughout my life.

I was blessed with parents who taught through their own choices and values. I believe this is the greatest legacy any of us can have.

Rayelan's legacy from her parents is clearly different. She was a child living in a culture which shaped her but for which she was not responsible. But she was blessed with a mother who was filled with love for her children, even if her father left much to be desired.

If she decided to live in her own truth there is much there to teach her and bring fulfillment. Let's hope she does that. 

Steps on the path to a destination we cannot see but which draws us on to a better world.  


  1. Looks like the Gravy Train has derailed. Just think, $4000 a month, $48000 a year, tax free. Not a bad day at the office. I need to get me a setup like this. Start a conspiracy board, create a unbelievable persona, get me some rubes, ply their money away by setting off all the emotional triggers that make people want to help, you know, puppies and blessings, and all that jazz, all the while knowing I could care less about how much giving $20 affects anyone.

    1. Somehow I can't imagine you mean that.

    2. Well of course not! All tongue in cheek. I have too much respect for my fellow human beings to ever purposely defraud them, Happy to see the rubes are starting to get it, and many props to you for exposing the shill, keep it up. Karma will prevail.

    3. Father Teo believes it is possible to pray the disordered to compassion and the shame which brings awareness and healing. Pray for Rayelan that she might find the healing of shame.

  2. And Hozie takes a swing at the $4k

    Date: Tuesday, 21-Apr-2015 19:33:23

    Hi, Folks -

    If you skipped over it, you may want to read:

    9 More Days to Raise What's Needed for April
    Rayelan -- Tuesday, 21-Apr-2015 13:50:34

    ---in which Raye said:

    I need help.

    Our Goal for APRIL is: $4000


    At the moment I am overdrawn in my bank account by -$979.06. Even with this paid off, I will need money for gas so I can drive to my new house and unload what I have loaded.

    Please contribute TODAY if you're able and would find it fitting. Let's get Raye into her new home and close that chapter for all of us.


    Blessings, all.


    1. Such wishful thinking, Jeff. Once they see they do not unsee.