Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Understanding Rayelan - The Motive is Money

Raye's motive for enticing me to come, temporarily, to Ohio, was money to be paid to her by Craig Franklin. Assets, those who work for the murky powers who control us today, have to be paid and otherwise there was no reason for her sudden interest in me, giving me a radio show, and introducing me to the Manchesters and solemnly attesting the good character neither of them possessed.

It appears that Raye set me up.

Money talks and if you read Raye's whining panhandling letters you know the stories she tells need not make sense, flavored as they are with hysteria and drama.

Among the asinine lies Raye tells about me must be included the entirely bizarre fable that I came to Ohio to squat in her upstairs because I had no other place to go. In fact, I had an open invitation to spend time with several friends who lived in California, most conveniently in Porterville, just a little more than an hour from my home in the mountains. My friend, Melody Gillespie, who I had known for since 2006, both were doing radio shows and were interested in legal reform and other patriot issues.

Here is Melody's declaration on the conversations we had just before I left for Ohio.

I went to Montana on the way because I had provided to Bob Fanning, then a candidate for Governor whose campaign was faltering, a brief outline for campaign. It took about an hour to write, one of many I had provided to freedom oriented candidates. No big deal, but he asked me to drop by and my editor, Leon Smith of the Iconoclast, asked me to write an article for his paper. The article was finished and filed just before I left Montana.

The trip from California to Ohio had become hellish because a group of people, who you will recognize when I name them, began threatening and harassing me. They sent out disgusting emails about me and libeled me saying I was fleeing warrants in seven states, among other outrageous lies.They found women named Melinda Foster and posted them as me. One of these women was black.  This, is libel, and stupid libel at that. 

I have never had even a traffic ticket.

It was a small group, made up of two couples, my former husband, and – Raye.  Now let's consider their motives. 

Those orchestrating these assaults directly were Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester, his wife, Laura, Morgan Gell and her husband Jay Gell. Raye was paid to pump me for information and increase my vulnerability, providing them with more material.

Alex and Laura were always open to doing anything for money. 

The two of them were hosted at the Biltmore in Montecito by my former husband, Craig Franklin, for several days, enjoying the posh atmosphere and perks which accompanied this trip. They also, by their statements, accompanied Craig to my home, which it is likely they burglarized. Given the way Craig passed out money to women and those who did his bidding, the standard was $5,000 a month, it is a reasonable surmise that he was paying them.  He was certainly being cced on their abusive emails to me.  I have copies. 

Morgan had a long history for attacking me. She happily accepted $5,000 a month to do just this during the divorce. She stood watching as Craig's attorney, Jacqueline Misho went through my private papers and computer before I even knew a divorce was planned. Read more here.

I had supported Morgan, rented her apartments, decorated these for her, and done everything in my power to help her find a purpose in life except spending money. But Morgan had all the love and loyalty of a snake. I know what it is like to be managed and set up by a psychopath because Raye was not the first who was paid to destroy me.

All the way from California to Ohio I was receiving mails were copied to me, Craig, these two couples, and Raye, with ugly libels and threats.

At the time it did not occur to me that Raye had been the agent whose job was to extract me from California so my home could be burglarized and then prevented from returning to care for my property. But her behavior has no other logical explanation.

She remained in communication with the Manchesters and also appeared to be hearing from Morgan and Jay. She was, herself, not seriously attacked although it was her, and not me, who had supposedly offended the Manchesters and I had had no contact with Morgan and Jay for some time. I did not attack them or put up any websites about either couple until it was clear they were working together and intended to destroy my reputation and so my ability to earn a living.

Jay published shocking and untrue slanders about me on Facebook and hammered me with sick, disgusting emails which made it hard for me to function. Then, I realized this was a technique I had experienced before during the divorce from Morgan and Craig, among others Craig knows.

I was left shaking and stunned.

At the time the revelations which would come to me from Anne Fisher about destroying his former girl friends had not sunk in. Recently, as I reread these, I realized the whole campaign was coordinated and would not have happened without motive.

The motive was removing me as a threat to Craig and to Dan O'Dowd, the president of Green Hills Software, Inc., See the original Greedville, which went online in late January of 2012.

Why didn't I give up? Why did I insist on justice? Because I needed the money to set up a trusts fund for my disabled son and I desperately needed to be able to work. I needed the reputation for integrity and honesty I had earned from a lifetime of doing the right things.

And justice matters to me. I am not a quitter.

Dan O'Dowd could not openly attack me because only by keeping me impoverished could they continue to deny me a day in court and the stock in Green Hills which was owed to me as marital property.

People kill for a few dollars. What do you think O'Dowd, who had stolen a company from the partner who funded him, would do to keep this stolen property? The money at risk is billions of dollars. The answer is anything.


  1. RMN, from its own Fundrazr widget, states that RMN was started on June 6, 1996. Or 6.6.96. Or 666. For a site that exudes greed and larceny, while numbing the rubes with 'con-spiracies', you'd think some would "get it". Why that date, hmm?

    1. New World Order types can't resist using the numerology symbols they think we rubes are too dense to recognize. Have you noticed how many of they are being fried every day now?

    2. Ano is right. I had marked this before in connection with the meanwhile cancelled TRINITY symbolism where the Gold Star Army Wife club member, self-proclaimed protagonist of Freedom & Liberty" dressed in a black blouse presents satanic symbolism knickknack, the TRINITY double triangle ring where the first layer can be read as a magic triangle of 666.

      Therefore, to be concluded,
      ( 9 + 6 -> 15 -> 1 + 5 = 6 )

      Trinity of 666
      Started on 6.6 in 96
      Darlene Rae Smith = The Harlot of Satan

      As to 666, for example, the invasion of France by US led Allied Forces was launched at 6 a.m. on 6th of June in 1944. Despite bad weather conditions the satanists had to do it this day to please Moloch, therefore more than 40.000 Allied troops were sacrificed in the first wave, just to go along with their anti-human beLIEf system.

      BTW did whoreific Smithy ever serve in the US Army? How can she (im)post to be a Gold Star Wife?

      Bitch-As-Bitch-Can? Yes she can!

      Melinda Motto: Facts Over Fiction

      will slowly but surely smother the brood of snakes and vipers.


    3. Yes, G~, I prefer my fiction correctly identified. As to the Gold Star Wife it is likely she is talking about either or husbands Two - Dyer, who might have been former military, or Major David Kooker, who was retired military with a long and solid record for serving his country. However, his first wife was the one who went through that with him. Smithy was only there to get the money which resulted from Kooker's service. It seems to me it is the wife or spouse who went through the experience with the serviceperson who should be able to claim the distinction of the title. But given Smithy's problematical relationship with the truth she could be counting Russbacher, the Con-Artist as well.

  2. Isn't this a bit of irony? The Fundrazr widget as of today, thanks to Hosie, with his odd $26 donation a few days back. Boy those triple 6's just keep coming. Coincidence?


    42% raised of $4k goal




    Days left
    Ends May 2, 2015

    1. They are so last century. They are limited to their fingers and toes, you know.