Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Ahhhh...the life style of the debauched and greedy

Thanks 86!!!!

Some Readers are doubtless desperate and stretching pennies til they scream in their own lives.  But I suspect many others, say the hundreds and hundreds who regularly visit this site, have paused to consider the life style of Aging Badly Party Girl and wondering if this is a good use of their hard to come by funds. 

desperate much? recycling old posts

Hi, Folks -
From a conversation we were having in mid-December:
Reader: "I think the main reason not many here contribute, is because ..."
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Date: Monday, 15-Dec-2014 17:59:01
(Thanks, o-and-f. :)
Reader old an foggy writes (and I'll comment, following):
Re: Thanks, Reader, for the $10 and this comme....
I think the main reason not many here contribute, is because simply the mass of your readers on this forum, are absolutely broke and almost desperate, each month I have to decide whether to pay for internet or eat, like many others I too await this pp,f+P,RV,gcr, and until something happens, nothing will happen, I know most on here are in the same boat, thats why the zap post gets a thousand hits within an hour of publishing, and most other posts get 3-400 hits over a week, on the other hand it could just be that we read this forum, simply because we have nothing left to lose, because we are broke and can only afford hope!
(hobie here.) You might be right. :) And if that's the way it is, we're happy to be able to provide as best we can.
Here's the thing, though: There are so many of us, that just a coupla bucks from each one, just once every month or so, would take care of RMN's needs.
Almost 3700 have viewed the Poofness post now - and the month's FundRazr goal is $4000. Technically a buck apiece would do it, EXCEPT that it doesn't add up right when contributions are that small because PayPal takes too large a bite from each transaction - but $3 each should work well enough.
To be clear: We don't want or ask for anyone to contribute who is genuinely unable to. But it's remarkable how little it would require from each if all or most were to chip in. :)
Blessings, all.



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