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If you care about freedom and our future, consider what you do today

Exhibit 78 – Article sent to blog lists July 19, 2014

About Rumor Mill News – What You Should Know

Rayelan is, again, begging for money to 'keep Rumor Mill on the Internet.'

Have you ever asked yourself what Rumor Mill actually accomplishes? It is time you did.

What Rumor Mill News does NOT provide is up to the moment information on breaking events, reliable exposes which explain the morass facing us today, or reliable information on ways you can get off the grids and enact your own freedom.

These are the kind of stories you need to read – and they are readily available, for free, on such sites as WHOWHATWHY, for exposes. A Rumination on the Bilderberg Group,
Russ Baker, a highly respected journalist who left the MSM so he could get people the truth, posts there, growing out a team of journalists who provide the facts we so desperately need. They ask for donations but do not whine about it.

If you want information on the ugly truth about the CIA and its related partners in fascism, or to read stories about suppression of our First Amendment Rights, visit Justice Integrity Project. Andrew Kreig, its proprietor, wrote the first book on how the independent media is being gobbled up by corporate interests 25 years ago, published October 1, 1987. The book isSpiked: How Chain Management Corrupted America's Oldest Newspaper.” Andrew's current book is “Presidential Puppetry – Obama, Romney and their Masters.” There are over 1,000 references to other sources, giving the book substance as it reveals the common threads of the forces masking themselves as Right and Left who are eating us alive today.

Wayne Madsen is a close friend of Andrew's and today is facing assaults because he has dared to tell the truth. These are all examples of original stories, which are picked up and reposted on other sites, which we refer to as “RePosters.” There are a lot of these out there.

RMN is a RePoster Site.

The number of original stories appearing on RMN are near zero. Even stories which have limited access for a time, which on other sites are paid for to give their readers access, are absent.

Other sites running the same kind of stories, for instance Before its News, do not ask for money, instead making what they need, like a respectable business, by selling advertising.

RMN is a reposting site flavored with hokey stories about the continuous lamentations of Rayelan as her dogs, she says, sicken to the point of death and she, heroically, makes do with practically nothing to keep RMN on the Internet.

The truth can be painful, but it is also liberating, opening up the exit as the theater is filling with smoke. The other thing RMN does not do is provide ways to climb off the grids which do not require you to hunker down in a cow pasture in a bad reprise of the 19th Century.

Real answers exist – but not on RMN. Visit Natural News for articles on staying healthy, surviving, and more. On July 14th, 2014 this article appeared on Natural News,How to prepare yourself for the collapse of the age of human delusion (and the arrival of human spiritual awakening.” Mike Adams, who started Natural News, funded it, and maintains labs to test products, on the profits he earned from selling a software company for several hundred million dollars some years ago. Mike does not beg for donations. He sells products which solve problems.

So why does RMN and Rayelan need so much money every month and what does Rayelan do with that money? You have a right to know.

Let's examine the truth about Rumor Mill News, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

I was asked to post on RMN around 2008. I do not re-post, but write original articles using my own research. At the bottom of this statement is a short synopsis of my career as an activist.

Except for occasionally talking to Raye on the phone and posting some, not all of my articles, I had no contact with RMN as the content did not interest me. I was then writing for OpEd News and being published as a columnist in the Lone Star Iconoclast in Texas.

The Lone Star is the small paper which gave Kerry his immediate pre-election rush of support in 2004 after he was swiftboated by a NeoCon sting operation.

I had started writing as a way to fight back and continue my work as an activist, which had begun with the Goldwater campaign.

My discussions with Raye were neither deep or even very personal. She did not appear to have any particular, identifiable, ideologically based viewpoint. Mostly, I listened to her tell stories I could not believe about herself. After some time she began repeating these stories, verbatim, like a memorized script.

I was distantly aware of her move to Ohio and talked to her once while she was living in what she described as 'The Cow Pasture.” This would have been around 2010, late in the year.

In July of 2011 I received a call from Raye asking me to take a show, Tuesdays, on RMN Radio. On the same date I was offered another show at my first station, BBS. I had done radio, one and off, for several years.

After considering the matter and realizing I was also familiar with The MicroEffect, which is the actual station which was selling Raye time, I decided to accept her offer.

Raye and I started talking more often. She then asked me to help her with the radio station, managing the calendar and other duties. I agreed to do so.

Then, on August 25th, 2011, Raye called me, breathless, asking I help her dear friends, the Duke and Duchess of Manchester, who were being libeled and slandered in the media. She attested to their good character and told me she trusted them with her life. I accepted their phone number but did not call.

And hour later, Laura, the Duchess of Manchester, called me.

Between her and Raye I was persuaded to help them 'get the truth out,' about what they characterized as false charges of bigamy, build them a website, and write a book. I was promised payment for these services, which I provide professionally.

The next morning a website was up.

25  - Laura calls Melinda for the first time, Melinda's number provided to Laura by Raye Smith. 
                       26 – Email from Laura to Melinda regarding website.

For the next six weeks I deferred finding other work and began talking to Raye several times a day about this ongoing project and learned far more about her.

In September Raye asked me to take over the advertising for RMN and offered to pay me for this. I accepted the offer and rewrote the advertising material and created policies.

The work with the Manchesters, however, was taking abrupt, and strange, changes in direction.

In September we began working on the sale of a video Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester, said was his sole property. This turned out to be a blatant lie, one of many he told continuously.

The Time Line on the site I later put up provides articles written by media from around the world, legal documents, letters, emails and more which paint a very different picture of Alex and Laura.

Although the couple had sent me email copies of these documents I did not open them until matters had reached a tumultuous and shocking conclusion. In the interim, I had grown close to Raye and believed she was my friend. Nothing could have been less true.

The next year, spring of 2012, I learned from Wendy, the duke's former wife and the mother of his two children, Raye had been offered objective proof on his bad character and psychopathic tendencies in 2009 - after Raye took down an article which, correctly, reported the fact he is a bigamist. His act of bigamy made his children illegitimate and stopped the payments being made for them to Wendy. They were without income, except what Wendy earns as a receptionist, for two years until the Queen's Court determined they were entitled to income from the Manchester Trust. Alex had never paid a penny of support himself.

Wendy sent me court documents, transcripts, receipts, and more. She does not make bald statements and expect to be believed without question. Again, look at the Time Line.

Rayelan ignores the facts. When I confronted her on this she said, “I'm not a journalist and the facts don't matter.” The facts sure mattered to me. If I had known I would not have spent two months of my time on work for which I was never paid.

But Rayelan's statement is a true and blunt appraisal of the publishing policies of RMN. The facts don't matter on RMN.

I found out Rayelan was paying for the Manchester's storage in Michigan, Alex's cherished Human Growth Hormone treatments, the couple's food, and other expenses in late September, 2011. But the ones really paying were RMN Readers who donate.

As you read over The Duke of Manchester site and see how callow, predatory, and ugly the Manchesters are you have to wonder why would Rayelan work so hard to persuade me to help two people who have wronged so many people. I began to ask myself why she set me up for such a loss of income. I have theories, but no conclusions. Yet.

My first blog site started in 2005, titled How the NeoCons Stole Freedom.

To date, there are around 300 articles, all written by me, on the site. Most of these are about the NeoCons, some as individuals and other about the developing trends in finance. Many include my personal experiences with these people.

I believe I was one of the first people, if not the first, to write an expose on Ronald Reagan. This was hard for me because Ronnie was a friend of my father's, though Father refused to participate in his administrations, either when he was elected governor in California or when he was elected president. But it was the truth and needed to be said. Ronald Reagan - An Ugly Truth without the truth it is not possible to fight back and, ultimately, win.

Now, I also write for Koch Truths, along with doing the graphics. Koch Truths is the only voice in the environmental movement which is not ultimately controlled by corporations. I knew the Kochs personally while I was active at the national level in the Libertarian Party in the 70s and 80s.

Drone Free Zone is also my site.

Now, I am also working on making Net Zero and Off Grid technologies available to the main stream market.

Here are a few more facts:

Rayelan spends little time on RMN.

She does no research for articles and does not write articles.

She relies of Jeff Gordon AKA Hobie, also known as Zapper, to do the work on RMN. She spends her time shopping and enjoying herself. You would never know, by watching her, we are at a critical time in world history.

I personally believe, because of the evidence, Rayelan's gig on RMN was provided by the CIA so she would have extra income in retirement.

According to the security people at OITC RMN is hosted on a CIA site.

So, ask yourself if contributing to RMN is a good use of your money and if Rayelan is a positive force for your freedom and well being.

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