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A Short History of Rayelan's Life

A History of Darlene Rae Smith 


Harry Potter is real to people because they found themselves caught up in a narrative which engages you, draws you in. Therefore, you do not question the fantasy and fictions which make up his world. You know it is invention, but he becomes real. This is the same principle used by con-artists, they engage you in a seductive narrative. You want to believe. But believing, trusting just on the basis of an enticing narrative, is hazardous.

When you know the history of an individual you can compare it to your own experiences and judge for yourself how likely it is that what you are being told is true. If you have had the experience of going to a high school reunion you know how few people really change in any essential ways. It happens, but even then you catch yourself and say, “oh right, Rufus was always interested in math. Stayed after class to talk to the teacher.”

This explains why Rufus now owns and operates a software company.

Rayelan as a child
Darlene Rae Smith is the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur V. Smith. Arthur Smith was a long distance trucker. Betsy, Elizabeth Smith, raised children and worked first in the small dry goods store in Crows Landing, a very small town comprised of just a few hundred people in Central Valley, California. Later, when little Darlene Rae Smith was in junior high school, Betsy opened a small store to sell children's clothes. This vastly increased little Darlene's status and appearance in her mind.

Little Darlene had lacked confidence because along with being one of the poorer children in school, she also had a speech impediment. This was corrected through rehabilitation with speech training by a woman with a British accent.

As was true in My Fair Lady, assuming a cultural background because of an accent can be very misleading. The British accent allowed Rayelan to build a very different narrative for herself.

Changing an accent is much like slapping on a coat of paint, the underlying values and assumptions and problems with the structure of the house, and the person within, remain in place.

Rayelan as a teenager
Her activities in high school included cruising the main street of Crows Landing with her friends and thinking about, and interacting with, boys. Matters of intellect were far from her mind. She was driven by hormones, as all of us were at the same age – but her subsequent life provides signs indicating she did not change to any great degree.

Overstating your sexual attractiveness, and the importance of female pulcritude, is a normal reaction in girls who have no other measure for self worth. Interpreting the reaction of males to something far more lasting than casual sexual contact is also common. We know from her earlier childhood that, because of her speech impediment and the relative poverty of her family, she felt unequal to her peers. She has admitted this herself.

Girls in this position are very likely to become sexually active early because boys and men will ignore other factors, in the short term, when sexual favors are available.

Not excited about her roots, Darlene headed to San Francisco, north and on the coast, after high school. She reinvented her narrative. Exciting chapters were included which bore little relationship to reality, born from her frustrated fantasies. 

At the time of her first marriage to Roger Kenneth Lafler, born October 5, 1945, Darlene was still using her born name, Darlene Rae Smith. She was eighteen years old.

The two were married Oct 8, 1967 in Stanislaus County, California. Rayelan does not generally mention this marriage, saying her second marriage to John Norvell Dyer was her first.

Roger was in college in the San Francisco area. Darlene was selling shoes and reports this was very lucrative because she was doing so on commission.  Young Darlene was learning sales, telling the potential buyer what they wanted to hear and urging them to buy more.

 There is no evidence she was interested in continuing her formal education. San Francisco during this period was a hotbed for sex and drugs. By her own statements Darlene was part of the age of sexual experimentation and also the use of drugs. Her commissions with shoe sales provided the resources to do as she pleased and having more likely assuaged the sense of not being good enough she had experienced when she was younger and comparing herself to her school mates, who came from more prosperous families and did not suffer with a speech impediment. Her marriage to Roger, likely undertaken to get her out of Crows Landing, soon ended.  The world was there to be experienced, and by her reports, she did so with gusto.

Roger married again, finished college, and had a successful, if unexceptional, career in real estate. Darlene's life took a far different direction.

In this marriage , as in her other relationships, Rayelan places all blame on someone else, painting herself as credulous and victimized.  Today, nothing has changed. But the Rayelan of today has lived a life which is far different from that lived by most of her contemporaries. 

At some point Rayelan encountered assets from the CIA.  Rayelan tells multiple stories about when this took place but she admits it happened.  

How does one stay credulous and trusting if they have been through the machinations dished out by the CIA? They don't. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that young Darlene, now Rayelan, was anything but very experienced with getting what she wanted. 

If Rayelan came into contact with the CIA as an operative or asset it was either during this period of time of, from another account she tells, because her own father sold her into an MK-Ultra Program.

The CIA is automatically covert and deals in lies routinely. A blank wall to inquiry, we cannot expect to get objective evidence from their records. 

Their victims know this through direct experience. Rayelan claims sometimes her father has CIA connections, which is how she was sold into MK-Ultra. It is not possible for us to know if this is true or a dramatic addition to her narrative. But since she says it we should consider how it might fit into her personal profile.

This could account for an early connection to the shady and covert world of the CIA and other agencies. But it appears, if this is true, she chose to identify with her abusers, an example of Stockholm Syndrome.It is also possible this was just a cover for her real introduction to the gray world of disinformation and covert operations.  

I had communications with individuals who could place themselves in these programs during the time Hank Alberelli, author of the break through book, “A Terrible Mistake, the Murder of Frank Olson,” was first out. We briefly attempted to start a Committee of Truth and Reconciliation. We were threatened with the death and dismemberment of family members. The effort ceased. My review of the book is available online. 

None of these individuals viewed the CIA and its covert operations with glee, as does Rayelan.   

Rayelan tells several stories about herself during this period. Each of these stories tells us significant things about Rayelan underneath the overt narrative. As you listen to her tell them she is clearly proud of her roles in these events, one of which defies belief and practices, and in all of them because the focus is exclusively on the reaction of men to her sexual allure. The stories, as told, could have been lifted from a bodice ripper with no significant changes. All of the stories are dramatic, featuring her as a heroine sought because of her family background or beauty.

Rayelan claims her father, who was associated with the CIA or other covert government organization, took her to Austria when she was around nine years of age to arrange for her to marry the son of a highly placed member of the aristocracy, Gunther Russbacher, her third husband. In the narrative, Rayelan says Gunther, who was older, insulted her looks and ran off with a girl closer to his own age. Then, the narrative has him later at her feet, telling her he has been looking for her, and her alone for millions of years.
Rayelan provides no proof her ancestry makes any such arranged marriage even remotely likely, if such marriages actually were then being arranged by families covertly engaged in a centuries long breeding program, as Rayelan claims. The lead in to Obergon Chronicles bears the marks of fantasy and invention, ignoring the essential nature of a rising consciousness. 

That shift removes us from individualized fantasy and toward Oneness, the transparency and equality with each other which is the rise in consciousness we have anticipated.

This dichotomy  leads to multiple questions, lost when you allow yourself to believe in Rayelan's emotion packed narrative as it unfolds with hand gestures.

Rayelan claims she was subjected to mind control by the CIA, as was her oldest brother.
While it is very true children were used in programs by the CIA, only one example being the infamous MK-Ultra experiments, Rayelan provides no proof by any family member this was the case or that she was not a student in local schools to the family's place of residence for the entire time of her childhood. But her claims are persistent and the place where she says this happened is named as one used for these purposes.  This could be a coincidence, added to the narrative to provide some level of proof when nothing else exists.

Rayelan claims she was trained for, and took part in, a special operation during the Vietnam Conflict to extract Russbacher from Laos.  She claims she was told the subject for the removal was her fiance, who she believed had died there in combat.   She then reveals the individual being rescued is Gunther, to whom she claims to have been betrothed by their respective fathers on the occasion when she supposedly first met him.
She reports multiple incidents of daring and heroism on her part but no explanation for why she would reasonably have been recruited, in violation of the law and practice for the military are ever cited. She also reports having fallen out of a helicopter and being rescued herself. 
No explanation as to why she would have served any potentially useful function in such an operation is forthcoming.  The story comes off as a failed movie plot, not as reality. The dog taken along on the Seal Team assassination assignment to get Osama ben Laden had a function. Darlene did not.

Rayelan claims she was paid to snitch on fellow employees who were small time users of pot while she was working as a shoe saleswoman in her early 20s.
Many people engaged in selling and using pot and LSD during this period.  Money from the Brotherhood of Eternal Love, made from the sale of drugs, is purported to have been used to end the War in Vietnam. Engaging in this kind of activity for profit was not viewed as criminal by many of Rayelan's generation.  But Rayelan's chosen role was snitch, being paid to work against the values of her generation.  She showed no shame for having engaged in a betrayal of her friends and associates.   Rayelan's expressed pride in this supposed activity raises legitimate questions about her values, which would later include support of the War in Iraq and the administration of George W. Bush. 

Rayelan claims she was paid by the same covert government operation to begin a sexual relationship with a Mexican drug lord and report on his activities.  She then claims she was going to marry him and was shocked when he was murdered. 
It is a fact that agencies such as the CIA do not recruit debutantes to do undercover work which includes sexual contact. But they do recruit sex workers to do undercover work. It is very possible, given the dearth of information on this period of Rayelan's life, that she may well have been working as a call girl part time. 

Again, Rayelan showed no grief or regret for having been paid to engage in this activity, Most women, including sex workers, could experience shock and loss if they had become emotionally engaged enough to consider marriage.  

This kind of work would have become a natural extension into other covert operations which provided Rayelan with the background to undertake later work of a political bent, in which she had shown no sign of interest when she was younger.

Specific dates and events in Rayelan's early life are thin. But we do know the date of her second marriage. She was twenty-five years of age and married a physicist, John Norvell Dyer on May 21, 1975. At the time she was still using the name, Darlene Rae with her first husband's last name, Lafler.

John Norvell Dyer, PhD, was Chairman of the Department of Physics from 1979 – 1987, at the Navy Post Graduate School in Monterey, in Clark,County, Nevada. It appears Dyer had divorced his first wife, Barbara A. Dyer, on March 17th of the same year. This makes it far more than likely Rayelan was the cause of the divorce. Dyer was born July 19, 1930 in Virginia, making him 45 at the time of their marriage. 

Married to Dyer
With his first wife Dyer had several children who were close to Rayelan's age. His  marriage to Rayelan began to fall apart several years after it took place. Rayelan at different times has claimed they were legally divorced and then that they were separated and about to get back together when Dyer died suddenly on December 31, 1988 in Monterey, California. In multiple articles Rayelan describes herself as Dyer's widow, which should not be the case if a divorce had taken place.  

Rayelan claims to have been a surrogate, effectively the mother to, a grandchild of Dyer's because the mother was a drug addict. She also claims his children disliked her without cause and that she subsidized the entire family with her earnings.

During the marriage, when she claims they were separated or after the   divorce, if it took place, she admits to having an affair with an artist in Pasadena who gave her prints she still has. She claims she received nothing when Dyer died but she relocated to New York, not a cheap undertaking.

In 1984 Rayelan entered a new period of life, her Consciousness narrative. As always, she found something to sell. Rayelan reported having gone through a near death experience which, “changed her life,” this after, “many years as a dedicated spiritual seeker.” The product was instructions on what she called The Activated Cellular Memory Method. The product can be found on the site for a city called Shamballa. Perhaps this is related to the narrative in the Obergon Chronicle.

Rayelan reported laying, “in bed wondering if she was going to die, she walked through her closet doors into another dimension. While there, she attended a class about the holographic nature of the Universe.
The instructor told the class that their studies on earth were almost over and they and their classmates were getting ready to graduate.

The instructor talked about negative emotions and memories that get embedded in the cells of the physical body. He said that before their class would be allowed to leave the earth plane, they had to clear the negatively charged emotions from their physical body... all the way down to the atomic level. He said that the rest of the universe did not want to become infected with "the Earth Virus".

While in this other dimension, Rayelan was given the secrets of Activating Cellular Memories and clearing them. The ACM Method is simple and easy. All it takes is breath, balance and self discipline. . . .”

Notice this is coming from a woman who cannot balance her check book and is constantly begging for money because of her illnesses. This gives one pause to wonder how well the method, the DVDs still on sale, actually works. 
After I arrived in Ashtabula I put together a test program using biofeedback. A local practitioner volunteered to treat three individuals. Rayelan was one of them. She claimed this worked to clear all her problems, too. Since I was seeing her every day I did not believe her then, or now.

By the next year, 1989, she is suddenly involved in politics in Northern California and well acquainted with Gary Condit, an ambitious politician who would later be suspected of murder.

Rayelan claims she went into politics under Condit's tutelege around 1988 and had, briefly, been active in the Democratic Party in the Santa Cruz area. Her activities, described to me, were not those usual to individuals seeking employment in politics. She had no knowledge of fundraising or handling data bases using the technologies then available. She was not wealthy, so the offer of a job in a campaign, which might have been rendered to a wealthy volunteer, is not likely. Nothing she has said about her political contacts, outside of Condit, could be considered an asset.

We should, therefore, consider other possibilities. If Rayelan was a CIA asset what function could her background serve politically?

Senator Claiborne Pell was at the time the foremost elected official who reliably supported protection of the environment. A scandal involving him could have hampered his effectiveness. 

 The stories in Rayelan's narrative regarding Pell all place her as having a very, very friendly relationship with him and going out with him publicly. I called a friend of mine, Helen Garland, who had been in the JFK White House and then was one of the small group responsible for founding the Earth Society, which yearly puts on Earth Day at the United Nations. Senator Pell and his wife were close friends of hers.

Helen had never heard of Rayelan but commented that it was unlikely to impossible that he could have behaved toward a woman as reported by Rayelan because the issue of being set up for a sexual scandal was one their close group had discussed in detail. Pell was never alone with a woman.

If Rayelan had been sent to bring about such a scandal and failed she would have immediately removed herself from D. C. She, in fact, did leave immediately at or just after her interview with Pell claiming dramatic female problems.

But why, if she was told she needed to be hospitalized for a medical condition would she climb on an airplane and fly to California, pick up her mother and begin driving north? This story does not become part of Rayelan's narrative until years have passed and the events largely forgotten. 

Politics is a business for those who need to get elected.  There are skills which are needed and professional associations which are used to find candidates, clients, for those in the business.  Putting together a campaign necessitates putting together a campaign staff.  This takes money.  Raising money is the most important function in politics.   

At no time could Rayelan tell me what expertise she possessed politically.  Her entire experience seemed to be giving parties which were not fundraisers. Asking for details, dates and names made her uncomfortable. The questions I asked were drawn from my own experience in politics, Libertarian and Republican starting in the mid 60s.

On Sunday, 15-Jul-2001 19:10:17 Ms. Smith wrote,After two more trips to Washington D.C., I was approached by the Condit Campaign and asked to join. I declined due to illness. One of my nieces took the job. As a result of her involvement, I was asked to host a small party for the Condit family. During that party, Condit himself asked me to join his campaign. He had heard from my niece that I was thinking about accepting a job on Capitol Hill and he put in a pitch to get me to go to work for him instead of Senator Claiborne Pell.”

If you are at all familiar with the world of politics you know that moving up to the kind of job supposedly being offered to Smith is beyond unlikely. My surmise is that Ms. Smith, then in her late 30's, was set up to cause a sexual scandal which would remove Pell as a threat to the corporate interests which then, as now, are actively manipulating Congress.

Ms. Smith did not go to work for Condit. Arriving in California she reports picked up her mother and driving north from Watsonville. On the way she reported accidentally meeting Gunther Russbacher. Was it an accident? Did it happen as reported? What else could have taken place, explaining these unfolding events?

Maybe getting Rayelan married was protection to ensure she was not accused of attempting to set Pell up. If someone from his office had seen her act inappropriately and it had become public then the scheme, if one had been planned, could have backfired. And did the CIA, or another agency, have a role for Gunther which was ditched because of his activities in Austria or the reports which made their way into the public about him? Any of these seem more likely than a sudden romance.

By the time of Darlene's third marriage, to Gunther K. Russbacher in Washoe, Nevada on Aug 30, 1989 she was using the name Raye Allan and was forty-one years of age. About this time Rayelan began gaining weight, a job killer for sex workers.

Since operatives and assets can be very unstable, many of them who have been outed appear to be disordered. The possibility agencies recruit individuals who are disordered should be considered.

Corporate Raiders who helped move money were allowed to destroy legitimate companies and keep their filthy lucre during this period, so this could have been a similar scenario, to pay them without having to create a conduit which could be traced. The only reports we have are from Rayelan and the article in the Chicago Tribune, which certainly makes is sound like Gunther and she were off the reservation if these activities were not part of another scenario.

It is tough to find anything about them which sounds normal.

Darlene describes Russbacher as third in the line of power at the C.I.A., along with ferrying then-Vice President George Bush to Paris during the caper of the October Surprise on October 19, 1980. Since the name of the pilot is never reported because it is the equivalent of being the bus driver it struck me as odd that such a big deal was made of the role, if Gunther actually flew the plane.

I have a friend who knows quite a bit about European aristocrats as his family has been honored for their contributions in the Netherlands for hundreds of years.  So in this instance I knew it was time to call Wally and ask about Gunther Russbacher. 

When I spelled out the name to Wally he laughed. First, it is a German name, not Austrian. Second, it means RedBaker, which Wally suggested could have been a modern pun cooked up by the CIA. As we chatted Wally did a search and found an article about Gunther flying an SR-71.

Wally has a friend who is a pilot for the SR-71, which, as far as he knows, holds only one person. Bush would not have been traveling without staff. There is no place for staff in a plane that small.

Wally is a descendant, ten generations back, of Johan de Witt. While we were chatting Wally bought on line a book outlining the written works of de Witt, whose Republican thinking impacted what would be the American Revolution and the French Revolution. After having controlled the Netherlands political system from around 1650 he was assassinated by Orangists in 1682.

Wally, a chemical engineer who worked at the Stanford Institute, originally contacted me about my grandfather, Arthur C. Pillsbury. Wally had purchased a book produced by AC for the Royal House of Sweden which was decommissioned around 35 years ago. Wally bought it and eventually his research lead him to me. We have chatted regularly ever since.

Rayelan's chubbiness begins
Rayelan reported that she and Gunther were only together for eight months of the time they were 'married.' It could have been a cover story since so much of their time was spent in activities which, if they were not planned to cover up something, were certainly highly unusual.

The couple are reported to have obtained funds for the coronation of Russbacher as Arch Duke of Austria in 1992. See Phoenix Journal.

So, was Russbacher a CIA asset or a con-man? There is no reason one avocation would exclude the other. Read the article, titled, "A Pro Con," published by the Chicago Tribune on  March 17, 1992, written by Michael Tackett.

So, sometime in 1996 Gunther calls Rayelan and tells her, by her report, she is too fat for him and departs. Rayelan immediately takes up the assignment of injecting false information into the media, first through a print newsletter and then online. By then she has met and married her fourth husband, Major David Kooker. I could find no record of the marriage but Rayelan is named as his wife in the obituary published at the time of his death in October 2005.

According to Rayelan, the wedding took place about a year after Gunther Russbacher divorced her in 1996. Since many of Rayelan's other marriages took place, not where she lived, but in Las Vegas, the search was extended to the entire country. Since Rayelan uses so many alias' all searches were for “David Kooker.”

David must have had a limiting effect on the online panhandling at RMN. Until after his death in 2005 there was only a 'Feed the Kitty' link, which you can see using the Wayback Machine.

Since then the panhandling, and Multi-Level Marketing have done nothing but increase following the same pattern, appeals for help with personal debts and hideous threats from villeins, which Rayelan used with the readers of Phoenix Journal. The disasters get bigger along with the lies.

Rayelan expects to be subsidized and she had been continuously subsidized while following her chosen business model at RMN.  This is predicated on using articles and other content without proper credit or permission.  Often the reader is left with the impression it is the 'Agent' who wrote the article, another layer of abuse. 

Yet it does not seem to occur to Rayelan this is wrong.  Ask yourself if there has ever been a dialog on the internal structure at RMN.  Do Readers feel empowered or are they rendered more passive and fearful because they know if they speak out they will disappear?  This bears an interesting similarity to how dissidents disappeared in Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia. 

Readers who doubt disappear from sight. How can this business model advance our empowerment as individuals and so change the world?  

It is your money she is spending. You may want to consider your options.

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