Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Bug-Eyed Surprised

Aging Badly Party Girl flabbered my gast in 2012 when she said (quote) "I'm not a journalist and the truth does not matter."

Clearly, this was one of those few frank and honest moments she has experienced in her life.  

I was spending a few moments poking around in my Arch Duchess of Austria Archive and found   this interesting Certificate, presented to Linda Brasier by GASP   Rayelan Allan PhD, presumably in journalism.  Really.  Nice artwork, somebody, but no one associated with Rumor Mill News could possibly deserve even a fake PhD.  The truth, you know, is the point of the exercise even if the present media should have their graduation from Kindergarten diplomas revoked. 

And here is the REAL Archduchess of Austria on her very own site.  Perfectly turned out, beautiful, and entirely appropriate.  And it is hosted on a blogger site, which just goes to show you they can be far more careful with money than is Rayelan (Not the Archduchess)  Allan.


  1. Rumors have it Lynda Brasier hereby was entitled to play doctor resp. doctors & nurses with the rumor bill team?

    Why not! They are adults, therefore legitimzed for adultery and playing doctor, or are they?


    Methinks I'll make a copy of this doctored certificate and hang it into the guest toilet in case the paper is used up.

    1. How could it be better? But they are not adults, except in years. They are arrested infants living on drama and deceit.

  2. Fat ass Rayelan is a Douchess, you must have misunderstood.

    1. Her stories are modified as needed, naturally. But she is fat and without socially redeeming value.