Monday, April 13, 2015

And Again, Thanks to Agent 86 for this additional lie by the Aging Party Girl

Too bad she has aged so very badly - then she could raise the money honestly by selling her only asset, the one she sits on.

Note that living upstairs I was always the last to get my mail, which had been tampered with regularly.  I have hard proof of this which will be presented in due time.  Aging Party Girl qua CIA Hump Provider, is lying to you yet again.  Buck and the other undisciplined dogs who occupied the house routinely ate the mail when it was brought in at all. The white and colored confetti which littered the floor includes bills and correspondence from RMN Readers.  If it did not look like  check it received scant attention, I noticed.  See: 

Mail is not intended to be left out in the snow, Rayelan 

Have you Readers yet noticed how everything is someone else acting in conspiracy and Rayelan is just a victim?  How can you trust someone like this to run a website which provides ACCURATE and therefore useful, information on which your life depends?  her Perils of Pauline Dramas may entertaining to read but they say nothing good about her abilities to carry out the duties of a real editor - though I am sure these served well enough when her function was 'Pleasure Provider' for the unwary, for instance the Mexican Drug Lord she gathered information on who ended up assassinated.

APG's only defense is lying and the money provided by you Readers to evade accountability by hiring sleazy attorneys and judges.  Ashtabula is known for its corruption and badly needs a cleaning. 

Bills Are Due...
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Monday, 13-Apr-2015 10:36:22 

If you have the means and would like to help, I need $420.00 to pay the bills at the old house. (I can't NOT pay them... it's the same companies for the new house!)
I really thought that I would have enough to pay all of this, but my long time insurance company... USAA canceled me. Why did they do this? Because I never saw the bills... thanx to Bitchamus (the freeloader who was evicted from my home). Because I never saw the bills, it was canceled and to reinstate it I had to pay for half a year in advance. I told them why I had never gotten their bill, and because I sometimes pay for a year in advance, I never even wondered why I hadn't seen a bill in a while. I had to find a new insurance company and there went my money to pay the utilities.
This has been going on for months now. Bitchamus hides the bills until the shutoff notice arrives. When I try to keep the lights, gas and/or water turned on, I have to pay everything that is past due plus a processing fee... i.e. penalty. As tight as I run here in this house and in my life, I never have $420.00 or $1000.00 without planning ahead for it.
If you can help, please use the Fundrazr Widget below.
If you are wondering why I use the money for RMN to pay my personal bills, RMN and I occupy the same residence. I pay the rent out of my VA Benefits that arrive on the 1st. RMN pays the utilities.
There is $1200.00 in the widget. We need to get it up to $1650.00 asap.
Thank you so very much.


  1. One had to wonder how much money comes in by check/MO and isn't publicly acknowledged? Kind of dishonest not to include that income while panhandling through FundRazr.

    1. By my observation it was less than came in through the online panhandling but still significant. Some came in in cash. Those who habitually haunt RMN can be very paranoid about being identified, evidently.