Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Donate to something which is not a panhandling scheme

If the money wasted on RMN had been sent to Sheriff Richard Mack, or any one of a dozen other courageous activists the world could be different today.  Instead, it was wasted. 

Thanks 86!
Rayelan no longer does even one radio show and she does not either research or write articles and she does not do much of anything but write panhandling pleas to the Readers to go to RMN to read the content stolen from legitimate sites.
Since the 'archive' disappeared when it appeared it could be used as evidence of fraud related to the Family Campground there is no reason Rayelan, or Hobie-Jeff Gordon-Zapper, should not take a few minutes and move RMN over to Blogger. All of those nasty bills for Rumor Mill News would then go away. Many people are consolidating their business now, and even though Rumor Mill is more Money Business than real, they can follow the same business strategy and so stop taking advantage of the poor Readers.
Rayelan was 'living like a pauper' because she stupidly borrowed money, on top of what she had from insurance, to put too many upgrades into her house in Watsonville and then could not pay the resulting loans.
Never Surrender, AKA Angel, could not have been missing many meals from what I have seen since 2011. And Rayelan always had Social Security and other income she does not mention from her MLMs.
Rayelan was paid by the State of California to care for her mother, so that was not a loss to her.
Ask yourself, seriously, what do you think Rayelan and Hobie-Jeff Gordon-Zapper have accomplished for freedom, transparency and the good of the world?

Posted By: Rayelan
Date: Sunday, 11 January 2009, 11:48 p.m.
I have been so busy with the radio show that I forgot to remind everyone that the first of the month is always slow for donations... but I have to have at least $750.00 by the 9th to pay for the server.
You can see that we are about $500.00 short of that figure.
One of my Christmas guests told me that I don't ask for enough to cover everything and I live from month to month like a pauper, literally fishing out change from the couch to even buy food.
Yes... that is the way I live. Zapper and NeverSurrender live this way too.
Most of the money that Rumor Mill News makes goes back into Rumor Mill News. The three of us survive on less than you can imagine each month.
My Christmas guest told me that our readers don't want the 3 of us living in poverty just so we can continue to bring you Rumor Mill News.
He told me that I set my Chipin too low. Last month I did set it low. I figured it was Christmas and no one would be wanting to help RMN when they had presents to buy for friends and family.
I set it for $3,000 this month. If we make that, I will take it down and put Zapper's hospital Chipin back up.
Those of us who write for RMN or work at RMN do not do so because of money. If I were rich, I would never ask for a dime from anyone... I would pay for this out of my own pocket... like I did for most of the early years for RMN.
But after my husband, David died, and I had to quit work to become my mother's fulltime caregiver, I didn't have his income or my teacher's salary to pay for RMN... so I had to start asking for money. But I failed to ask for enough each month... and my credit cards quickly maxxed out.
That's where I am right now. My credit cards are all at their limit, and if I don't raise at least $550.00 by the 12th, the charge for the server will bounce.
If you love RMN... Please chipin!! The 19th is the day the server is charged to the credit card. If you see a dark site on the 20th... you will know we didn't make it in time.;read=139205

Posted By: Zapper
Date: Wednesday, 7 January 2009, 2:53 a.m.
I am very grateful to the 37+ people who have contributed toward the paying of my hospital bill.
I have tried to email personally each one who contributed. I hope I have not left anyone out. If I have, forgive me, and you are included here:
Though the bill is far from paid, I have taken down the ChipIn for it. The reason is simple.
So let us focus on her at this time and on the need to help her keep Rumor Mill News online.
I think she would have mentioned this need herself by now, but she is feeling sad and is working very hard following tangodog's passing.
tangodog had been handling a number of things on her behalf. He is not here to do it now. Those chores have fallen to Rayelan to do for the time being in addition to everything else that she does.
All of us who think of RMN as home thank you. :-)


  1. Rayelan and Hobie are controlled opposition. They are paid to keep people in ignorance and fear. Not only are they a couple of lying thieves, they really are traitors to the rest of humanity. Those big dollar givers with the stupid names and the anonymous big dollar givers are most likely your tax dollars at work.

    Those two really are a couple of cheap contemptible whores

    1. Whores, or sex workers, are honest by comparison. They sell what they own. Rayelan and Hobie sell what they steal and then manufacture a false reality to make those who are relying on them vulnerable while at the same time defrauding them of their money and resources and any hope for change. Whores are better any day.

  2. Rent will be due in eight days on two houses if Liar Rayelan is to be believed. Whatever will our very own Penelope do? Will Dudley Doright ride to the rescue just in time? Stay tuned for the next episode of the Perils of Penelope where she will spin more outrageously improbable reasons for why she needs your money NOW

    Date: Thursday, 23-Apr-2015 04:57:00

    Hi, Folks -

    Many thanks to all those who "answered the call" so wonderfully on Wednesday, bringing the FundRazr widget to $2888. :) That's a very big help.

    Our goal for Thursday: Let's bring the widget to $3188 or even $3300. :) Please contribute today if you're able and would find it fitting. Your support means a great deal to Rayelan, and to all of us who are part of RMN's Agent team.

    Blessings, all.


    1. And the RMN Agent Team includes Dick Cheney, Karl Rove and Green Hills Software! Just the kind of people Rayelan admires and Hobie emulates!

    2. There was a time when Smithy praised the Bushes and spun fantasies to justify the invasion of Iraq. She also spread the rumors how the Muslims wanted to destroy the western civilization (think of WTC 911) in order to install a global caliphate (sounds familiar with certain hate- and warmongers). Quite often - during her less passive time - she referred to high level secret sources (her fizzleblowers) who allegedly told her to go public with urgent infos but had to stay themselves anonymous for fear of life. Thus she wanted to brag about how privileged and well-connected she is. Smithy Shat Talker on these occasions often starts her blow job tales with phrases like Believe me or not ...(will say she don`t give a shat what you think, don't care if it's true or a lie, anticipates objection because she knows she's lying). Her arrogance towards her rumor rubes she loves to express with the phrase You have no idea ... How would she know what her devoted audience knows? Hereby she just tells the members of her fantasy family how stupid they are in comparison to her divine wisenheimer status.

      The gist of Layelan's bent and twist

      "Believe me or not ..."
      "You have NO idea ..."


    3. Disgusting. If I had only known before I let the disgusting woman entice me out here. I would never had agreed to post my articles on her site.