Sunday, April 5, 2015

Blather from the Pit of RMN stupidity

Ahem, why would anyone who cares about moving toward a high consciousness which expands the depth and magnitude of understanding and empathy support Rumor Mill News?  It gobbles money like a feeding vampire and returns nothing but congames, deceit, and libelous drama queen posturing - which results in more money.  

The serious work for taking us to the next level is not taking place on RMN.   And money is a function of creating anonymous means for transfer to enable theft.  Its end will seem to be sudden because of the unexpected effects of punctuated evolution applied to human action.  But if you are investing in the Dinar just keep on doing what you are doing. 

In Response To: Dedicated server? How much do you pay for "Free Planet?" (billym)
Hi, billym -
Thanks. :) What you've said is correct. RMN started out as a "one of many on the same server" site, and that didn't go so well as readership grew and grew. We moved to a dedicated server and much more bandwidth, quite a few years ago. And yes, only our ISP and I have access to the machine itself.
The hacker who deleted so many files in late September took advantage of a vulnerability ('Shellshock') almost on the very day that existence of that vulnerability was made public knowledge. As has been said, the only truly secure computer is one that has no connection to Internet. :)
In Response To: how can RMN cost that much??? (FreePlanet)
These are all donations and given by each person from their own heart for their own reasons.
That is one of the cruelest remarks I have ever read here at Rumormillnews.
You sure get your advertisements for your books and art out here on this "message board" as YOU called it.
: I mean...
: there are cheaper ways to do what "Rumor Mill News"
: is doing. It can't cost that much each month to run a
: message board .

In Response To: how can RMN cost that much??? (FreePlanet)
Isn't it interesting, hilarious, sometimes, how WE human beings, rarely want to divulge the whole truth about OUR personal ad/or business' monetary situation(s).
MONEY has that LOVE it FEAR it, vibration and ring (like a bell) to it.
I am still envisaging a world without MONEY!
The CAUSE of ALL our 'apparent' problems here on Mother Earth!!
In a 3D environment, like we are experiencing, presently,
It AIN'T going to happen, anytime, SOOOON!


  1. I used to think Bonnie, Freedom4ever was a decent sort, but she is as ignorant as a box of rocks. The server bill is $400 per month and was collected last month about four times due to all the various lies about where the money went. I guess she thinks it is fine to defraud people by lying, just what I would expect from a George W Bush voter. All the other bills, other than domain renewals are Rayeliars personal bills, because she would have them anyway, such as her internet connection and cell phone.

    1. She sounds like a 20%er, you know. the ones who stayed in Pompeii until the oxygen was gone. But by being eliminated they do improve the gene pool.Raye fits in with them because she is a 20%er herself and will be making a pitch even as her server is turned off.

  2. Me thinks the rubes are starting to figure it out. You can only lie so many times, till even the most ardent supporters start to realize that something isn't right. If you plead for money to pay the server bill and rent, and don't pay the server bill or rent, throw in some misdirection like vet bills (along with pictures to rile up the dog lovers), moving, and a hospital trip to drum up sympathy, and then say I didn't realize I didn't pay either, um, you've run the scam into the ground. Here's some cold hard facts. Rayeliar will never take RMN offline willingly, it's her cash cow and how she survives. RMN will never go to subscriber, because the page hits would drop along with revenue, and the RubeMillNews pleads wouldn't be seen publicly. Stop the madness!

    1. The penny is dropping and so are the Readers.