Saturday, April 25, 2015

April 25, 2015 - More Lies for Dollars!

I wonder what this lying former whore's co-conspirators think of her outrageous lies? Lie, lie and lie some more, Raye.
Commentary follows:
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Saturday, 25-Apr-2015 12:49:20
I had no idea that I could ever be overdrawn in my paypal account. Normally if there is no money in there the card is refused.
This is because, you Rayelan, expect to be babysat all of your life. Your sex customers probably thought it was cute for someone to be so helpless.
I'm $-6.95 USD overdrawn in Paypal
But I am -$1,094.54 overdrawn in my bank account
That's almost exactly the amount left to fill in the Fundrazr Widget. If we can fill the Widget before the end of this month, my bank won't use my VA Benefits to pay this off.
The VA Benefits come from Kooker, to whom you were married for less than ten years. Those benefits should be going to the mother of his children.
I will be getting my VA benefits the first of the month. That will handle my rent of $750.00 and will leave me $500.00... but that will NOT allow me to pay off this overdraft. I will need another $600.00 to pay for that overdraft. There is $3,000 in the widget and I estimated that moving costs for RMN and for me would take $4,000 to pay for the use of a truck and to pay my helpers. If I didn't have to pay my helpers, the $4,000 in the widget would pay off the -$1,094.54 overdraft in my bank account. But it will not give me enough money to pay my helpers.
I don't even know how much I owe them. I know I owe one at least $400.00 and she needs it to pay her mortgage which is very overdue.
I have now discovered how the overdrafts take place. I check the balance on my phone each time I make a purchase. I have a number of automatic payments made to my bank account every three to six months. These are for products that are sold off the Rumor Mill News page, like Jurak Tonic amd Therma Mend.
When I see an unexpected increase in my bank account I just assume either Jurak or Therma Mend has put money in my bank account.
Again, someone else has to put money in your account? Go get that job at McDonalds and close RMN, a thieving site which injects disinformation to the public and is a dead loss to the world.
With my eyes giving me more problems everyday, I have recently discovered that unless I take OFF my glasses to read the information off my cell phone, i miss small things like a MINUS sign.
With my glasses off I have perfect reading vision. As I am typing this, I have my glasses resting on the lower part of my nose so that I can see the screen. No optometrist has been able to find an answer to this problem... especially for someone who works on a computer most of the day.
A few days ago I needed to know if I could afford to buy paint to paint some of the walls in the upstairs that are covered with something that looks like blood. God only knows what the "House Guest from Hell" could have done to leave stains like that on the walls.
LIES: See photos taken the last time I was up here, Monday, April 6, 2015.

Bathroom, all corners cleaned out

Wall behind where I cooked, clean

Toilet cleaned.  The dark material is from installation by unskilled handyman, not Deadly, another.

Toilet cleaned inside and out

Wall behind where I cooked, I removed cabinets and cleaned, replacing them.

My bedroom, Night of April 5, Sunday, ready for move.

Closet in my bedroom, clothing removed

Storage area in closet, cleaned and emptied.

Office, toward window, clean and nearly empty of my things, except what Raye stole

Last shot of the bathroom, April 6, 2015, just before we left

I have more taken as I moved things out and cleaned up, not that it needed much because I, unlike Raye, am a neat freak.  
If you wanted this to work you would have needed to invent it earlier. There were witnesses, let me remind you, ones who were objective and not your fellow conspirators from past conjobs.
The phone said I had over $600.00 in the account. What I missed because of my eyesight was the minus in front of the -$600.00. Thinking I had $600.00 in my account, I spent it on moving materials and wages for one helper.
If you can please help here is the fundrazr widget. This move has cost more than I ever thought. And the 3 year "house-guest from Hell" has my donor emailing list from 2011. I am certain she has already emailed them that I totally misuse the donations. If I totally misused the donations would I still be driving a 1999 Jeep? Would I be selling off anything of value that I still have? Take a look at what is for sale on the auction page. That's another way I make enough money to support myself.
Lie: I was never a house-guest. I was an employee. This is exhaustively documented and the issue is not closed, you will find. I used the list once – and that was to prove I have it, given to me because I was trying to get your redesign done when you refused to pay the costs or to pay me and keep your promises which you made to get me to come to Ohio.
Note: My cost of moving was around $100. I organized and carried it out with 2 ½ hours of help from others.
Lie: Sure you would. Why not? You would rather spend money on junk you then pay to store because you are a hoarder.
The "House Guest from Hell" ran space heaters 24/7 with the windows open. She did this to make my life even harder by running up my electric bill. Once to over $900.00 but usually between $400 and $500. My usual winter bills is $200.00.
As to the electricity, you had octopuses of things plugged in to plugs. I sealed the windows and only used heaters when you turned off the heat upstairs during winter. I did that on the advise of the police, if you remember.
Lie: You had an apartment built into the basement and Readers will remember you could not pay the bill for over $900 for the electronic equipment you had hooked up for Angel and The Deadly Handyman and others.
She also left the hot water running in the upstairs bathroom sink and tub. doing this she tripled my water bill.
Lie: Never happened. You had a valve put in to stop the tub from draining. I did it by hand so Arthur could take showers. Be prepared for a surprise there.
She started this the moment I told her to move out in late October of 2014. She finally moved out shortly after the eviction hearing.
Lie: I moved out on April 6, 2015, that would be 19 days ago and left the place far cleaner than it was when I arrived. One of the reason I hired help was so there would be witnesses.
That would have been about a week ago. I haven't gotten the latest bill for electricity and water. I am sure she did her best to run up the bill. All the windows were open when I finally was able to go upstairs and find out what damage she had done.
Lie: You already admitted you went up after we left on the 6th. You lied, saying there was no furniture in my bedroom when it was all there, which the witnesses will attest to.
And there was damage. I took photos and will post them on a website I am dedicating to her. I don't have to lie and make up stories about what a monster of a house-guest she and her son were.
Lie: If there is anything there now it was placed there after I left. See photos.
BTW... her son's room also has walls splattered with something that looks like a yellow dripping line with blood at the end of it. Some of my friends feel she is a witch and she performed some kind of ritual with that yellow and dried blood looking stuff. I would not put anything past her. She is the ONLY truly EVIL person I have met on earth.
Lie: I am a Christian and a Confirmed Episcopalian. You are a worker for the New World Order who wants to establish a demonic reign on Earth. I sent Father Peter a copy of your book on Diana and you are a heretic. The room was clean when we left.
Sorry for the disjointness of this message. I have two kittens meowing upstairs to be fed, and movers waiting on me to tell them what to move.
Lie: So, notice she moved in her slovenly help to filth the place then took pictures. Smart.
Here is the Fundrazr Widget. I thank you so much for all your help. I truly know that some of you are making a sacrifice just to give me $5.00. It is my sincere belief that once my move is over, I will be able to go back to a much smaller need in the chipin.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

If you contribute a cent to this ongoing fraud you deserve what you get.  And I hope Raye moves in with you. 


  1. And the idiot or evil rubes respond:

    Anonymous gave $10


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    John Schillaci gave $20

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    Anonymous gave $20

    Please remember two things: 1)The Universe is Abundant, and you will always have what you NEED. 2) Life is happening the way it is supposed to, by your design to help you see the lessons you felt you needed to learn. And some wise person summed it up:
    "Everything that you are going through is preparing you for what you asked for." Best wishes always, Dr Rob

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    Chandrashekar Rajaraman gave $50

    helping RMN..Thanks..

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    1. sskids, these folks are part of the 60% If they are sincere they can't help it because they can't climb out of the box. If they are assets or alternative personas for Jeff Gordon and Darlene, well, they are attempting to create an appearance that they are not scumbags who supported the ugly murders of George w. Bush.

  2. MPF - You should next week call and get breakdown of electricity usage for the last (as long as they have) usage, as you are considering buying or renting. The water bill too! ~dmh

    1. Hi dmh - I tried and they would not let me. I did that when it was in my name at the beginning of January. I suspect Rayelan's reasons for wanting these in her name was to avoid being outed as a liar with the proof.