Friday, April 24, 2015

No, Raye, you do not look younger That is more make up.

This is one of those posts Rayelan should have better judgment than to put up. Really.

2012 was a year, I remember it well, when Rayelan had her cosmetics spread all over the dining room table, which became, effectively, her dressing table after I had hauled furniture and cleaned her cattywompus shelving and clothes racks out so we could have a dining room where it would be possible to sit down and eat a meal and engage in civilized discourse. 

Civilized discourse, which I was raised to expect around the dining room table, consists of dialog between people on a variety of subjects.  These can range from articles from journals on science and medicine, politics, philosophy, technology, cultural events and  performances,  advances in social justice and much more.  Sharing news about  schooling and friends is also welcome.  

I learned in that dining room you cannot have civilized discourse with Rayelan. You just listen to her continuous monologues about how wonderful she is and the amazing things she did, and does, how hot she is, how many men wanted her and this sort of blather played over and over again like a tape recorder that skips. It was these sessions which caused me to start making notes of the seemingly endless stream of stories told nearly verbatim. 

It was in the dining room where she put up memorial walls to each of three husbands, excluding her first.  She was the shining light in the world for each of them.  

These stories were all, clearly fabrications. I could tell this because they accorded to her levels of expertise which she demonstrated daily she did not possess. Like the stories she could drive in all weather and was a trained expert behind the wheel. That is why the Snow Experience of a few months ago sent me into stitches.

And you can put on a lot of make up but the fact is Rayelan looks her age. She is 66. She looks 66 and should stop trying to sell things, likely a Multi-Level Marketing scheme, which her pictures illustrate do not work. 

This may actually be an 'after' photo.  Raye can't tell the truth to save her life.
             86 says this one is the best Before  Photo - Creepy the way the eyes are not even.

Raye, with less make up
Raye, in different light, watch this

Don't believe it.  I was there.  She put on makeup with a trowel.  It was an amazing production.

Notice Turtle Neck Top which hides fat.  It took her hours to put the make up on.  It was expensive make up.

It is a waste of time spending this much time on your appearance when there are better things to do for freedom.

The photos Raye provides are good advertising for make up - if you intend to stay only in rooms with the correct lighting, which was true for the After pictures provided.   You woule not believe how many photos she took to get the ones she used.  Raye always thought she looked hot, no matter what the reality was. 

To continually try to tell people you look younger than you really do lacks dignity and makes you look out of touch with reality.  If someone says you are looking well you thank them and do not point to parts of your body to show how well preserved they are.

Also, this photo was taken a year later and you can tell that in full light, even with cosmetics, Rayelan looks her age. Ask for a realistic photo of her before you consider buying. 



    This is the best one...she looks deranged

  2. The lower the lighting, the 'better' she looks. Try pitch black lighting next time Rayelan.

  3. She has the figure and the temperament of a fat garden slug, she also leaves slime trails, figuratively speaking.

  4. the not so hot, and liar queen, Rayelan Allan, was so impressed with her new and improved photo that she used it on her fake linked in page

    1. The new picture was taken at the tiny desk in the dining room, corner toward the front west side of the house. I was there and watched her take photo after photo of herself. Why didn't she just change the photo on her linkedin I wonder? You can. And the one has only 3 contacts and the other over 500. She is a strange duckie. Thanks for sending!

    2. Because she awarded herself new and improved credentials to go along with that new and improved photo.

      she now has a degree in English and several more years in college in addition to claiming expertise in journalism and fund raising. Compare the two, side by side. The Queen of Lies....Rayelan Allan, even her name is a lie.

    3. Yes, sskids! And the courses she taught in school were Lying: 101, Big Lies: Advanced Course, and Disinformation for Profit: Websites and for your very private life.

  5. How many lies can you see in her 'New & improved' Linked-In statement?

    June 1996 – Present (18 years 11 months)

    Rumor Mill News is one of the oldest alternative websites on the Internet. It was started in 1996 as a print magazine. In 1998 the first webpage was created. In 1999 we added the Reading Room and other researchers and writers were allowed to bring their information to RMNews.

    Over the years we have kept adding Citizen Reporters from all around the world. Monthly we have over a million and a half visits from individual computers. Each person visits multiple times adding up to 57 million hits a month. For a website that is owned by a little old lady on Social Security, who is dedicated to getting the TRUTH out... and doesn't much think about money.... I think we are doing pretty darn good ;-)

    RMNews is going through a re-design. Hopefully it will be finished by the first of the year. I know everyone is going to love the new design because everyone will be able to add comments to the articles we post.

    The Radio Show that was attached to RMNews is also undergoing a major redo. We are building a new station which will be based in London. We are planning on doing 24 hours of live broadcasting.

    And if we have so many hosts that 24 hours is not enough for them, we are going to start another station.

    Her impressive credentials

    Data Concepts
    Carmel, CA
    January 1984 – June 1986 (2 years 6 months)

    Wire transfers, telexes, assisted various clients with whatever they needed done
    Angel Press Publishing
    Monterey, CA
    June 1983 – August 1984 (1 year 3 months)

    I created the catalog, did proof reading and paste up, read manuscripts.

    Public SpeakingBloggingSocial MediaEntertainmentPublishingProofreadingMagazinesRadioBroadcastSocial Media MarketingJournalismMedia RelationsCreative WritingCopywritingPress Releases
    See 1+

    UC Santa Cruz
    UC Santa Cruz
    BA, Psychology/English
    1975 – 1977