Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Take the Hare Index, Aging Badly Party Girl

Please notice that Aging Badly Party Girl has no compunction about calling me a psychopath, something which I am happy to disprove by taking the Hare Index the moment ABPG agrees to do the same, either with or without being joined by my psychopathic relative, Morgan Gell.  For Morgan's story go to the site I put up, on the advice of a legal authority, to ensure she and her husband could not steal from me any longer.  

The Hare Index is considered the only reliable test for psychopathy.  I'm willing to take it, ABPG is not.  In fact, she shuts up when it is mentioned like a vampire confronted with garlic. 

How long did Robert the Bruce persist before he make Scotland free?  "Try, try try Again," was his motto.  It is mine, too. I never stop when justice and freedom are threatened.  Cleansing the world of those who act without conscience, preying on others. 

I am a descendant of The Bruce, and proud of it.  ABPG is the descendant of slave owners, and proud of that heritage, creepy as it is.

I discovered after Craig left me that he was a sexual predator who married me to get access to my daughters.  His focused fantasies are violent rape and betrayal.  He has intentionally made many of his former girl friends homeless.  I know most women would have just run away, licking their wound and left other women and girls to be victimized.  I cannot do that.  I have to take action and make other women of the danger they face.  I feel compassion for what I know they will go through and for the danger which Craig represents to their children.  We may not be able to clean up the entire world and protect everyone from being sexually exploited and victimized but I am determined to protect the part my life has touched.  

The women who read the site write to thank me.

I have never been jealous of ABPG. I have never stolen anything in my life. But because of her I am at risk of losing my home and property in California.  ABPG never helped me, she just took.  That house, which I did not want to leave, is worth $122,000. The shack I occupied in Ohio was for sale for $30,000.

I provide documentation.  Raye just lies, and lies and lies some more. 

She is a predator who was working for Craig to make me homeless, something he had failed to do himself.  Notice the people he has been working with.  All were being paid by Craig.  This is documented by their admitted meetings, this on audio recordings, emails, and other proof.  

Raye and Morgan share information and have clearly been in communication for a good long time.  

Why doesn't ABPG take the TEST?  Prove she is not a psychopath?  Would her Readers pay for that?  You bet they would, if I took it too - and I will in a NY minute.  I'll tell you why - because it would prove she is disordered and she knows it.     

List of sites is on the right side of this site.   Short list Most of my sites are about investing, politics, and other issues.  

This means I only have my cell phone to check the internet.
I owe them $140.87
There's $1,320 in the chip-in right now. It's been used to pay bills and rent on two places.
There will only be one rent next month because Melinda Pillsbury-Foster has been evicted and I will no longer have to subsidize her lifestyle. 

The shack I occupied was corporate housing, you liar.  Now, explain why you begged me to come to Ohio.

I sincerely pray that no one else falls victim to her amazing telephone abilities. I know there is an older woman in Massachusetts who she has been on the line with for months now. She keeps her phone on speaker phone so she can work on the internet at the same time. I pray one of our readers knows this woman and can warn her about MP-F. 

Who would this be, Aging Party Girl?  Use names or shut your mouth. 
I believe it is time for the victims of MP-F to put up a webpage dedicated to her. 

I have lots of friends and even not-friend with whom I have disagreed.  It takes a LOT for me to put up a web page to document the wrong doing of any one. Respond with facts and stop this interminable whining.

The one her victims will put up will tell the truth about her. The webpages she puts up dedicated to anyone who has stood up to her, threw her out of their lives, divorced her, wrote her nasty emails, looked crossed-eyed at her, didn't dim their lights when their car approached hers... only joking about the last two... but please realize that anything anyone does, that MP-F takes offense to, can result in a devastating website being created and dedicated to them.
Here's the one she has dedicated to her ex-husband:
You will notice that she calls him a psychopath. She also calls her oldest daughter a psychopath. She calls me a psychopath. She calls everyone she hates a psychopath. If she loves you one day... the next day she could hate you and you become a psychopath.

Her divorce papers state she has mental problems. This is a lie.  Which ones are not listed but I've been told that she is a psychopath: 

Again, APG does not cite her source, but I will tell you this is Morgan, who no one in the family will talk to because she steals, lies and intentionally causes dissension where ever she is.
Psychopathy is traditionally defined as a personality disorder characterized by enduring antisocial behavior, diminished empathy and remorse, and disinhibited or bold behavior. 

Take the Test, Psychopath

Here's a good place to begin to understand a psychopath. You may have one in your life and not realize it.
quoted from the page linked below:

This describes Rayelan perfectly - 

Imagine - if you can - not having a conscience, none at all, no feelings of guilt or remorse no matter what you do, no limiting sense of concern for the well-being of strangers, friends, or even family members. Imagine no struggles with shame, not a single one in your whole life, no matter what kind of selfish, lazy, harmful, or immoral action you had taken.
And pretend that the concept of responsibility is unknown to you, except as a burden others seem to accept without question, like gullible fools. 

You know, like RMN Readers who donate without asking to see the bills.

Now add to this strange fantasy the ability to conceal from other people that your psychological makeup is radically different from theirs. Since everyone simply assumes that conscience is universal among human beings, hiding the fact that you are conscience-free is nearly effortless. 

You are not held back from any of your desires by guilt or shame, and you are never confronted by others for your cold-bloodedness. The ice water in your veins is so bizarre, so completely outside of their personal experience, that they seldom even guess at your condition. 

Right, and this is why I stopped my life to care for my disabled son, cared for my children, give any energies and time to charities which paid me nothing.  What have you ever done for anyone, Aging Badly Party Girl?

In other words, you are completely free of internal restraints, and your unhampered liberty to do just as you please, with no pangs of conscience, is conveniently invisible to the world.
You can do anything at all, and still your strange advantage over the majority of people, who are kept in line by their consciences will most likely remain undiscovered.
IMO there are more psychopaths in the world these days. If I had known the traits of a psychopath maybe I would have been able to keep MP-F from ever entering my life. But as you read about a psychopath, you will discover that they are so good at hiding their true selves that I doubt if anyone one but a psychiatrist trained in dealing with psychopaths could have foreseen these traits in MP-F.

I write about MP-F in this post because she has been stealing my bills for months now and this bill is just another problem that I struggle to deal with in the aftermath of hurricane Melinda. 

This would be a crime.  I am a very lawful person.  I photographed her abandoned bills, getting wet on her porch so Readers would know the truth. 

Mail is not intended to be left out in the snow, Rayelan

I despise irresponsibility. 

I know from what she has continued to do to her ex-husband, from whom she has been divorced for at least 15 years, that she has the memory of an elephant and I should get used to this because she will never stop. 

Craig had only to do the right thing and I would have happily moved on with my life.  Instead he stole from me.  Not smart.  Morgan, to whom he was paying $5,000 a month later admitted they had been having routine conference calls to decide how best to optimize the stress and so bring about my death.   During this period, 1998 - 1999, I was coping with a failed corneal transplant, an out of control irregular heart, and vision problems.  I could not take medication because it caused my irregular heart beat to worsen.  The co-conspirators, who included Craig, Morgan, O'Dowd, Michael Emerling Cloud, and Craig's son, Scott, were all in on it.

This is a felony and conspiracy.  I did not know until after the divorce was over.  All of these creeps should have gone to jail.  If they had succeeded there would have been no one to care for my sons.  Arthur, especially needed me.  Aging Party Girl and Liar extraordinaire does not understand the kind of determination I inherited from my family.  We endure and we remember.   And Aging Badly Party Girl got this line from Morgan, who hates the fact she will never get another shot at anyone in my family, which has utterly, and forever, rejected her.

How a Transparent World Protects us

She is using the donor list that she has in her possession from an emailing that we did to the combined list. I now realized that the ONLY reason she did this... within weeks of moving in with me... was to destroy RMN and me too.  

Raye sent me the list when I was functioning as COO for Rubicon Aegis, LLC.  Now, why would she give me the list if I was just a squatter?  

I found out after she had lived with me for a year that she hated me because the owner of a radio station replaced her show with my show. I had NO idea that I replaced her. She did... and evidently she plotted to get even with me by becoming my friend and eventually putting herself in a situation from which she KNEW I would rescue her.

I don't hate Aging Party Girl.  The emotion she elicits is contempt.  

I would not have stopped in Montana on the way to Ohio if I had not been asked.  I was asked and stopped there for a couple of days.  So what?  Raye was delighted and considered moving there to be near a friend of hers. While there I wrote an article about a campaign, did my radio show and then left.  

A psychopath has a long memory... Melinda's revenge on those who have stood up to her is long and potentially life-wrecking. Fortunately the people she has dedicated her websites to are far stronger than she gives them credit for... and they are fed up with her and the internet that allows her to try to destroy them. Will she spend time in prison for internet stalking? Stay tuned and find out.

Since what I say is documented, my readers comment on this consistently, it is you, Aging Party Girl, who need to worry about prison - though this is unlikely as the law regarding libel is strict and hard to enforce in court.

but in the meantime, if you are one of my donors who has been receiving emails from MP-F, I am sorry for this. I did not realize what she was when I rescued her from being homeless in Montana in the winter. I am also sorry that some of you have believed the lies she tells about me. When Melinda dedicates a page to one of her victims, it never matters if there is anything true on it.

Everything is documented, in stark contrast to what Rayelan publishes because with her all is rumor and NOTHING is documented. 

She stole letters from my husband, Gunther. I believe she stole my entire file of letters from him. I was going to write a book based on these letters. There was so much history in them... history known only to CIA operatives who happen to be children of Nazi war criminals.

Well, we know how ethical those people are, don't we?  Not.  Never saw any letters and never stole anything.  The dogs probably ate them if 1.  They ever existed.  2. If they are really missing.  And why would Gunther leave them with Aging Party Girl when he took off with a better looking woman, anyway?     

Lord only knows what more besides my guns she has stolen. I suspect that my gold jewelry, my mother's wedding ring and every other thing of value I owned was stolen by her.

 Another lie, presented without a shred of proof.  

She blames me for misusing donor's money. She neglects to state that she is the MAIN reason that I have NOT been able to survive on my social security and a small input from readers. Once the utility bills go back to normal and I'm not having to replace things that go missing from my office, I am hoping that I can return to the Pre-Melinda donation base.

Aging Party Girl did not expect me to be able to fight back with the truth.  Stupid of her since I have always used the truth to protect myself.  Go look at my sites.  They link to documents, recordings, emails, and declarations given under penalty of perjury, not that committing perjury bothers Aging Party Girl for as much as a nanosecond. 

RMN has been failing for longer than I have been around.  The truth has a depressing impact on fraud, you know.  Centralized control, like that exercised by Aging Party Girl and Jeff Gordon, are no longer attractive to people hungry for freedom. It has been your own lies and ugliness which have driven away readers.  You don't mind doing evil, you just mind being caught. 
In the meantime, without $140.87 paid to time Warner, I will be off the internet today.
Oh well... RMN will continue with or without me. at the moment I am so tired of having to beg for donations every month that maybe Melinda has won after all because for the first time in the existence of RMN that I am seriously considering selling it.

So sell RMN.  The world will be a better place.  It is just a reposting site, with whining added. 

I need a vacation from always having to come up with money by begging readers for it.
Maybe I will finally make RMN a reader subscription page. I have resisted this for years because I wanted the information on RMN to be free to everyone. But at what cost? You have NO idea what begging does to my physical health every time I am forced to do so. I am physically sick for days after each post like this I write. I am sick to my stomach right now and yet I have no time to rest because I am moving and have no money to hire someone to move me. 

And what about all of your many 'friends?'  is this an admission you have no friends, only people you pay to listen to you?  It is, and this is exactly what you deserve.  Why don't you move that big hinnie of yours and do it yourself?

You know, if my internet and phones are shut off... maybe it will be a blessing to me.

That would be a blessing for the entire cause of freedom - and to your Readers who could then find better sources of information. 

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  1. It's always the same
    getting evermore lame
    Smithy's silly blame game
    beyond borders of sense and shame!

    Her arguing is ballyhoo
    based on silly bugaboo.

    Behind dramatic pity begging wail
    blackmail's her ship's true sail
    when nothing is left to bail
    of scapegoat and ail
    she'll finally fail.

    Justice All Hail!
    Will and must prevail
    the dandelion of truth so frail.

    Some say life is a spiritual battle.
    Melinda you have the Valor of Siegfried fighting the dragon.
    The meaning of the Siegfried Saga: Victory for Peace. No more turning the other cheek.