Thursday, April 30, 2015

RMN Readers - Express donation to Rayelan! Take your money into the bathroom, drop it in the toilet and FLUSH!

 I hereby revoke any sympathy for anyone who donates as much as a nickle to RMN.  Send in your brain for recycling since you are not using it. 

NEW: Help... Need the $1,000 that is scheduled by the 10th early (views: 76)
Rayelan -- Thursday, 30-Apr-2015 10:45:26
Date: Thursday, 30-Apr-2015 10:45:26
I had no idea that the money that should have been saved for the rent was spent yesterday on things for the move. I need the $1,000 that is scheduled to be in the Fundrazr Widget by the 10th right now.
I have no money to pay the rent. It came in early and I thought it was a transfer from paypal and I spent it paying my helpers.
I still have one helper that I owe $400.00 to. The rent is $750.00
I really need $1150 in the widget asap.
Thank you so much!

In Response To: Help... Need the $1,000 that is scheduled by the 10th early (Rayelan)

I know it is one day too soon to pay her, but ever since I rented the house I have always paid her early and now she expects that I can do that every month.
Please. Is there anyone who can give or loan $750.00.
I am going to pawn my computers. I can still check in on my iphone, but the imac and my new Toshiba are going to have to be pawned.
I can get them out of the pawn shop as soon as money comes in.
Sigh... Raising money for RMN is so hard for me. does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can keep from begging you readers for money every month? RMN has enough traffic, we should be making at least $20,000 a month from banner ads. There must be someone in our reading audience who can teach me how to make more money from banner ads so I don't have to beg every month. It depresses me more than you can imagine to have to beg like this every month.
Thank you so much for all the support you have given me and RMN over the years.
: I had no idea that the money that should have been saved for
: the rent was spent yesterday on things for the move. I need
: the $1,000 that is scheduled to be in the Fundrazr Widget
: by the 10th right now.
: I have no money to pay the rent. It came in early and I
: thought it was a transfer from paypal and I spent it paying
: my helpers.
: I still have one helper that I owe $400.00 to. The rent is
: $750.00
: I really need $1150 in the widget asap.
: Thank you so much!
: Raye

And this is the level of expectation and arrogance you can expect from a psychopath.  Really.

  • NEW: Thank You for the Gas Money... (views: 128)
    Rayelan -- Thursday, 30-Apr-2015 09:08:14
  • Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Thursday, 30-Apr-2015 09:08:14
    I think this will get us through the move with the truck and the Jeep.
    Thank you so much for this. We couldn't have moved without this.



      To pay the rent for TWO HOUSES when a one room appartment would be enough for her!
      To pay food and health care for her CATS and DOGS when she doesn`t need and can't afford them!
      To pay for her LAWYER when she didn't need him for small claims and in fact can't afford him!
      To pay for her private little HELPERS when she has hoarded too much low value stuff that she don't need!
      To pay for her DOCTOR bills because she so much loves eating too much in fancy restaurants!
      To pay for her big thirsty JEEP when a small 3 cylinder Daihatsu would be sufficient for her!
      To pay for expensive SERVER hosting when she could get blogspots for free!
      To pay for her REVENGE on Melinda when she's whining not to have enough for breakfast!

      Smithy claims she has Economic Secrets?
      Since when is CONSTANT SWINDLING such as with Fraudulent MLM an economic secret?

      So she has to resort to pawning ...
      makes me yawning!
      My Ass!


      1. She should just sell the computers. She had a constant stream of those, too. And I think she may be showing symptoms of Alzheimers because she keeps forgetting the last series of lies.

      2. Symptoms of Alzheimers not too far fetched, I agree. Why? From what I know, people who are lying and cheating suffer from higher stress levels. Since they have a rude disharmonic behaviour they get 'rewarded' with negative energy (see also "Morphic Fields and Morphic Resonance: An Introduction" by Rupert Sheldrake, Feb 2005)

        So we are on the right track: For the APE VINTAGE she won't need a driver license for cars.


      3. Hi G~ You know, Rayelan really prefers to be chauffeured. It helps her maintain the illusion she is a product of the upper class.


    2. Jeff Griffin gave $10

      We're broke too,or I'd send more, my Social Security got cut off. Hope this helpss.

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      Steve Downin gave $25

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      NightWisp gave $100

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      Anonymous gave $20

      Best wishes!

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      Anonymous gave $50

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      Anonymous gave $20

      you are doing a fantastic job...rumor, innuendo, fact and it!! we all hope the future is bright and disclosed...good tidings

    3. A wonderful car for bankrupt Raye Rumor Rambler, made in Italy, unique design for selected Agent Party Girls.

      "...some old bodyman in southern Italy built just one in the 1950s, using parts from Fiats and Lancias."

      This fuel saving mini-bus should fit to her notorious financial imbalance sheets:



      1. How appropriate! I have mulled over the remark by Rayelan that I used only negative articles on Gunther. Not true, or course. I had read the Stitch articles but what she does not seem to get is that American now view the CIA through a thinning mist of toleration which was born from the carefully nurtured fiction it was acting within its purview and was not a rogue agency. What did anyone in the CIA ever do to secure the Constitutional rights of Americans? It has always been an enforcement arm for the corporations. So what makes Gunther anything but an arrogant thug?

      2. What makes me wonder, the USA is said to run 16(!) so-called Intelligence Agencies. The public mostly only was steered to the names of FBI and CIA. The NSA was denied long time to be a fantasy of so-called conspiracy theorists until it leaked how they were involved in the promotion and strong rise of Microsoft. CIA and FBI run PROMIS-ing software controlled by Mossad. NSA software is said to be maintained by Israel company.
        We can assume the US Army Intelligence is well embedded in this transnational network.
        Conclusion: There are at least 10 secret services left we even don't know for what and for whom they are operating.
        What's the role of Greenville and similar constructs in these circles? We might guess and think further.

        As to RMN and why it's still supported and alive:

        1) It's a honey trap to lure dissidents, critical thinkers, political non-corrected and persons who really know something they should not know and want to go public thus outing themselves conveniently to the judas holes.

        2) The Rumor Realm websites are made to enable the infiltration of visitors' computers, to collect data and to transfer spyware and malware if somebody becomes a target. The doors for infiltration and aggression are open if the user allows cookies and javascipt actions. On the other hand RMN stone age design still allows to disable cookies and javascripts and the site still comes up, in contrast to many of the 'modern' web software developments.
        Surprisingly (not) the rumor sites open much quicker when cookies and javascript are switched off, and, of course, when adds and commercial(?) tracking elements are blocked, caches cleaned on shut down.

        4) I don't expect RMN to disappear. The RMN handlers don't need Rayelan. If she's alzheimered enough, maybe by remote cellphone pulses and drops out somebody else will take over or become a figurehead, people like Dr. Robin Falkov for example.

        The CIA was created at the end of World War II to expand dominance of those who had hijacked the U.S. of A.
        It's purpose was and is not to serve the US citizens. It acts like the prolongated arm of foreign powers, obviously.

        What I had to say on the first of May.


      3. Well, G~ Good points made on the first of May. Greedville is their business model and greed is also their sticky wicket. As the money slows and then stops the legions of creeps, mostly psychopathic, they employ, will be looking for new gigs. But these will not work the same way without the infrastructure they are used to. Rayelan is, shall we say, low in survival skills when push comes to shove. Greedville is pulling back now and they are starting to squabble over the shrinking pie.

      4. "survival skills when push comes to shove"

        Yeah, Melinda, you hit the nail
        with slowly moving rumor snail.
        Slow and low in survival skills
        she'll freak out and mop more pills.
        When finally push comes to shove
        there's no protective ceiling above
        and no stable ground left below
        only more stuff for more tales of woe.

        Survival skills when push comes to shove are most essential because earth is a dangerous, rogue planet where change is the only steady process we can rely on.

        Methinks Rumor Raye could write her own Story of Stuff provided there's a tiny piece of self-reflection somewhere inside her pighead.


      5. And Rayelan has lived a comfy life sucking out the money and energy of others. She does not stand a chance.

    4. She didn't pay her rent early last month, she was begging for money on the 1st of April. She really should consider another "hacking" to clear off more of the lies.

    5. Can anyone explain this to me?

      : I had no idea that the money that should have been saved for
      : the rent was spent yesterday on things for the move.

      She spent it on her move but did not know she spent it on her move?

      1. She is really very consistent on this point. She looks to see what is in her account and then thinks she can spend that much money. No one ever explained 'balancing the check book to her.' Given the attitude this has probably always been an issue for her. Expecting a change in a woman her age, who still thinks the CIA is cool and romantic is unrealistic. She will drop dead before she changes anything about her finances.

    6. Thought you might find this of interest. This YouTube audio of a radio show which I found POSTED ON RMN listen at around 49 minutes in, the host mentions the Dinar scam and how people in Florida have gone to prison for it and they mention by name that Rayelan is one person promoting the dinar scam. There you have it right there on her own site :

      1. Let me know where it is on the tape! I have to do some things for Arthur right now.

      2. Urgent Need To Fill Fundrazr to $1500 Mark ASAP

        Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
        Date: Saturday, 2-May-2015 09:27:09

        I still need to pay for our server which is $400.00

        I also need to pay something to keep my phone turned on.

        And the major thing is the rent on the new house. I am $500.00 short on that.

        once this move is finished I pray I will not have to continue to beg for money to keep things afloat. I will no longer have a parasite attached to me who ran up electric and water bills to sky high levels plus cost me an arm and a leg in lawyer fees and double rent payments.

        The lesson of Freda the Freeloader is one I needed to learn. And many of you who have followed this saga on RMN might need to learn this lesson too. I know that it is possible to learn major life lessons vicariously by watching another person go through a lesson you need to learn too.

        I needed to learn that not all people deserve to be rescued. If you are someone who rescues people please look at the lesson I have just learned about rescuing people. The person I rescued is a professional user of other people. It took me close to three years to get her out of my living space. It took going to court twice and court costs and lawyer fees.

        My freeloader is now contacting my donors in another attempt to either shutdown RMN or to saddle me with so much extra outlay of money that I have nothing left to keep RMN up and running.

        Not all freeloaders are evil. My freeloader has mental problems. This is clearly stated on her divorce papers from her third husband. I don't know if she poses a threat to my life. People who have had difficult encounters with her tell me she is capable of anything. One of these people made an anonymous phone call to me and listed a number of reasons that I should be armed at all times.

        Shortly after that my one gun disappeared.

        Shortly after my freeloader arrived at my house ALL of my guns were stolen. The freeloader told me who stole them and I believed her and reported this to the local police. In other words she stole them and blamed the theft on someone else.

        I will eventually write the whole story of being a victim of a psychopath but for now if you can help me financially to finish my move to my new house and away from the psychopath I will bless you forever.

        Thank you for all the help and support you have given me over the years. It's going on 20 years since RMN started as a newsletter.

        Remember to count your blessings everyday.


        Ps I can't proof this on a cell phone. Please read around the typos, misspellings and bad grammar from the former English teachrr.


      3. As I said before, It starts at about 49 minutes in. They start out talking about Benjamin Fulford being a con artist and then lead into the Dinar and mention Rayelan.

      4. Thanks! Jeff keeps hacking me so I can't stay on very long at a time.

      5. And thanks for sending. This makes great source material for the article and also the book.