Sunday, April 19, 2015

Back to the 60's with Rayelan

Thanks 86!  

 Take a hard look at RMN and ask yourself how a rigid top down organization can morph into a free people caring for each other because they are conscious of the essential connections between all.  They feel these as they do their own skin. 

If you are online looking for the means for retaking your own power RMN is the wrong place to look.

The RMN business model steals content from writers and researchers and converts these stolen properties into cash in Rayelan's pocket.

The point of looking for the truth is finding it, and so empowering people to a cooperative relationship locally which at one time expands the consciousness of humanity, making us more empathic, and at the same time increasing our ability to love one another and live in community together.  

Rumor Mill News is not a community.  It is a hierarchy, a micro-fascist state controlled by Rayelan and Jeff Gordon for their own, personal profit and subsidized by the CIA as a disinformation site.  You like conspiracies?  You have been gulled into one on RMN.  Forget Faction One and Faction Two.  Consider for a moment the underlying message there. 

You are weak, unable to protect yourself.  Your only choice is to be a slave (Faction One) or live in semi-slavery (Faction Two).  

Nothing could be further from the truth.  We are destined for freedom and growing consciousness but we need to recognize our individual power to actualize our own growth.

'Taking RMN to the next level,' is clearly not possible because every change which would have opened up the operation to the model, originally discussed and agreed on, she  rejected out of hand. She did not think Readers wanted any changes in format. She did not want to pay authors, or share the income stream generated by content she was  poaching from other sites.

This 'all for me' attitude on her part is disturbing because the point is to find the best  authors, whose work needs more exposure, and ensure they shared in the income stream generated by advertising, which would be increased through the publishing of their excellent content on the site. We need the truth, not fantasies, which keep us passive and submissive.

People need the truth.  They are  hungry for facts which can be proven and so relied on.  Living at a disconnect from reality makes you vulnerable to the same manipulation used by the NWO.  

And how can anyone be unable to move after months and thousands of dollars in donations, taken in under false pretenses?  Ask yourself. 

Date: Sunday, 19-Apr-2015 12:50:26
My 99 Jeep Cherokee needed to have its right front wheel bearing replaced and something about a CV joint... i'm still half asleep... I think he said that the rubber was torn.
Believe it or not, my high school taught basic car repair to girls and I took the class. I changed oil, did lube jobs and even helped my father replace an engine in my 53 Pink Ford Convertible. It was actually salmon colored but we called it pink.
Here's a photo in turquoise...

I didn't have it very long because I spent most of my time cruising Main Street with about 8 girlfriends perched anywhere they could perch. My grades fell and one day I came home to find a 4-door grey Corvair in the spot where the pink convertible used to park.

Right now I'd take either one of them... nostalgia is great isn't it?
I start out with a pink Ford convertible and end up with a Jeep Cherokee that I've owned for 15 years. Once you own a Cherokee you never want another car.
And right now it's in the hospital and needs help. A mechanic friend of mine is doing the job for just the cost of parts.
He's found what he needs at a junkyard, but I need $60.00 for him to buy it and get the grease that goes with it.
I think I need to go back to teaching. I truly hate having to beg for money all the rime. I've used up my personal money on the move, Buck's cremation, paint for the old house, paint for the new house.
All I need right now is $60.00 to buy the part he needs and the grease and I can resume moving.


  1. She has begged money for the move, for Buck's cremation, for paint for both? houses, just what does she spend her personal money on?

    1. sskids, her career lead through sex to grasping ambition and fantasies which would have been better used as bodice rippers. Why would she paint the old house? Upstairs was clean. I scrubbed it down and took pictures. But she is perfectly capable of lying and saying it was a mess. That is, of course, why I took pictures. Truth and Rayelan have to relationship what so ever.

    2. Her teaching was English as a second language, for which you need no credential. Lots of kids out of High School spend time in foreign countries teaching English. So, what is she going to teach, I wonder?

  2. Another unlikely story, she had her 53 ford convertible taken away for getting bad grades only to be replaced by a new corvair, yeah sure, Rayeliar. Just as likely a story that she is going to go get a job because she hates lying and begging for money. Just as likely a story that she is moving, or that she is a douchess.

    1. Who would have paid for either car? My parents had more money than her's but we were expected to prove we were responsible when we were still in grade school. I sold lemonade and candy bars, 3 for a dime from Savon Drug
      Store. Dad took me to open my first bank account to stash my earnings when I was eight. We all did chores and had jobs. Dad started taking me with him on field trips when I was about six, after I started the lemonade stand, for sure. He worked at UCLA in Water Resources, made sure we met every president who came on campus for a speech. Ronnie asked him to go to Sacramento with him and then to DC but he refused. Ronnie used to go to the Republican Club Dad ran at UCLA. Dad had been on the first EPA in 69.

      I just do not believe her.

    2. I bought them 3 for a dime. Sold them for a nickle each.

  3. When swindling the gullible marks always throw in some bullshit non sequitur story to confuse the marks and distract them from your first bullshit story, like I used my own money for Buck's cremation when over $250 was donated for the $175 cremation.

    1. Well, she has to do something. This is just her form of tap dancing. Too bad she hasn't decided she needs a monument for Buck. What did you think of her using the photo of the other Tobie or Max?

    2. Have you no shame? It is far too painful for Rayelan to gaze upon a photo of Buck, who thankfully died after months of pure agony inflicted by the sociopath Rayelan and her refusal to do what is best for her so-called best friend.