Monday, April 27, 2015

Presented to Rayelan (DRS) from Insighter Agent 86

And now a thoughtful and  appropriate presentation to Rayelan from someone who has been following her activities since the very early years of Rumor Mill News.  

Thanks, 86! Nice work. 


  1. LOL dear Agent 86. Great idea. Funtastic!
    May I suggest some minor textual and graphic extensions to your artwork?

    No. 666-19490512
    ++++++ Constant Swindling ++++++

    presented to

    *** Mistress Darlene Rae Smith ***

    born May 12, 1949
    also all-too-well known as
    Rayelan, Raye Allan, Allen, Lafler, Dyer, Russbacher, Kooker

    for her
    Outstanding Performances

    The World's Longest, Most Costly Move Ever

    thus declared in the name of the beast
    June 6, 2016

    His Supreme Excellency
    Grandmaster of J. Anus Lodge 319
    Of The Three Spheres to Dusk and Dawn

    Beelzebub Baalshevsky



    1. Lol, going to need a bigger certificate to get all that in

    2. Do you want a graphic of her for the occasion?

  2. Thanks for your approval! Of course, a lot of stuff, as with Raye herself, and then it's good to make it legally waterproof, otherwise Herman Hobbit might intervene and try to cancel a widespread publication.
    Therefore, I will put the Certificate of Constant Swindling into a high-value looking frame and background and then present it as PDF and/or JPG download.
    Sealed and signed by Beelzebub, so it will become a RayHob Company Share.

    Melinda, could you please show a suitable graphic in this thread?
    I might use a 1 Dollar note as background or something.



    1. Hi G~ Sure, I will do one tonight but it has to appear as a post since you can't get them into the comments. We wait with bated breath!

  3. No Rent From Tenant for 3 Months and now This
    AUTHOR: Jason Trindade - ()
    SUBMITTED: Friday, September 06, 2013

    Alex Montagu, 13th Duke of Manchester rented a condo at Sky Las Vegas from me and has not paid rent or power in 3 months. I filed papers to have him evicted and he appealed everything and has dragged this out for 3+ months without paying his rent it power bill.

    Alex has resorted to threatening me and makes improper remarks about knowing where me and my family live. This guy is truly scary and I would hope that any preparing to do business with hhim would read this first and save themselves te frustration.

    I looked him up online and found he has a history scamming businesses and I am the lucky recipient of his antics this time. We have a hearing scheduled for September 11. I look forward to having him removed from the condo so I can go back to dealing with normal people who are willing to pay for their rent and power bills. This guy has been nothing but problems since the day I met him and now I am on Rip Off Report when I shouldn't be.

    I am sure Alex will reply to this with an angry response and more allegations of me being a bad person, but there is nothing I can do to stop that. He is mad at me because I am contesting his Scam and I have to deal with it until he finds someone else to focus his energy on.

    1. Let's see.....this was what Rayelan's best friends were doing before they magically acquired a house and moved to Willoughby, as I recall. Questions left unanswered - who bought the desperate ducal duo a house to shut them up - why did Rayelan use Manchester to deliver her death threat to Melinda - and more coming soon.

    2. All of Rayelan, the Lying Queen's "friends" seem to be scammers, birds of a feather flock together unless they start squabbling over the same swindled dollars.

  4. ** Only 2 Days Left in the Month - PLEASE SWINDLE YOUR SELF NOW ** (no msg in this post) *NM* (views: 17)
    hobie -- Wednesday, 29-Apr-2015 05:16:46

    hobie -- Wednesday, 29-Apr-2015 03:48:11

    1. Even worse, sskids, to support the newest member of her cabal, Robert Lewis Herman, Esquire. But you can bet he does not have to live in the basement, scrub the toilet or eat her cooking.

  5. Motgan website is Laura not Morgan, she writes with Morgan's permission.. Heads up.mamma bear - Alex and Laura on the run, they r hiding from a recent scam that did not go too well, they left too much evidence and got very sloppy. soon to come out. hoping the best for you just wish you could get yourself out of this. your ex in bad shape. things falling apart for them all. Word up is that he is living back in Santa Barbara with his new honey pot teen bride.

    1. Rumors, rumors, rumors. No documentation what so ever.