Saturday, April 4, 2015

And the Shining Never Ends. And RMN is no Free Planet.

Why do RMN Readers pay for this stupidity?  Does this seem normal to them?  To frightening to contemplate. 

  • Money Has Come in and Gone Out Faster this Month Than Normal (views: 445)
    Rayelan -- Friday, 3-Apr-2015 21:50:54

  • Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Friday, 3-Apr-2015 21:50:54
    I was in the hospital today for dehydration. I am not remembering to drink enough fluid, let alone eat and do all the other things that I need to do just to survive... such as raise enough money to pay for everything.
    I can't believe that I forgot I didn't have all the rent. I pulled the money out of the bank the day that my social security came in, but I had to spend part of it on bills and that's the part I forgot.
    Tomorrow I am driving up to meet my landlady and pay the rent. The only problem is I am $250.00 short of paying the rent and $65.00 short of buying the prescription for my Golden Retriever that takes his pain away.
    And then there is the $400.00 to pay for the server.
    I have always said that we need $1,000 in the Fundrazr Widget by the 10th. But this month, the major fundraising for the month needs to happen right now.
    I normally can pay my own rent and any other personal problems out of my social security. But with having to pay to have the house painted and for help with the move, plus court costs and my lawyer's fees, I am completely out of my personal money.
    RMNews is headquartered in my home, i.e. my home is my office. Moving RMN is one of the biggest parts of the move. You have no idea how much research I have gathered over the years. One of these days I hope to use it to write many books. I must have over 300 boxes full of tapes and letters from whistle blowers.
    Buck, my Golden Retriever is crying. I need to see what is wrong.
    Please help.
    That's Toby on the pillow looking at his big brother Buck and wondering if there is anything he can do to make Buck feel better.

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