Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Raye Vicious Rebukes a Fellow Animal Lover

Of course the real message is get your own patsies.  It is alright to support Raye Vicious's dramas but your own needs, real or imagined, have no place in her world. 

New Device Offers Hope To Blind People With Incurable Eye Disorders (views: 168)
LilliHart -- Wednesday, 8-Apr-2015 13:13:14
Build Your Own Orgone Generator To Protect Yourself From Chemtrails, Radiation, Microwaves, and Disease (views: 394)
LilliHart -- Wednesday, 8-Apr-2015 13:40:33


  1. Raye 'the giver' strikes again, that $350 that LilliHart raised for her dead cat's vet bills, could have gone to greedy Rayeliar. I am wondering if 'FreePlanet' has been tossed from the Rayetox galaxy for questioning why it costs $4500 per month for a message board.

    1. I think the time is coming for an article, broadcast, on all the relevant issues.

  2. Has Lillihart no decency? Rayliar spent years assembling her Swindlers list of dimwitted Rubes of RumorSwillSnewz. How could she siphon off $360 of Rayetox filthy lucre? I am surprised Lillihart hasn't been 'decommissioned' for violating Rayliar's Rulez of Engagement". See the offending post for yourself.

    I want to send a heart felt thank you out to those of you who were so generous and donated to help me with my sweet Isabelle's medical bills. She died last week at 17 of a paralyzed larynx and I am brokenhearted over her loss. She left me with thousands in vet bills that I can't pay. I've already defaulted on my car and am behind on my utilities. First time in my life. :( My finances have become critical and I've been in a desperate way, with little money and lots of elderly cats to care for. All seniors and over 15 years. I love the heck out of them and they come first in my life, but who knew when they were babies that it would cost more to care for them than for myself?

    Here's a photo of Issy and I hope it comes out OK. There are more on her fundraiser.

    I'd be very grateful to anyone who would like to donate to my fundraiser to help pay Issy's bills. Any amount is welcome and deeply appreciated. Here's the link:

    Please don't let my request come before any of your donations to RMN. It's important for us all to keep the site up and running. :)

    Thank you again.