Thursday, April 23, 2015

Diana, The People's Princess

 This was another thing I did not know about Rayelan until after I arrived.  And I got Rayelan to join the Episcopal Church!  God forgive me. 

Rayelan was allllll about Diana as a goddess and the NWO.  Does that tell you anything about her?

>From Rayelan Allan, author of Diana, Queen of Heaven -- The New World Religion
Shortly after Princess Diana was murdered, I received a telephone call from an anonymous source. I was told that Diana was murdered by the NWO so they could use her image and memory to usher in the New World Religion. It appears as if the information I received in 1997 is about to be implimented. I have enclosed an alert regarding a United Nations meeting which will take place this August 28. It is my belief that the hidden agenda of this meeting will be to usher in the New World Religion -- one that is based on the Goddess Diana -- an ancient feminine deity. The New World Religion will be a combination of Maurice Strong's Agenda 21 -- which was the blueprint for today's environmental movement, and Mao's version of communism.
In my book, Diana, Queen of Heaven, I stated there was a short path to the New World Religion and a long one. The long path would take about 100 years and be implimented through social conditioning. The short path could happen at anytime and be implimented through catastrophic earth changes and holographic images (Project Bluebeam) of religious figures beamed from sattelites.
If the United Nations is planning to use the August 28th meeting to lay down the groundwork for the New World Religion, then it is my belief that someone has made the decision that the "fast track" method, i.e. wars, pestilence, earthquakes, meteor strikes, massive diseases and possibly even a simulated "alien" attack -- is the method the NWO has chosen to usher in the New World Religion.
There are only 200 copies of Diana, Queen of Heaven left. If you would like one there are now two ways of ordering. You can mail a check or money order for $13.50 ($10.00 plus $3.50 shipping) to:
P.O. Box 1784 Aptos, CA 95001 or you can visit the front page of -- - --- and scroll down until you see the Paypal and banners. You can use Paypal or to pay for the book with your credit card. If you are a new Paypal or member, they will pay you $5.00 for joining -- meaning you will receive $10.00 if you join both of them. They will also give me (Rayelan -- my identifying email address for Paypal and is $10.00 if you join both of them.
The cost of the book is $10.00 plus $3.50 shipping. If you join Paypal or, I will waive the shipping cost because I will be receiving at least $5.00 from either Paypal or which will cover the cost of shipping -- But the real EXCITING NEWS IS -- If you join both Paypal and -- You will be getting the book FREE!!! Because Paypay and will both give you $5.00 for just joining!
Remember, there are only 200 books left. I am going to put out a second edition which will go up as an E-book and as a or similar web published book. Due to time constraints, it will be a while before this second edition is released.
You can check out the information on the Diana webpage -- (It has not been updated since it was created -- there are links that don't work -- sorry)
or -- check out the Saint Diana information at ---
I recently published an article in Paranoia Magazine titled, "Diana Was NOT the Target!" This is my latest information on the murder of Diana and Dodi. You can read my article online, or you can purchase a copy of Paranoia Magazine in your local bookstore.
(There is an an article in the current edition of Paranoia Magazine by Beth Goobie titled, "The Network of Stolen Consciousness. This is a must read by anyone who really wants to understand the New World Order. If you can get a copy of the magazine please do so -- you won't be sorry. Beth's article takes the Monarch Sex Slave stories to the next dimension -- out of body. Once you read her story, you will be able to connect a lot of the dots that Rumor Mill News has been sharing, i.e., the New World Order understands and USES many esoteric, metaphysical and occult (true definition means "hidden") secrets to win control of the planet.)
>From the following message about the United Nations August 28th meeting, you will see that finally, other people are waking up to what Rumor Mill News readers have known for quite some time -- the New World Order is trying to shove a New World Religion down our throats -- and they are going to lay the groundwork in just a few days.
----- Original Message ----- From: vikki To:; Sent: Saturday, August 12, 2000 2:43 PM Subject: URGENT


  1. Another hint to Smithy's love for beasty relations with numerology?

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    Why 11.88? We can see 1 + 1 + 8 + 8 = 9 + 9 = 18 or 6 + 6 + 6 -> 666 the number of the beast

    Bragging Beast Busted!

    Ragged Rumor Rayelan's authority is Moloch, the NWO Beast!
    According to NT revelation, the beast's number is 666.

    ACM logo looks like the head of the horned viper

    ACM = 1 3 13 = 2 x 13


    1. G~ It explains so much about her stupid ideas. Excuse me while I kick myself.

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    1. Looks like they called in the disinformation forces again. This always happens when not enough money is sweated out of the real Readers. But you know crowd psychology, it is used in all fundraising. A shill puts money in, saying something positive, then another and another. Then the real people start to pony up. Generally you have shills in place if you are doing this and I am sure they were waiting.

    2. Raye's problems are laziness and hoarding. She has a herd of people working for her doing the housekeeping and such at all times. She does not expect to pay them much, they are supposed to work for food and her cast offs.

    3. Her subjects should work for free, she is a douchess and the queen of liars, Ashtabula's own royalty

    4. Hi sskids, see post for an article I wrote a while back.