Saturday, April 25, 2015

Robert Herman wants to sue me. And get paid. More Readers, send him your money directly!

Notice that Rayelan is still living at the old house and still needs money to transport her stuff. I'm sure Rayelan has chatted with her attorney, paid for by Readers, often. Attorneys get paid for suing, so it is no surprise he is panting to do that.

Date: Saturday, 25-Apr-2015 14:47:30
Are you surprised?

I have no money for kitten food, dog food or human food. I have been using up every bit of food in my pantry over the last few weeks. You'd be surprised at the unusual dishes I have created.
There are also bills that need to be paid or I will have no electricity in either house.
If you have received emails from Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, please send them to me because she should NOT have my donor/reader email addresses.
Send in those emails I have not sent you!
If she has emailed any of you with her lies about me and about my late husband Gunther... a man she never knew. She ONLY uses the negative articles that were published about him. In other words, she only chooses things that agree with her view of the world.
If you go online looking for articles about Gunther all you find is articles which mention Gunther. When I did this most of the articles were credited to or quoted Rayelan.
A google search carried out just now for “"gunther russbacher" -rayelan showed 2,990 results.
On the first page we find:
  1. Rumor Mill News
  2. Only named Source: Rumor Mill News
  3. Chicago Tribune, A ProCon
  4. Names him as a covert CIA Agent
  5. Russbacher's 'credentials' point to a career as an asset in the CIA. This does not conflict with being a con-artist.
  6. Funeral of a man with the same name
  7. Marsgate – video not available
Nothing I have written about Russbacher has said he could not have been a CIA asset. There is no conflict ethically between being a CIA asset and a con-artist. The CIA is today viewed by a growing number of Americans as being off the reservation and criminal in its actions.
In his book, “Presidential Puppetry,” Andrew Kreig, the founder of the Justice Integrity Project and the author of “Spiked, How Chain Management Corrupted America's Oldest Newspaper,” the first book on the take over of media by major corporations as an extension of their public relations, names the CIA as having a role in the assassination of of JFK. I called Andrew for a quote for an article I am writing titled, “The CIA – Good Guys or Bad Guys?”
Andrew stated, for attribution,”for any understanding of current events one needs at a minimum an appreciation of the cover-up of the CIA in the JFK assassination, which continues to the present as a political reality today along with the question of whether the cover up lead to a more direct role in the assassination itself.
After intense study the literature from all sides it is now agreed that rogue elements at the very top of the CIA were involved in a complex plot that is now known in most, if not all, of its details to murder the president and cover up the crime.”
Naturally, Rayelan is on the OTHER side, something Readers should note.

My lawyer tells me that what she is doing is tantamount to corporate espionage and he really wants to sue her.
How can publishing the truth about the publisher of an online gossip and disinformation site be corporate espionage? Bill Gates doesn't like it. The Kochs don't like it. But they know they are on thin ice if they attack people for writing the truth. Is Rayelan going to attack me now as a disgruntled employee? After death threats, harassment and forcing me to stop paying my mortgage? I came to Ohio to save myself financially and the deal Raye offered, and pushed, looked like a good way to do that.
Instead, I ended up with a tiny part time job I was handling perfectly well from my home in California where my mortgage was paid and I was making progress in building a client base.
Rayelan is directly responsible for my financial problems because of the fraud she perpetrated on me.
Not that Robert Lewis Herman would mind being paid to shut me up when he went out on a limb in this case. Abuse of Process and conspiracy are not minor offenses. He is at risk of his career and he knows it.
He knows that she lives off her son's disability and social security. He also knows there are so many liens on her property in California that it would be futile to sue for that. Knowing this, what he would like to see is her serving jail time.
I am my son's payee. I make sure he is cared for, fed, clothed, and has some quality of life on a tiny amount of money. I did the same from 1997, when he suffered his first brain injury, until he finally received disability in 2009. That is eight years when I paid for everything myself. Ironic that Rayelan can say that when I care for my son and act like she is some kind of heroine when she keeps her dog alive by whining to Readers for the money to do so and then asks for money to give Buck a human burial.
When Rayelan was caring for her mother, acting as her payee and being paid for her time to do that by the State of California she acted like a martyr, according to people who knew her. The woman is outrageous. I would like to hear Herman say that to a court of Americans who are struggling through the same problems visited on my by Rayelan.
He is one of the assistant prosecutors in my county. He also knows that there are dozens of people who also want to sue her for defamation of character and other things.
I defame Rayelan? What a joke. I have copies of what she published about me long before I started defending myself and telling the truth about her. Did you tell him about John Fund and Dick Cheney and he has decided he would like to help them out? That would not surprise me, given your own political bent, and bent is the right word for it.

The individuals I know who would like to shut me up include Dan O'Dowd, Craig Franklin, Alex and Laura Manchester. Who else except Morgan, who is a psychopath?
If you are no longer donating to RMN because of an email my house-guest Melinda sent you, please send me that email. She needs to be stopped. I know of five other people that she has dedicated websites to. Not one of these people has sued her for slander and lies. I think it's time to put an end to her "people-destroying pastime".
Employee, not squatter, not house-guest and none of the other slanders you purvey about me. If any of the people named could find something I said that was not true, rest assured, they would have done something about it. A trial would mean I could do discovery on your financial records. Or is Jeff Gordon going to make those disappear, too?
If you can spare even a dollar, I need to buy milk to mix with the powdered kitten food. The kittens were abandoned in my garage. There were three but one died. The other two are as cute as can be. It would be truly wonderful to be able to experience the joy they bring, but when I am worried about not even having the money to buy the food they need, the joy goes out of all of it.
You can't even imagine how hard it is for me to get on my knees and beg you for money. It means I am a big fat failure. If I can't even afford to raise two abandoned kittens, then what kind of failure am I?
Actually, Rayelan enjoys begging. It is a game to her. I watched her make up this malarky and chuckle over how credulous you people are.
Maybe I need to get a job. When I was teaching I didn't have to depend so much on readers to pay the bills.
I am so sorry to have to post this follow up, but I have no milk to mix the kittens formula with. I have no food for my two dogs, Toby and Max.
I have odds and ends in the pantry that I have been creating dinners out of. But most of what is in the pantry are things that require something I don't have to make them. I have a box of tuna casserole, but I have no tuna to add to it.
If you can help, now is the time to do it.
Thank you!!
Don't believe a word she says. Rayelan always has her Multi-Level Marketing income to fall back on – or she could stop spending money on junk.


  1. You can't even imagine how hard it is for me to get on my knees and beg you for money. It means I am a big fat failure. If I can't even afford to raise two abandoned kittens, then what kind of failure am I?

    Well you are fat but you have succeeded at being a vicious psychopath. Getting on your knees is something you were used to doing back in your hotty days, eh Rayelan? As for the rest of it, I do not believe a word of it

    1. Notice it is about the kittens and she is heroic because she is caring for them. And she paints me as a vulture because I care for my son. What is is revealing is her values. Anything she does is good. Anything I do is evil. Creepy. This is what psychopaths do in my experience. It is all about them.

    2. G publicly say
      to deranged Raye:

      If you can't afford cats, give them away
      if you can't afford dogs, give them away

      if you can't afford for housing to pay
      don't stay, collect your bags, just get away
      better get totally out of sight, let the light in and shine bright
      on your spirit of dark, your greed of a shark, that's your obvious mark."

      G also say to Raye:
      "Your money grabbing spleen
      is nothing less than painfully obscene."

      sick-o-pathy isn't sort of a disease
      rather a malfunction that cannot be healed
      sick-o-pathic behaviour sets up the shield
      to hide the evil spirit behind layers of grease.

      Ugh! (for Smithy)

      G :)

    3. Thanks! Raye has had over two weeks to clear out of the house and failed to do so. She has a house rented and has said she has people living there watching it for her. These doubtless add to her expenses and you have to ask why she did not just move. The other house must be furnished to some extent. The stove went over there months ago. Most people would call the Salvation Arny or Goodwill and dump what they do not need or have a garage sale. Given the volume of stuff still in the house this would yield enough to pay for the move - but Raye does not seem able to do this.