Saturday, April 25, 2015

NOTE: Comments and Hacking

I am am being hacked by  Hobiedom (Rayelan is not bright enough to do this herself).  At this point I would assume Hobiedom could include recruits from Green Hills Software or Craig's friends or Morgan and Jay.  If you go look at the ugly site Morgan keeps up about me it is clear she is communicating with Raye.

Motgan Pillsbury Gell - The woman is a psychopath and stole me and my whole family blind until we stopped talking to her or helping her.  I severed all relations.  Morgan Pillsbury Gell

Comments are not appearing because I am not receiving notifications in all cases.  I am not making notes as this is another evidence of hacking.  

 I have reason to believe she was doing before Raye got in touch with me, panting with eagerness to be my friend, in July 2011.

Green Hills Software's President Dan O'Dowd, did not like the truth being exposed.


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