Friday, April 10, 2015

Aging Party Girl Produces More Material

How many lies can you take without noticing the fact the world is crumbling around your heads and keep looking to Raye and Hobie for reassurance and hope?Now, that is pathetic.  Below is the screed from Rayelan - Aging Party Girl
You have no idea how much I truly appreciate all of you.
Thank you so very much.
The funeral home has him now. In a few days he will be returned to me in an urn.
The loss hasn't had time to set in because the freeloader upstairs hired two young men to move her out.
Since Little Darlene, the party girl of Crow's Landing, California, libels me at every opportunity for now on we will follow the moral high ground and simple repeat the facts about her which we have put together from educated surmise and fact.

Party Girl, from the evidence, did not long retain her virginity, losing it as soon as possible and enjoying the ride far more than she ever enjoyed her studies in the less than illustrious schools she attended, when forced to do so. She was, in fact, headed for the oldest profession in the world, which she followed on and off as suited her. The CIA does not teach debutantes to be hookers. It finds hookers and teaches them to act appropriately in public. Perhaps it was the CIA who supplied AGP's speech therapist?

Because of the way APG gets along with Laura, The Duchess, and Morgan, a psychopath with clear proclivities for the same kind of behavior evidenced by both these females they likely have common habits in the regard.

I saw them start carrying my family antiques to the rented U-Haul pickup truck. I stopped them by saying the truth. "You are stealing my furniture and if you continue to help her you will go to jail along with her."
First, it is important to note it would be impossible to steal heirlooms because Aging Party Girl (APG) doesn't have any. What she has is cheap old furniture with the exception of an Ethan Allan dresser which she said was given to her by her last husband, David Kooker.

Read the definition

  • 1. A valued possession passed down in a family through succeeding generations.

  • 2. An article of personal property that passes by custom along with the estate to an heir, instead of being subject to the executor of the estate.
I grew up with heirlooms. The grandfather clock in our hallway was built by hand before the American Revolution, the clock works brought over by sailing ship from France. The wood pieces were intricate and inlaid with special use made of the natural patterns in the wood, which was original old forest from New England.   It was commissioned by the family and traveled with the eldest son of the family from the original homestead in Newburyport to Sandown, New Hampshire. A full cargo of real heirlooms came to California with the Drs. Harlin Henry and Harriet and their family in 1883. I grew up appreciating the real thing, which is characterized by the quality of construction and longevity in possession of a family.

Aging Party Girl's 'heirlooms' were not the work of any artisan. They were cobbled together to be serviceable. Which they were not, very. 

APG told me when I arrived she had been busy looking for furniture in the local Salvation Army and at garage sales. She never mentioned the two small, sad small storage pieces in my bedroom as being 'heirlooms.' She did say her mother slept in the bed but it is not an heirloom, it appears to be from the mid 20th century, at the earliest. By the way, it is a single, not a Queen Sized bed, which is what she told Deadly Handyman. 

I inherited some authentic heirlooms which, I hope, are still at my home in California, though APG has done all possible to destroy every asset I still possess. 

Every item which came down the stairs was from Arthur's room with a couple of exceptions, those being from the office, not my bedroom.

Arthur was given a floor lamp by APG. APG shrieked it was hers when it was brought down. He was given a bed, including mattress and box springs. We took the box springs and mattress.  Now, I confess I switched the mattresses. Arthur has the one originally on my bed now.  He needs it. Arthur is disabled and inclined to back troubles.  He has frequent accidents. I put a plastic cover on the newer mattress. The one left there was already stained when we arrived. APG had said she used it herself before but maybe she was lying about that, too. 

APG  was sleeping on an expensive Queen-sized mattress on a canopy bed with all the trimmings which set she completed while panhandling for money from RMN Readers. 

There was also an newish Ethan Allan dresser.  It was and NOT an heirloom, being only about ten years old.  Ethan Allan specializes in contemporary reproductions of older pieces.  APG is probably now claiming the small bureau I assembled for her is an heirloom.  I took pity on her because she is too thumb fingered to get a screw driver to work properly.

NOTE:  Never assist a psychopath, this perpetuates a major problem confronting us today.

The other items APG objected to my having were two items. One. A gate-leg table which she gave me because otherwise she was donating it to Salvation Army, and the two chairs which folded up underneath. Note: It was Danish styling and certainly no one's heirloom. She tried to keep me from taking my own microwave and my own refrigerator, first claiming it was hers and then that it should be because I was jealous of her small black refrigerator. 

My assistants were not intimidated but they were shocked, disgusted and astonished with APG's  diatribe, which I sent on to them.   An affidavit from them will be forthcoming.
I had already told my lawyer what she was planning on doing. He told me what to tell her and whoever it was who was helping her.
Since I did not plan to take her junk this is a real reach. More slander.

After she and the young men had gone, I went upstairs to the second floor bedrooms. There was nothing left in her room.
A complete lie. And where did the Ethan Allan dresser go? I don't have it and had no way to transport it if I had wanted it. No furniture was taken from my bedroom.  The back of the pick-up, which was open, was not nearly full and any piece of furniture would have been clearly visible.  

Her son's room had everything left. I had given everything to Arthur because I had bought it specifically for him. Melinda moved into my guest room which was completely furnished with family antiques.
See above. She is talking about the non-antiques and garage sale acquisitions, all of which were in place when we left.  My helpers will happily attest to this.  And Arthur has a beautifully appointed bedroom at our home in California.  

The room Arthur moved into had nothing in it except what I bought for him.
I told Arthur that everything except the pictures of Jesus was his and he could take it. The only thing that was taken was the computer I gave Arthur. She probably would not let him take it.
APG objected to Arthur having his lamp, his bed, his dresser, his book case, and his bedside table. Therefore, I left them. Hearing what she said Arthur decided he wanted no RayTon in his life.  He did keep the two pictures of cats he liked.

I wonder why she insisted on taking a bedroom full of furniture that didn't belong to her and she left a bedroom of furniture that belonged to her son?
APG has to be in competition for the Dumbest Woman Living Award.  Nothing was taken. The table, which is mine, and the chairs which accompanied it I left as too much trouble to be bothered with because of APG's screaming and other caterwauling.  
She cannot be figured out by mere mortals. Only God knows what she is thinking and what she is up to.
Understanding APG is easy. She is a psychopath and lies with a complete ease of long practice. Come on Aging Party Girl, Take the Test. 

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