Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Thanks 86! More Lies from the Cesspool Mind of Rayelan

And she needs more of your money to waste so she begins the lies again. 

Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 21-Apr-2015 13:50:34

I need help.
Our Goal for APRIL is: $4000
So far we have raised $2,041 of the $4k goal. There are 9 Days left to raise the remaining $1959.00.
Don't give this woman a penny!!!!  She just wastes it and she needs the exercise of moving her junk herself.  Don't miss my latest article on the History of Rayelan
At the moment I am overdrawn in my bank account by -$979.06.
I can not complete my move without your help. At the moment I am overdrawn in my bank account by -$979.06. Even with this paid off, I will need money for gas so I can drive to my new house and unload what I have loaded.
Don't give her a nickle.  Make her move all of her disgusting junk herself.  
The houseguest (Employee, note the lie which comes so naturally for her.) I recently evicted left with my donor list, my old Toshiba computer and my last gun.
The computer has emails on it from 2000 to a few years ago when one of our readers bought me an iMac.
  • Knowing that Melinda still has keys to this house AND my last .38 revolver keeps me from sleeping.
  • Melinda probably has both my donor list and my old computer, with ALL of the emails I have received and sent for the last 10 years.
  • Since Rayelan and Hobie - Jeff Gordon - Zapper, were anxious to have those emails disappear I can imagine why they could be worried.  But I don't have the computer she is screeching about.  

    I have my HP, purchased by me some months ago and my old IBM  Think Pad.  I do not remember ever having a Toshiba.  As previously stated, it is Rayelan who has guns.  I will not touch them because of Arthur's attempted suicide.  She really sounds like she needs to go back on the meds, don't you think?  
  • This probably also means that many of you have received emails from her. The donor list is from2011. If you have received emails from her, I would really appreciate having them forwarded to me so I can let my lawyer know what she is doing.
  • Rayelan is a consistent liar and fraud. I was looking for a place to move to when Rayelan, formerly the Party Girl of Crows Landing, filed her lying law suit.  In Ashtabula, the classical Old Boys Cabal, they don't care about the facts, just the check the client can write.  Rayelan can't move because she can't get all her junk in a moving van.  There is too much of it.  She has moved for months but keeps buying more, and more and more.  I don't have the keys.  I dropped them off on April 6th, when I was finished moving.  Naturally, Rayelan is not going to admit she found them - and given how unorganized she is this is not surprising.  She loses everything then blames it on someone else. 
  • When I evicted her, I thought she would stay until the police dragged her out. Instead of having all my things moved to the new house, I felt I needed to stay at the old house and protect it from whatever damage she could do to it.
  • Rayelan knew perfectly well I was moving because I had realized she was in a conspiracy with her attorney, her landlords and their attorney.  They were engaged in both conspiracy,  a criminal act, and abuse of process, another criminal act.  Now they are worried because they could be in serious, serious trouble if anyone notices.  And they will, you bet. 

  • She had previously destroyed the upstairs bathroom floor, ceiling and three walls. If she could do that just from being careless, I can only imagine what she could do to the place with thought and planning put into it.
  •  The Saga of the Bathroom 

    Rayelan Allan AKA Raye Smith, and The Bathroom
    Rayelan Allan AKA Raye Smith, and The Bathroom
    Ahem.  Another example of the Lies Emanating from what passes as Rayelan's Mind.  This was published on August 22, 2013.  The bathroom had been abused by Rayelan and her dogs more than anything else.  Notice how much she raised, as opposed to what it cost to fix the damage.

    Rayelan's handy dandy repairman for the bathroom moved out of the room next door and was seen no more.  He left piles of his stuff in the hallway, nearly causing my son to fall down the stairs and otherwise showed just how professional he was.  Not.  

    I have a better goal for you.  Demand your money back from this creepy woman.  Trust me, you have better uses for it than she ever could. 

  • Our Goal for APRIL is: $4000
    So far we have raised $2,041 of the $4k goal. There are 9 Days left to raise the remaining $1959.00.


    1. Seems like only yesterday she needed just $60 for some junkyard part, whatever could have happened? I wonder if she remembered to pay the server? I wonder if she remembered to water herself?

    2. I think they decided they don't have long to recapture their audience. But it is already too late because the shift continues.