Wednesday, April 22, 2015

86 Sends a Blast for the Past - 2009 with Rayelan

Thanks 86!
What's changed – and what hasn't changed with Zapper – Jeff Gordon – Hobie and Rayelan, the front woman who plays good cop to Jeff's Bad Cop, but not very well.

Posted By: Zapper
Date: Saturday, 7 February 2009, 11:25 p.m.
Hi, Folks --
Each month, $750 is needed by the 9th to pay the server costs and keep Rumor Mill News alive and available on the Web.
Move RMN to a blogger, it is cheaper and more appropriate for a reposting site which steals content from hard working writers.
In about 40 minutes, it'll be the 8th of the month -- and contributions at this moment total only $164.22.
It was too much then, and it is too much now.
Here's the ChipIn widget:
...and here's what Rayelan wrote a few days ago: (In 2009)
Posted By: Rayelan <Send E-Mail>
Date: Friday, 6 February 2009, 1:45 a.m.
That's are really big question... one that we really have to sit back and think about. We are truly facing the biggest challenge in our lifetimes... and I believe we are facing the biggest challenge to the United States of America since the Civil War.
And exactly what have Rayelan and her Crew contributed to bringing about solutions? Big Goose Egg there.
I can't tell you what the country needs... besides a restoration of our founding principals...but I can tell you what I need.
Every month by the 9th of the month I need $750.00 to pay for the server.
Blogger was available in 2009. It is still available.
I have NO reserves in my bank or on my credit cards. If the money doesn't come in, I don't know what we will do.
She knew exactly what to do. Instead of just having her kitchen floor repaired she went into debt to upgrade and lost her home when she could not pay the bills. Isn't this exactly what you want in the CEO of your organization?
At this critical time in our nation's history, we can't afford to have Rumor Mill News go dark.
And now, looking back, what difference did it make? Goose Egg again.
If you still have a job, or if you were lucky enough to have a few extra dollars each month, can you please help out?
It doesn't take much from everyone to keep this incredible site up and running. Last month 617,274 people visited RMN for a total of 17,259,828 hits. The daily average of visitors was over 26,000.
People were then, as now, desperate. But now they are finding real solutions, hence the drop in RMN traffic.
Just imagine... if one da...y EVERYONE who visited RMN would give us $1.00!!! Can YOU even begin to imagine to new things that we could do with that kind of money... $26,000???
Rayelan would buy a LOT more junk and clothes more suitable for a teenager than she does today.

If everyone would give just a dollar... we would have the money to do all the things we have wanted to do for years!! Like hiring a professional webmaster!!
Only a small percentage of people heed the call and help each month.
I am VERY thankful for those who give MORE than $1.00. In fact, there are so few people. who contribute to keep RMN up and running, that I TRULY appreciate those who give $50.00 or $100.00 or $500.00 dollars!!
Well, it certainly tells you a lot about Rayelan's fantasy life.

These people are the ones who keep RMN up on the web so everyone else can READ FOR FREE!!
Remember, she is saying you can read for 'free' content stolen from those who produced it.
Last month, I used the money I had put away from my social security to pay my mortgage, to pay for the server. This time I don't even have the money to pay the mortgage, because of the timing of my social security check. Therefore, I can't borrow the mortgage money and pray that RMNews Readers will come through for me.
Last month I prayed for a miracle and YOU came through for me!!
Last month I opened my hands to God and told him that he will have to create a miracle or I would lose everything. I am truly living on the edge. If I default and have to declare bankruptcy I could lose RMN to the bankruptcy courts.
I guess Craig (Child Porn) Franklin and Dan O'Dowd were her 'miracle.' That happened after I started outing a company which has made billions from critical drone technology used to kill civilians.
Drone Free Zone
This was before she had to have the Lee-Powers Family come to California to pack and move her because her hoarding makes it impossible for her to move her stuff.
I have started a radio show that is becoming one of the most popular shows around. It grows everyday!! One of our readers gave me the money for the first 4 months. That money is now gone and I have YET to find advertisers for the show. If I don't have a thousand extra to pay for the show next month... That will be the end. We need advertisers for the show, or we need another patron to help us through these rough times until we find advertisers.
She really liked being able to beg for her radio show and also beg for her personal expenses. More material for panhandling!
If you have a product or know of a product that will appeal to the Rumor Mill News family, we are offering an excellent package right now.
What Rayelan liked best was multi-level Marketing or getting goodies she wanted instead of money. When I tried to change it she had a fit.
AND... If you advertise on the Radio Show... you will also be be featured for free on the entire family of Rumor Mill News websites.
If you want to advertise please email NeverSurrender at

This is Angel AKA Angela Powers, who Rayelan accused of absconding with the money for the Family Campground, with her brother Thomas Scott Beckenheimer.
If you donate to Rumor Mill News each month and have a business that has a webpage... I will put a text link to your site and feature you as a Rumor Mill Donor on the right side of our index page!!
There are many ways to help RMN. Please think about how you can help.... then choose the way that works for you.
Here is the link to the subscription page:>
And here is the Chipin for this month. Thank you so very much!!


  1. If people could not "read for free" Rayelan the liar would get almost zero advertising dollars, much like now.

    1. Handling advertising professionally is too much work for them, either Rayelan or Angel. They undercharged, did not track when another payment was due, did not communicate with advertisers and otherwise just ignored the whole thing. It was more amusing to beg and lie.

    2. Raye and hobie are much to intelligent to not understand such things. If they take advertising and other basic incomes lightly it is because they have other funding. For someone so deeply involved with rmn you seem to have little insight. Hell, you were living with raye. Come on tell us something other than personal attacks. It is a disinfo psyop. Work on that angle. Or are you playing a role of controlled opposition?

    3. You are wrong. Your take on this overlooks the fact disinformation sites are run by people with their own agendas and it is likely Raye had a new stream of income which made the advertising irrelevant to her. She runs scams with the whining letters and she enjoys lying to get money. It is much more of a kick for her than the dull routine of selling advertising. Intelligence has nothing to do with it and I saw little intelligence, clear analytical thinking, coming from Raye.

      She is very whim based and not inclined to do anything which is taxing and bores her. She is the front person, Hobie handles the back end. I rarely talked to Hobie because he did not want anyone to know who he really is. And after the OITC cut its connections it was clear they knew what was going on.

  2. Who says Rayelan is intelligent? She cannot even begin to keep her lies straight.

    1. It was "Anonymous" Ur, Jeff Gordon who said both of them are intelligent. He lies too, you know. He also wanted to make the outrageous statement I should not make 'personal attacks,' if you noticed, which I never do. Mine are true insights which expose Rayelan for what she is. That could not happen using Jeff's paradigm, which is why I will keep doing it. It works to expose the two of them.

  3. Anon seems to have a very high opinion of those two swindlers.