Monday, April 6, 2015

Raye Vicious

Buck had been sounding like he was in pain and failing for weeks.  It was horrible to hear and I cannot imagine how anyone stood it. 

Normal animal owners do not put their animal companion through this kind of pain and suffering.  Raye is not normal, not by any measure.  And in a world where children are starving it is criminal to beg for money to have him cremated.  Get a shovel and bury him. sit around comparing notes on his life with your paid staff - since no one who really knows you would have you as a friend. 

And then do the world a favor.  Take Down Rumor Mill News.  Eliminate one more source for disinformation.

And the libel that I would ever harm anything is just another projection, Oh Queen of Lies, Larceny and Greed.

The local mortuary charges $250.00.
I have to take him to them, it is more if they come get him. I have someone who can carry him.
They could have done it today but I didn't have the money. And I couldn't bear to see him carted away.
He is still lying on the kitchen floor... where he always lies... right in everyone's way. Everyone talked to him as we stepped over him. Today I heard people still talking to him... as I did myself.
I am so heartbroken I don't know which way is up. I was taken out for lunch and I didn't even know what town I was in. I thought I was back in California. I have never reacted to grief in this manner and I've lost 3 husbands and my mother.
Grieving sadly... We don't believe Melinda could have poisoned him like she did Jim's Golden Retriever. We think it was just his time.


  1. Yet another grandiose spleen
    of pity begging drama queen.
    Raye loves to libel with rumors
    her badness growing like tumors
    and because truth doesn't matter
    more lies make her purse fatter.


    1. Her blubbering is as offensive as she whining and begging. She has no character, no values - and no value.

    2. Hi Melinda, I have been a reader for RMN for several months and I have always ignored the posts from Raye and Hobie. For some reason a post of theirs caught my eye, and I clicked and read it. I said to myself "no big deal, they are asking for donations like most sites do". Then curiosity got the better of me and I started reading the posts that they submit and I am just stunned with their begging. For the life of me I can't understand the amount of money they make from their begging sob stories and the people that actually donate. Today there was another blogger on there asking for donations to help pay for her cats vet bills! My mind is just blown with the stories she come up with and the people that are gullible and donate to her over and over again!

    3. You said it, Anon. These creeps are beyond belief feeding on the fear and need for security and trust of people as they do. It is stomach wrenching to even contemplate. -f Melinda


    I Want to Thank all of you Who sent Messages of "Been There... Am Praying for you Both" or Donations for his Cremation

    Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Monday, 6-Apr-2015 15:09:16

    You have no idea how much I truly appreciate all of you.

    Thank you so very much.

    The funeral home has him now. In a few days he will be returned to me in an urn.

    The loss hasn't had time to set in because the freeloader upstairs hired two young men to move her out.

    I saw them start carrying my family antiques to the rented U-Haul pickup truck. I stopped them by saying the truth. "You are stealing my furniture and if you continue to help her you will go to jail along with her."

    I had already told my lawyer what she was planning on doing. He told me what to tell her and whoever it was who was helping her.

    After she and the young men had gone, I went upstairs to the second floor bedrooms. There was nothing left in her room. Her son's room had everything left. I had given everything to Arthur because I had bought it specifically for him. Melinda moved into my guest room which was completely furnished with family antiques. The room Arthur moved into had nothing in it except what I bought for him.

    I told Arthur that everything except the pictures of Jesus was his and he could take it. The only thing that was taken was the computer I gave Arthur. She probably would not let him take it.

    I wonder why she insisted on taking a bedroom full of furniture that didn't belong to her and she left a bedroom of furniture that belonged to her son?

    She cannot be figured out by mere mortals. Only God knows what she is thinking and what she is up to.

    I will ask the one man who is halfway on good terms with her if he will take Arthur's furniture to arthur and also the mattress Melinda used. Believe me if you saw the way it looks now you would want it in your house either.

    Anyway... sending Buck off to be cremated and having Melinda scream at me while I'm on with 911. And yes the police came and yes they know her well. She called them on me at least once every two weeks.


    1. What lies. Please note witnesses were standing there watching her, incredulous. They will be giving affidavits. The ONLY things brought down were from Arthur's room or my office. I left my desk and chair, which I had purchased in Ohio for my own use because the desk supplied by Raye caused severe back pain. She said she liked it because it was glass and looked good. It had no storage. She buys furniture for looks, not for serviceability every time.

      She refused to let me take Arthur's desk, dresser, end table, book case and lamp. Here, she says these were purchased for him and were his property. Therefore, she stole them with intimidation and lies. This is noted. I saw no police.

  3. Ok woman, where are you? ~dmh

    1. when Raye
      that one day
      will pass away
      let me predict and say

      it comes for sure
      like horse manure

      she'll rabidly scream from hell
      shake the give-me-money bell

      call her retarded rumor crowd
      how Mister Devil himself do shout

      present an unexpected bill for gas
      else he'll not burn Raye's monster ass.


    2. G~ Bravo! Well said and to the point.

  4. RayHob ULC (Unlimited Lie-ability Campaigning)
    pay NOTHING for the software they use, the outdated WebBBS Release 5.12

    The real reason why they still cling to this old version? They don't have to CONTRIBUTE a dime, these bums and vultures!

    RMN uses a web-based bulletin board (or forum) system
    originally programmed by Darryl Burgdorf. Darryl's development of WebBBS stopped at version 5.12 back in 2002.

    Who would have thought of?


    1. As long as the money flows why should she care if it works?