Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Consider your actions and the purpose for which your money will be used.

Please be informed that those 'other expenses' was for the most part the attorney and assistant prosecutor who was one of those engaging in the Abuse of Process in using an eviction to get rid of someone who was living in corporate housing. That would be me and my son.
Rayelan should not have been able to do this, which was a clear violation of the ethical guidelines for practice of law. But Ashtabula County is well known for its corruption and she looked until she found someone willing to do it for the money.
Rayelan's misrepresentations of my employment and her promises made to me to entice me to leave my home in California unoccupied, and worth $122,000, are actionable as fraud. I have been looking for counsel, which I realized I would need when it was clear she had incited a conspiracy between her attorney, the attorney of her landlords, Stormie and Robert Brobst, and others, perhaps.
Every penny you give her is intended to be used to destroy me financially.Clearly, I should never have given them the benefit of the doubt initially.  I kept believing Rayelan would be forced to settle but she has certainly revealed just what she is. 
 They have to shut me up completely and entirely.  They know that.  Killing me, and my son, is not out of the  question.  There have already been death threats.  Last Summer's Death Threat.  More recent threat made on March 22, 2015.  Others have been made verbally. 
 Now think about who Rayelan really is, who Hobie-Jeff Gordon-Zapper is, and how your money will be used.  She thinks if she can just eliminate me you people will forget. 
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Wednesday, 22-Apr-2015 03:58:10
Hi, Folks -
Many thanks to the 52 fine folks who have contributed $2,136 toward RMN's April expenses. :)
Today's the 22nd, in a month with 30 days, and the goal for the month is $4,000 - and, Rayelan has an immediate need that can be kept from getting worse, with our help.
9 More Days to Raise What's Needed for April
Rayelan -- Tuesday, 21-Apr-2015 13:50:34
30 days times 0.75 = 22.5 days
$4000 times 0.75 = $3000
So, as it happens, if we can bring the FundRazr widget to 3/4 full here where the month is about 3/4 over, it would coincidentally help Rayelan with that current need. :) $864 - $1,000 or thereabouts will do that. NEXT MONTH SHOULD BE DIFFERENT, as by then Raye should have completed moving into the new house, and various expenses she's had to shoulder these past many months should be part of things no longer.
Please contribute TODAY if you're able and would find it fitting.
Blessings, all.

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